Chia Seeds; Are They Beneficial?

Choosing between being a healthy person or turning to that junk food side of yourself might be considered a battle because who does not like eating fast food or indulging in chocolates and cakes? The problem with healthy food is that people always think about it as something that takes time to be prepared and needs a lot of effort and calculations, when in fact it might not take more than a couple of minutes just like the case with chia seeds. Chia seed is part of the healthy lifestyle that you might adopt and the best thing about it is the fact that it could be added to different recipes and could be used in making those ones only related to it.

Apart from being a healthy choice which you could make, chia seeds are helpful when it comes to the choices and recipes which you could prepare and that is why we want you to know more about this type of seed and get the chance to learn more about the different health benefits that it could deliver to you when it is working on turning your whole life to the better.

What are Chia Seeds?

There are a lot of people who know nothing about chia seeds; they might have heard about it once or twice and that’s all, but there are actually different things which you have to know about chia seeds regarding its nature as well as the benefits carried behind it. Chia pets are all about chia seeds and that might be the thing that some people know about this type of seed, but they actually know nothing about being able to add it to their diet routine and gain different benefits from eating it.

Back in the old days when chia seed was first discovered, it was used by the Aztecs who gave it a lot of importance and used it in most of their diet plans. Chia seed is also referred to as Salvia Hispanica, a member of the mint family, and it is believed to be mainly grown in Central America; although now you will most probably find it all over the world in most of the supermarkets and grocery stores.

The Aztecs depended on chia seeds in their diet plans mainly for the energy it used to support them with and that is the reason why the Tarahumara tribe, which was famous for its runners back at that time, used to drink it in order to get the energy to run for long distances without getting tired easily or quickly.

After the time of the Aztecs, chia seeds started to gain much importance and attention for different other things that were discovered later on in it, such as being a great source for omega-3 fatty acids, helping people to lose some weight due to its fiber content, as well as being a good source of protein and providing the body with some important minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

How to Use Chia Seeds?

Adding chia seeds to the recipes that you prepare is one possible way to do it; these seeds could be sprinkled on some of your dishes, it could be used in their ground form and added in the making of any baking recipe, and it could be cooked along with some of your dishes. In addition to that, these seeds could be prepared on their own as a separate dish; you could make puddings out of it, you could make smoothies by using it, and you could turn it into an energy drink by just adding some water and lemon to the recipe.

Chia seeds in water turn into a gelatinous substance that helps in making the pudding or even the drink that you are preparing, you just have to leave it in water for about 15 minutes before thinking about eating or drinking it. Back in the days of the Aztecs, the Tarahumara tribe used to drink that chia energy drink which at that time was referred to as chia Iskiate and know it is known as chia Fresca. The chia Fresca is all about adding water, chia seeds, and lemon together in order to create the energy drink that you want.

Another good and possible way to use chia seeds is by adding them to your herbal tea; this will give you the chance to feel relaxed with your herbal tea but at the same time will give you the benefits which chia seeds could get the chance to deliver to your body. This chia tea is one of the ideas that a lot of people never think about when it comes to the things they could make with chia seeds.

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

We have already mentioned above that in addition to the energy that chia seeds could give to your body, there are different health benefits which you could gain and which your body could make use of when it tends to consume these seeds. According to, there are different benefits backed up by researches that highlights the importance of this seed but you should also ask your doctor regarding your personal health and according to any health issues which you might be suffering from, because the benefits could turn into side effects in such cases.

  • Chia Seeds Can Help in Stimulating Weight Loss

One of the famous benefits known about chia seeds and one of the main reasons a lot of people start learning more about it and getting information about its benefits is that it could stimulate weight loss. Although this is considered true to a great extent due to the fiber content found in these seeds and which absorb a huge amount of water and thus expands in the stomach leading to that full feeling which prevents the person from eating a lot of food, but there are also other opinions regarding that issue.

On the other hand, there were some researches done on the relation between chia seeds and weight loss and it was found that chia seeds were found ineffective with some people when it comes to weight loss. Even if chia seeds don’t carry any effects on your body that leads to losing weight, there are different other benefits that it carries and which could add more to your body, such as the protein, the omega-3 fatty acids, as well as the minerals that it could give you.

  • Chia Seeds Regulate Blood Sugar Level

Fiber, protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids are considered the most important when it comes to the nutrients that chia seeds could provide your body with and this mainly goes back to the effects they could carry and deliver to the body. We have already mentioned that fiber is good for the weight loss plan and also for improving your digestion, while protein and omega-3s are considered important when combined with fiber because they could manage to regulate the blood sugar level since they could improve the metabolic health.

Diabetes is part of this game because unstable blood sugar levels can disturb the metabolic syndrome which will lead to type 2 diabetes and eventually will also lead to heart disease, which means that we could sum it all up and say that chia seeds could help in regulating the blood sugar level and thus could also help in preventing diabetes along the way.

  • Chia Seeds Help in the Fight against Constipation

We could say that fiber is the most important nutrient and the most beneficial when we mention chia seeds. The help that fiber could offer in stimulating weight loss, regulating blood sugar level, and preventing diabetes, is not all what it has to offer but it could still help when it comes to constipation. There are two types of fiber; soluble and insoluble fiber, these two should be always present in your diet plan if you are looking forward to lose some weight.

When you deal with chronic constipation, the process of losing some weight might be harder to achieve and that’s the reason why you should depend on chia seeds since they have the ability to help you in beating your constipation and accomplishing this task.

  • Chia Seeds Maintain Cardiovascular Health

After shedding the lights for some time now on the importance of fiber found in chia seeds, it is the right time to move on and start mentioning some of the other important benefits related to chia seeds but transferred through other nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids. The Omega-3s that are found in chia seeds are important because they may reduce inflammation, reduce the risk of thrombosis and arrhythmias, as well as get the chance to decrease LDL, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels, improve endothelial function, reduce atherosclerotic plaque, and lower blood pressure.

There are different other plants or seeds that could help you with reducing inflammation and maintaining your immune system, such as hemp seeds, flax seeds, and walnuts.

  • Chia Seeds Provides You with Energy

Depending on the old reasons behind using chia seeds, we will definitely mention being a source to boost your energy as one of the most important benefits related to chia seeds. Runners are always advised to eat chia seeds before going to their running sessions because it could help in reducing joint inflammation, decrease the feeling of dehydration, accelerate the post run recovery, and of course giving the body the energy that it needs.

The process that takes place inside your body after eating chia seeds and which is the main reason behind increasing your level of endurance is that it slows the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar, which will give the carbs that you consume the chance to fuel your body and give it the energy that it needs.

Chia seeds go further than just being a pet plant which you grow in your home, but it is one type of seed that could be consumed and eaten for different nutrients that it carries and which could provide your body with several benefits at the end. Being a good source of energy, regulating the blood sugar level, helping in weight loss plans, or being a good type of food to fight heart diseases, are all considered enough reasons to convince you about trying to add this healthy food to your healthy diet plan.

Uses, Benefits, and Recipe for Chia Gel

Trying to become a little bit more nutritious and trying to add more healthy ingredients to your diet plan, you must have probably come across chia seeds which are beneficious in so many different ways. The best types of food out there are those which you could use in their ordinary form as actual foods but which at the same time could be used for other reasons, such as masks for the face, gel for the hair, or any other possible thing; chia seeds are from those which could be eaten and which at the same time could be used as an exfoliating mask for example, and due to this importance, we have to say that one of the forms of chia seed is chia gel; to know more about it keep reading the article.

Chia gel is just one of the most famous forms for chia seeds and it could be used for different reasons, you just have to know how it should be correctly prepared. Some people consider chia seed gel much better than just eating them the way they are and this goes back to things related to its side effects and which says that chia seeds should be consumed with a lot of water in order not to create some problems in the stomach.

How to Make Chia Gel?

Chia seeds have been there since a very long period of time, they go back to the time of the Aztecs who were mainly the main reason behind its popularity and they were mainly using it as a source of energy during their days. One of the famous tribes back in the old time was named “Tarahumara” and it was a famous running tribe that was mainly depending on chia seeds for getting energy in order not to get tired and run for as long as they can.

There are different ways chia seeds could be used; they could be sprinkled the way they are on some of the dishes that you prepare, like salads for example, and they could be also used in making puddings, used as an energy drink by being added to water, and they could be also grinded and use as an ingredient in some of the baking recipes that could be prepared. There are actually different ways to think about when you are trying to add chia seeds to the things you are eating, you just have to get a little bit creative about it all.

The chia gel is one of the different forms of chia seeds, or one of the different ways it could be prepared and used, and the recipe which you are supposed to follow in order to prepare it is an easy one that needs nothing but water and the seeds. All what you will need to do is add one cup of water to two tablespoons of chia seeds and your chia gel recipe is ready.

The directions for getting this gel done are easy; after adding the water to the seeds, you will need to shake them very well, either by placing them in a jar and securing the lid tightly before shaking it all to make sure that there aren’t any clumps of gelatinous seeds inside there, or else use a fork and stir. In 15 minutes, this mixture will turn into a thick one that will be enough for a spoon to hold and this is the perfect gel to use in any of the different things it could help with.

You have to know that this chia seed gel could be refrigerated for two weeks only and it is not considered good to leave it inside there for longer than this.

Benefits of Chia Gel

One of the questions that might be asked now is why would a person choose to use chia gel instead of depending on the seeds just in their initial form? To answer this question for you, it means that we have to shed the lights on some of the benefits that you are going to gain after eating or consuming the chia gel, because only then you will be able to compare those to the benefits of the chia seeds on their own and know what you are going to win.

Here are some of the benefits of chia seeds gel which you are supposed to know more about:

  • It will be Always Ready and at Hand

Although it is possible to sprinkle some of the seeds on the dishes and even the smoothies and juices you are preparing, some people don’t like the crunchy texture that they receive and thus prefer to have something that is smoother, and this is when they have two options; either to use chia gel which will have a little bit of this crunchy thing, or else grind the seeds and use them in the preparation of the recipe from the beginning.

When you prepare this chia gel, you will have it at your hand to use whenever you want and it will make it easier and more convenient for you to add to your diet plan without having to think about the techniques or hacks of adding it to the food or even preparing it.

  • The Digestion Process is Much Easier with the Gel

Turning the chia seeds into a chia gel is much more beneficial for your stomach and this goes back to how hard the seeds themselves are when you intend to eat them alone. For all those who are consuming chia seeds for the first time, one of the main tips and the most important ones given to them by nutritionists is that they have to soak them in water for 10 minutes before eating them or else will need to drink a lot of water while and after eating them.

When you leave the chia seeds soaked in water and give them the chance to form that gel, you are actually making it easier for your stomach to digest the food because otherwise the seeds will not find water inside your body and might even start to consume some of the water that it stumble upon inside there, causing nothing to you but some stomach pain.

  • It Makes Hydration Last Longer

Talking about the different benefits related to chia gel and why it might be considered much more important to turn your seeds into that gel instead of eating them the way they are, we have to say that chia gel is definitely better when it comes to hydration. Being good for the digestive system is one important thing, but helping in the idea of always keeping your body hydrated is another.

Chia seeds are known to be hydrophilic and this means that they absorb lots of water, so when you soak them in water in order to turn into that energy gel, they will then help in keeping your body hydrated for a longer period of time. In addition to preventing dehydration, the chia gel is also important because it helps the body to retain electrolytes and according to nutritionist and author Sara Vance, it is considered a good pre-workout boost.

Chia Gel Uses

We have mentioned some of the most important benefits for chia seeds gel and the reasons why you might need to make it and consume it more often, but in addition to these different benefits, you have to know some of the uses which these seeds could help you with other than just eating them the way they are.

There are actually a couple of things which you could depend on chia gel while preparing, such as:

  • Chia gel could be used instead of oil when you are preparing salads; oil is healthy when you are using the natural one, but chia seeds gel could still be used when you need a change or want to add it to your daily healthy routine.
  • It could be used on its own as a chia seed energy gel to have it before your workout. One recipe here instructs you to use one tablespoon of chia seeds, ½ cup of coconut water, one tablespoon of honey, and a pinch of salt, to create your energy drink.
  • Chia gel could be used with scrambled eggs in order to make them fluffier, and in some recipes they could be even used as the substitute for the eggs themselves.

In addition to the uses that chia gel could be used in just as a substitute, it could be also used as an addition in making some healthy dishes, such as:

  • Adding it to yogurt, honey, and topping them with fruits and walnuts in order to prepare a healthy breakfast or even a meal during the day which will be able to provide you with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Mixing the chia gel into any beverage you are having; let it be juice or just plain water, and this is considered the good pre-workout energy drink that we have already mentioned above.
  • Adding chia gel to oatmeal or any other hot cereal and topping it with nuts and fresh fruits is also another healthy breakfast that you could prepare and indulge in.

There are different benefits, uses, and reasons why you should know more about chia seeds gel and even learn the recipe that will help you in preparing it; it is not only going to serve as an energy drink to have before your workout, but it is also going to serve as a substitute to some of the ingredients you are using and will be a good and healthy addition to them which will help you in adding chia seeds to your daily healthy diet plan.

Advantageous Uses for Chia Seeds

Going for the healthy options is always the hardest road yet it is usually the one that brings the most benefits at the end. Chia seeds, quinoa, hemp seeds, and many other types of seeds are included in the list of healthy food that you could depend on for several reasons; be it to lose some weight or even to gain different nutrients. Most of these seeds started to get known and appear lately but this is not for their absence from the market, it is mainly because people did not know much about their existence and the benefits they could deliver. Chia seed is one of the most famous out of this healthy list and this goes back to the different other uses that it could be included in and which are all beneficial for the body.

For those who still don’t know what those chia seeds are; chia seeds were used by the Aztecs mainly for gaining some energy, but there are still other useful benefits they could send to the body through the different nutrients which they carry. Chia seed is also known as Salvia Hispanica and it is a species of a flowering plant from the mint family, which is native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala.

Chia Seed Uses and Benefits

The good thing about chia seeds is the fact that they are not only used in the daily eating habits that you are following, but there are also different other things which you could do with them and which will also manage to deliver some good benefits to your body and your overall health. When chia seeds started to come up to the surface and when people started to know all about it, it was mainly from growing those chia pets at home, but now there are several other things that could be done with chia seeds which your mind didn’t even know that they existed.

When we say the word different uses, what we are trying to tell you is the fact that chia seeds could be used in things which are not related to food or eating. Here are some uses of chia seeds which you will feel more excited about trying:

  • Using it as a Body Scrub

Yes, chia seeds could be added to other ingredients and used as a body scrub; you might not expect this, but it is true. Taking care of your skin is one of the top concerns of any woman out there, and those who even want to take a step forward with such a thing, always think about using the natural products or even going to those mixtures which they could do themselves at home.

According to, there are only three ingredients which you could mix together in order to bring this chia seed body scrub out to life. These ingredients include:

  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds.

All what you will need to do is mix all the three ingredients together and then store them in a jar. When you get to the point of applying this on your face or your body, you need to dampen your skin first and then scrub in a circular motion with the scrub you have created. After finishing the scrubbing part, leave the mixture on your face for about two minutes before washing it with cold water. This should be stored in the fridge for three to five days only and not more than that.

  • Making Chia Pudding

Going back to food, there are several things that chia seeds could be added to and the best part about that is the fact that it could be sprinkled over different foods and drinks or it could be added to the cooking process, that’s of course in addition to the several other things that chia seed could create on its own. From the other uses for chia, making chia pudding is a good example for the amount of love it carries from all those who have tried it.

The only problem with this kind of pudding is the tapioca-like texture that chia seeds turn to when they are soaked in water overnight because not all types of people love this thing. But there are always some cures for the problems that people deal with and in this case we have to mention that chia seeds could be grinded in order to turn to that smooth texture that all the people will like.

There are different things to add to chia seeds for making that pudding; you could add cinnamon, strawberry, pumpkin, or any other thing you usually love its taste. One of the recipes provided by, include:

  • 1/3 cup of chia seeds
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt

This could be used as a morning treat or could be even eaten as a small meal between the three main ones you should eat during the day. Just mix all these ingredients together and leave the mixture in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or even better if you managed to leave it overnight, then add some toppings and enjoy what you have prepared.

  • Use them in Baking Recipes

One of the best characteristics related to chia seeds is that they don’t carry any flavor, or one that is not strong at all, and which makes it possible for this seed to be added to different recipes without even changing their taste. One of the things you must have already tried before if you already use chia seeds is adding them to your smoothies due to the gelatinous structure that they could make, but in addition to that, there are still some other options which you might have never tried before.

Another good thing about chia seed is the fact that it could deliver the same benefits whether it is grinded or not, so when it comes to baking, chia seeds could be actually added to any recipe you are preparing but in their ground form in order to deliver different nutrients with their benefits to your body and without changing anything about the taste of the whole recipe.

  • Making Spreads

Although all these chia seed uses which we have mentioned are related to food, we should never deny the fact that this seed is important for the skin as we have already mentioned above. In addition to all the previous things that we have already mentioned, chia seeds could be also used for making spreads; these spreads are healthier when they are all about nut butters, you will just add one tablespoon to four tablespoons of your nut butter – it could be any type; peanut, almond, or any other – and then enjoy the taste.

These are all different ideas which we want you to try because they are not just going to transfer you into a healthier person, but they will also show you different other recipes which you could easily eat without sticking every single morning to the same thing.

  • You Could Make Pancakes and Waffles

Thinking about something that is healthy like chia seeds will always divert your mind away from things like pancakes and waffles, and that is the reason why you might get surprised just hearing that one of chia seeds uses is making pancakes and waffles out of them. This is one good idea especially for those who can’t get away from these creations but at the same time want to lose some weight or want to get healthier regarding the type of food they are eating.

Chia seeds could be used in their ground form in order to replace eggs and flour and this is how you could turn these two recipes into healthier ones by adding chia seeds to them. You will just need to use cornmeal or ground oats in order to supplement the rest of the flour; this will bring out the best version of those gluten free pancakes or waffles.

There are actually different uses for chia seed which you will manage to know about after understanding how this seed should be used and how it could be added to other ingredients without changing something about their taste.

Some Benefits for Chia Seeds

The reason why we are mentioning all these chia uses and giving you some hints about how to add it to your daily life routine is the different benefits that it could deliver to the body through the important nutrients that it carries. Chia seeds carry protein, fiber, carbohydrates, fats, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, and every single one of these is responsible for a specific thing inside the body of the human being.

Some of the benefits which you have to know about chia seeds according to; it could treat diverticulosis due to the fiber that it carries by absorbing the water in the colon and making bowel movements easier to pass. Chia seeds are also important because they help people lose some weight due to the fiber content as well which makes the person feel fuller and for a longer period of time and that means that this person will not feel hungry every so often. It also lowers the risk of developing diabetes and help in keeping the blood sugar level stable, and it lowers the blood pressure and the cholesterol level. Finally, we also have to mention that the omega-3 content in the seeds help in keeping the heart healthy.

All these different important benefits related to chia seeds and the nutrients that they carry will make you think twice about adding it to your daily eating routine to make this habit a healthier one.

Chia seeds could be added to different things out there without ruining the taste or changing it and this is mainly important because it might even give you the chance to start making some new creations. The most important thing to keep in your mind all the time is never to try mixing or adding two different ingredients unless you are hundred percent sure about their positive effect, but other than that, you should first do your research to know the benefits as well as the side effects.

The Daily Needs of the Body from Chia Seeds

If you managed to search for all the information related to when, how, and how much you are supposed to consume chia seeds per day, then most probably you have come across those articles that tell you the amount that your body will need every single day. At first, you might start to think about chia seeds as a boring meal to be consumed every day, but when you realize that it could be added to different types of food and a variety of drinks, you will start to realize that it is not that much boring after all. The nutritional value of chia seeds makes it a daily recommended seed for all the different nutrients that it could provide the body with and which the body is usually in need for.

Back in the old days, chia seeds were mainly used by the Aztecs in order to gain more energy and that is one of the reasons why they were famously known for their running tribe which was called the Tarahumara. But today and after a lot of researches done on this seed, it was found that the body needs it for different other reasons not just to gain energy and this goes to all the different nutrients that this small seed carries.

What are the Daily Needs of the Body?

Before knowing about the nutrients that your body will gain from eating chia seeds, you should first know what your body is in need for in the first place. Our bodies give us the chance to wake up, do our exercises, go to our jobs, and come back ready to complete the day with cooking, going out, or doing whatever we want, and that’s why we are supposed to pay back by taking care of these bodies and providing them with all the needs that they ask for on a daily basis.

Any package of food you buy will have a table on the backside telling you more about the energy, calories, fats, sugars, and other things which your body will gain after eating it – or part of it – and that should make it more clear about what are these nutrients which your body need and why; these nutrients are found in all the different types of food and drinks and they are supposed to deliver nourishment for the body, this nourishment is delivered in the form of energy, building blocks for the bones, muscles, organs, hormones, and blood, they also deliver substances needed for different processes that happen in the body, and for generally protecting the body.

There are different nutrients that your body will be in need for on a daily basis, and of course that includes protein and vitamins. From these different nutrients you will find:

  • Energy

It is true, energy is not a nutrient that you directly gain from food, but kilojoules or food energy – the energy you gain from receiving other nutrients – is what provides your body with the amount of energy it needs. Protein, fats, and carbohydrates are the things that are usually converted into different quantities of energy; there are still other important and essential nutrients for the body but which will never help when it comes to the need of energy.

There are different reasons why you might need that energy on a daily basis; first of all, you need it in order to aid in some of the different processes that the body does on a daily basis, such as metabolism, and it is also needed for the physical activity that you are engaged with daily. It is important to know how to balance the amount of energy that you give the chance to enter your body daily, because the excess amounts are usually transferred into fats, so you have to make sure you are taking the right amount; the more you do physical activity, the more you will need.

The daily recommended amount for an average adult is 8,700 KJ.

  • Fats

Part of following a healthy diet and lifestyle is to keep an eye on the things you are eating and drinking daily because these are the things that deliver calories, energy, vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients to your body, so if you did not balance them, you might receive the side effects instead of gaining the benefits. Fats contribute to the energy intake and they also help the body to absorb different important vitamins, but there are two different types of fats which you are supposed to be well aware of; the saturated and the unsaturated.

The saturated fats are those which you receive from the animal intake, while the unsaturated are those which your body gets from the vegetable intake; you need to have both of them in your life. Never try to have more than the recommended amount because fats can deliver a lot of energy to the body and not balancing it might eventually affect you negatively.

It is important to depend more on the unsaturated type of fat, but it is also important to have saturated fat in your daily meal. Too much of saturated fat can raise blood cholesterol which will increase the risk of heart disease.

The recommended daily amount of fat for the average adult is 70 grams, while the saturated fats should not be more than 24 grams.

  • Protein

One of the other important nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis is protein; protein is important because it provides the body with energy, repair the cells, and build the muscles. Receiving protein could come from different sources, such as those related to animal sources and which include fish, meat, chicken, eggs, milk, yogurt, and cheese, but you could also get some proteins from other vegetable sources, such as legumes, nuts, and seeds. The grain based foods which we all appreciate but are not allowed to eat much of it because it adds more weight, could deliver protein to the body, such as bread, cereal, rice, and pasta.

Even when it comes to protein, it is important to watch out for the amount of saturated fat you are eating and choose those protein rich foods which are low in them.

The daily recommended amount of protein needed for the average adult is 50 grams.

  • Carbohydrates

According to the Australian Food and Grocery Council, carbohydrates are one of the richest nutrients that could provide energy to the body and thus affect all the tasks that it is related to, even when it comes to thinking. Carbohydrates are mainly sugars and starches and you could get them from fruits, some types of vegetables, grain-based foods, rice, pasta, and breakfast cereals. Try to go for the grain-based foods that are high in fiber in order to benefit your body with it.

The daily recommended amount for the average adult is 310 grams.

  • Sugars and Sodium

These are two important things which we usually don’t focus our attention on and which are the main cause behind some of the health problems and issues which we have to deal with. It is always important to watch out for the sodium – which is all about the salt – and the sugar that you eat on a daily basis, because not doing so might affect your health.

Sometimes we add more than what our bodies need from salt in our foods and that is considered dangerous because it might raise the blood pressure, so always make sure that what you are consuming during the day is not more than 2,300 milligrams.

On the other hand, sugars are those sweets and desserts which we could never avoid, but still they are good sources of energy, but always make sure to avoid those foods which are high in added sugars and low in other nutrients. The daily recommended amount for the average adult from sugar is 90 grams.

All these are different nutrients the body needs but that comes in addition to calcium, potassium, magnesium, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

What are Chia Seeds Good for?

After understanding how the cycle goes and what are the nutrients that the body needs daily and from where to get them, it is important to know how chia seeds nutrition will be of any help and what are the nutrients that it carries from the ones mentioned above that it could provide for the body. It is important to know more about chia seeds nutrition facts to understand what your body will gain from eating it:

  • Chia seed carries protein, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which are all needed by the body.
  • Chia seeds are also rich in calories, but most of these calories come from the poly-unsaturated fats, which is one important thing to mention.
  • Chia seed nutrition says that it carries different vitamins, such as niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, and folic acid, and since they all come under the “vitamin” name then the body is in need for them as well.
  • Finally, chia seeds are good sources for different essential minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, and magnesium, which are all things that the body needs as we have mentioned above.

It is not just about the different benefits related to weight loss that make chia seeds important, but it usually goes to the different nutrients that the body is in need for on a daily basis with a specific amount and which could be all gained from chia seeds. Chia seeds carry different minerals and nutrients that could help the body through one type of food only without the need to add different types of food to the same meal; which is, by the way, sometimes recommended.

Healthy Lifestyle with Chia Seeds

As the word says, it is a “lifestyle” and not just something related to the type of food you are eating throughout the whole day, but it is more about how you live your life. Exercising, eating healthy food, sleeping well, giving your body the chance to relax through meditation, and even living in a clean and free of clutter area, are all things related to the healthy lifestyle that you are supposed to follow. Since the food you choose to eat during the day is still considered part of the healthy lifestyle you are trying to adopt, we should never forget to mention that chia seeds could be a perfect part of this and could provide your body with different health benefits that you might be in need for.

Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

The point at which you realize that your way of living should be changed in order to give the healthier way of living the chance to come to you and make your life better is exactly when you start thinking about the seeds or the types of food which will help you follow this journey, when in fact there are millions of things which you might be doing in the wrong ways and which could be the reason behind not feeling good or healthy.

Of course the seeds that you choose to eat in order to lose some weight, give your body the energy or the vitamins that it is lacking, or even just to make your stomach feel better, are important especially if you are trying to become healthier, but other than that, there are still different things to keep in your mind in order to change your whole life and not just your body. What we are trying to say here is that eating healthy food might make your stomach feel better and your body fitter, but doing other healthy things will give you the chance to enjoy your life, feel more energized, and at the same time feel lighter and happier.

From the different things that we are trying to direct you towards, you could:

  • Exercise More

Exercising should be placed three or four times a week in your schedule because even if you don’t want to lose weight, you could still focus on the muscle building exercises that could make you stronger. There are different things to add to the exercising list, such as going for a run or even a walk, doing some exercises at home, or going for a yoga session; all these will serve you in exactly the same way, you just have to go for it and you will realize how much it is helping your mood and your whole lifestyle.

  • Sleep Better

We can’t deny that staying up late with friends or even at your own home doing something that you love is always a good thing, but you will always pay for it the next day when you are supposed to get up early for work; it will be the hardest thing to do ever. Adults should give their bodies and minds the chance to rest for at least 8 hours – from 6 to 8 – and this means that in order to get up early and go for your work; you have to sleep early as well. Even if you are not an employee, you should also get up early and sleep early because this is considered much healthier for the body.

  • Relax

If you are one of those workaholics who never give themselves the chance to take days off work in order to relax, go on a vacation with their family members or friends, or even just free their minds, then you definitely deal with different problems related to your body as well as the way you give your mind the chance to relax and calm down. Relaxing is important and taking your yearly vacation is a must because you should give yourself the chance to forget about work for some time. You could also turn to meditation as a way of relaxing during the working days. Another important thing related to relaxation is making sure that you are always sitting, living, and even working in a clean place that is free from clutter, because this kind of clutter is what makes your mind unable to focus and which might make you not feeling good or energized.

  • Eating Healthy Food

Finally, we have to come to the thing that people think about first whenever the word healthy comes up, which is healthy food. Eating healthy is by no means one important thing you should always manage to do, but again, alone it will never be as effective as you might think. There are different things to eat and things to avoid as part of being healthy, such as avoiding fast food, soft drinks, fattening desserts, and so on, and there are also other things to add to your daily meals in order to feel healthier, such as eating more vegetables and fruits, eating healthy breakfast, and avoiding things like pastas, pizzas, etc. The things you love to eat but which are fattening at the same time could still be added to your schedule but every once in a while and not on a daily basis.

Seeds for Healthy Eating

Now, coming to the part where we are supposed to suggest different foods or seeds in order to choose and make them part of your healthy eating habits, we have to mention that the health benefits of chia seeds will make us place it among this list, but that’s of course in addition to different other things which you could always choose from. Here are some of the healthy seeds that you could add to your new healthy lifestyle:

  • Chia Seeds

Chia seeds date back to the times of the Aztecs who were the ones to use it mainly for receiving more energy and they were even famous for their running tribe known as Tarahumara, who used to run for long distances without getting tired. Chia seeds come from the mint family and they are packed with different nutrients that give them that much importance; they are filled with fiber, calcium, protein, nutrient oils, as well as different antioxidants, making it just one type of seed that people could easily add to their food and drinks without even changing the taste of the dish.

Chia seeds benefits are numerous but the most important ones are that they help people to lose some weight by making them feel full for a longer period of time, stabilize the blood sugar, as well as promote the health of the heart. Chia seeds are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, that’s why they are considered a good source of high quality fats.

  • Hemp Seeds

After choosing chia seeds, there are different things to keep in your mind, such as the amount you are allowed to eat from chia seeds per day, as well as the different side effects that you might be faced with, but there are still different other types of seeds you could choose from, such as the hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are believed to be the healthiest and this goes back to different reasons, one of them is the 10 essential amino acids which are found in it as well as the protein that makes it a good daily protein source.

Chia seeds could help you in losing some weight with the fiber content that fills you faster, but hemp seeds actually carry 40% of fiber which is considered the highest percentage among all the different grains found out there. There are some benefits to gain from hemp seeds which include preventing you from being affected with several diseases and supporting the health of the heart.

  • Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds could be added to the list of healthy seeds that you are allowed to eat – of course if you faced any changes in your body or stomach, you should check back with your doctor. There are different reasons why sesame seeds could be your choice; these seeds are high in calcium, magnesium, zinc, fiber, iron, B1, and phosphorus, which means that there are different benefits that you could gain from all these nutrients, such as lowering the blood pressure and protecting the liver, which is mainly due to the cholesterol-fighting fibers that it possess and which are known as lignans. There are different other health problems that sesame seeds could help with and which include PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome).

  • Sunflower Seeds

A lot of people tend to focus their attention on chia seeds for different digestion reasons since chia seeds digestion benefits are well known, but sunflower seeds could also help in the same way and for the same reasons. Sunflower seeds are known for their ability to help people lose some weight due to the fiber content that it carries as well as the healthy digestion that it offers.

The vitamins in chia seeds are famously known but sunflower seeds could be also consumed for the same reason since they are rich in vitamin E, selenium and copper, as well as good fats. Women could depend on these seeds the most because they are rich in folate which is considered important for their health. Sunflower seeds carry crucial elements that help in supporting the health of the heart and balance the troublesome cellular damage.

  • Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and zinc, which are the two important nutrients needed for supporting the skeletal health and which might be one of the most important things known about pumpkin seeds. In addition to that, these seeds keep the levels of cholesterol stable and enhance the immune response, due to the plant component known as “phytosterols” found in it, and that comes next to the antioxidant known as “carotenoids” that enhances the immune activity and disease fighting.

Generally speaking, we could say that every single seed we have mentioned above is important and crucial in its own way and adding it to the new eating lifestyle that you are trying to follow will have its effects on your life. Chia seeds are used for several reasons and the best thing about these seeds is that they could be used before doing your workout because chia for energy is one of the famous things that are known about these seeds and which means that it helps in the other steps you are trying to take in order to build a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Eating Habits of Chia Seeds

Turning to a healthy lifestyle is easier said than it is done and maybe this is usually seen through the different weight loss stories that we hear from those who have taken the decision and are going through the process of achieving it. Chia seeds have been among the long list of healthy things that you could eat in order to provide your body with numerous benefits and one which you could also eat if you are aiming to lose some weight. There are different benefits about chia seeds that might convince you to make it part of your daily healthy eating routine, but there are a couple of things which you are supposed to avoid while eating it and things which you should better try to follow.

We know that these are seeds, but that does not give you the permission to eat them the way they are or just add them to whatever you want without even searching behind what you are doing or asking those who are more experienced than you, which eventually brings us to the conclusion that that are things to follow and things to avoid when it comes to eating chia seeds.

How to Eat Chia Seeds?

There are different recipes that you could try when it comes to chia seeds and the interesting thing is that you could consume it as part of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even in the small meals that you should energize your body with during the rest of the day. Chia seeds could give you the energy to exercise, it could help those who are trying to lose some weight, as well as provide the body with different nutrients that the body is in need for.

Chia seeds could be almost added to any kind of recipe out there and that is why there might not be a lot of wrong things you could fall into while preparing it, but still there are some simple tips which you are supposed to care for. The most important thing related to eating chia seeds is never taking it dry without being soaked in water beforehand because this has been related to symptoms like intense dysphagia and difficulty in swallowing and this is because those seeds expand multiple times when they are placed in water, which means that they might not get the chance to reach your stomach in order to expand but will do that along the way, even if you decided to drink water directly after having it.

This is the most important “don’t” which you are supposed to stay away from and keep yourself in the safe side by consuming chia seeds soaked in water for at least 15 minutes in order to turn to that gelatinous substance which makes the process of swallowing and having it much easier and much healthier.

Adding chia seeds to the diet could happen in any form they are in; they could be soaked before used, could be ground, and could be whole; here are some suggestions to recipes which you could try with chia seeds:

  • Chia seeds could be used in making puddings – and who does not like puddings – that could be used as a healthy breakfast meal. It might all be upon your personal likes and dislikes but we suggest that you try to mix chia seeds with coconut milk because they will both manage to create something healthy for you. Better to prepare this breakfast the day before and leave it in the fridge to be ready for you the next day.
  • Another possible way to use chia seeds is using it as a de-bloating drink when you feel that your stomach is bloated and that you are not feeling good about it. When chia seeds were used back in the old days by the Aztecs, they used it as an energy drink especially by their famous running tribe known as Tarahumara, who were famous for their long running sessions which they never got easily tired of. This brings us to the conclusion that you could also use this drink as a morning energy supplier for the workout session that you are about to have; just add chia seeds to water and lemon and you are ready.
  • There are different things which you could add chia seeds to, such as sprinkling them on smoothies and healthy drinks, sprinkling them on food, or using them as sprinklers on fruits or yogurt. The latter option is the one which we are trying to suggest to you; you could sprinkle chia seeds on your yogurt and mix it with some fruits, this will add omega-3 to your recipe and will provide you with a healthy snack during the day.
  • The different options we have for you to add chia seeds to your healthy diet if you don’t want to have them on their own might actually surprise you. One of the recipes that we prefer is making jams out of chia seeds; chia seeds as we have already mentioned above turn into a gelatinous substance when they are soaked in liquids, so all what you will need to prepare your favorite jam is mash up your favorite fruit and then add chia seeds to it and it will prepare that jam for you after a couple of hours.

There are actually different things to do with chia seeds, such as using them instead of eggs while you are preparing any baking recipe, making them part of your bread recipes, adding them to smoothies, turning them into healthy popsicles, making crackers with them for a healthy snack during the day, adding them to your cup of tea, or even using the ground chia seeds in the different baking recipes that you usually prepare. The best thing out of all these additions is that chia seeds will never affect the taste of your food or drink badly since they have a very slight taste which you might not even feel.

Can You Eat Too Many Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds have been always considered as seeds for healthy eating habits and that is the reason why a lot of people tend to eat a lot of it, but is that considered healthy or should it be not allowed? You will rarely find health specialists telling you how much chia seeds you are allowed to eat during the day, but they will also give you scientific reasons why you are not in need for more than 20 grams during the whole day.

Usually, the amount that you are permitted to take during the day will depend on the nutrient that you want the most in your diet as well as your age; for example, those who are between 10 and 18 years old could have 10 grams of chia seeds during the day, those who are under 10 could only take one spoon, while adults are allowed to go for 15 or 10 grams per day.

The benefits of eating chia seeds are different and the nutrients that the body will be able to receive are numerous and that is why the amount you will take should be calculated upon the reason behind eating those seeds in the first place. Chia seeds carry calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, sugar, carbohydrates, sodium, iron, omega-6, and dietary fiber, and that is why there are different things you can gain from eating it. The benefits of eating chia seeds include:

  • Losing weight, since the fiber makes you full faster and for a longer period of time and thus you tend to consume less amounts of food.
  • Boosting energy, since chia seeds were used back in the old days for providing the body with energy and is still used for the same reason.
  • Balancing the blood sugar which is considered something important in order to avoid the highs and lows that could cause sluggishness.
  • Boosting omega-3 fatty acid absorption.
  • Fighting aging and that comes in addition to different other benefits related to the overall health of the person coming from the nutrients that chia seeds could deliver.

Best Way to Eat Chia Seeds

All the things we have mentioned above stand on the side of chia seeds and encourage you to consume them more, but there are some precautions which you should always take and things which you are supposed to know about them. The side effects of chia seeds will only appear when you tend to eat them wrongly, but they will never pop up suddenly without any prior reasons. The precautions which we are referring to include:

  • Being addicted to chia seeds is something that could possibly happen and which some people have already passed by before, so always make sure to take breaks in between the meals and consume them in short phases.
  • There are a lot of warnings for those pregnant women or else those who are still breastfeeding telling them never to use chia seeds in these phases of their lives because it might lead to huge problems. Actually there aren’t a lot of researches done on this part, but it is advised that those women stop eating chia seeds just to make sure they are keeping themselves safe and not because it might actually cause some problems to them.
  • Those who are already taking medications that could cause blood thinning should always check back with their doctors because combining between them and the meals that contain chia seeds could actually cause them a lot of problems.

Eating chia seeds could actually lead to weight gain if you are not consuming it with the right amounts, because even if the amount of sugar in it is too low, it is still high in calories when compared to other food types which you could choose over it.

Chia seeds are definitely healthy but if you did not try to search behind the benefits that they could deliver and the side effects which they might cause, you will place yourself in a corner that is filled with bad results only. Chia seeds should be eaten in the correct amounts because if these amounts are exceeded, they might cause different problems or else lead to weight gain instead of weight loss. There are different ways to eat chia seeds which you could try and fall in love with, you just have to search and try.

What Makes Chia Seeds Popular?

Paying more attention to your health should be a main life goal just next to achieving you dreams related to your career and those which you want to do in your spare time. Taking such a step and starting this journey of looking deeper into the different foods that you could eat or add to your meals in order to make your life better, chia seeds will be one of the suggestions to pop up in front of your eyes the minute you start doing your researches. Some people understand why chia seeds turn out to be such a healthy thing to be added to their meals, but there are still others who are not grasping the idea of why it turned out to be that much popular.

There isn’t that type of food which might help you lose weight, deal with your blood pressure, or handle any other health condition you have just on its own, but there are several other things that should be kept in mind and different other rules that will be applied on the other ingredients added to the three main meals of the day. Chia seed started to become popular recently and suddenly and even those who did not hear about it before started to know more and even started to try it, so what placed this seed in this healthy zone so easily?

Chia Seed and its Different Health Benefits

In order to decide whether a specific type of food is good for your overall health or not, you have to look more into the health benefits that it could deliver and give yourself a feedback about the side effects that it might also have a word in. When it comes to chia seeds, there are different important health benefits which we are supposed to mention in order to make it clearer about why and how this small seed could have the ability to be effective to the body.

  • It is a Great Source of Calcium

There are millions of those who hate the idea of doing dairy; they don’t even accept the fact of smelling milk from afar and every single one of us must probably know one person from this type. Chia seed is considered good news for those who don’t like milk or some of the other dairy products because the calcium they might need from it could reach them from eating chia seeds because according to some researches it was found that chia seeds carry five times more calcium than milk per ounce.

  • It is Filled with Antioxidants

In chia seeds, you will find different nutrients which you might have been trying to get from different types of food and thus ended up with different ingredients added all to the same meal, or worse, having a lot of things to eat through the day. Chia seeds will not only take the place of milk and give you the calcium that your body needs, but it will also provide your body with the antioxidants that it needs in order to fight the free radicals. This might be the most important thing to get from antioxidants, but in addition to that, it is not bad to think about your skin when combined with your future and know that these antioxidants will also make your skin look better and help you reduce the amount of wrinkles that might appear in the future.

  • It Carries Omega-3 Fatty Acids Too

One would have never imagined that such small and tiny seeds could be turned into meals or added to different foods and drinks and at the same time be able to have all these positive effects on the health of the whole body. One of the other famous benefits of chia and the nutrients found in it is the amount of omega-3 fatty acids that it carries. It is believed that two tablespoons of chia seeds contain as much omega-3 fatty acids as those found in 4 ounces of salmon. We should never deny the fact that salmon is still needed in order to be able to get the needed amount of omega-3, but sometimes changing the routine you have been following for some time makes it a little bit easier.

According to a study that was done in Australia, which is considered the top country producing chia seeds, it was found that the rats which were fed these seeds were experiencing better heart health than those who were not, which mainly goes back to the alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which is a type of omega-3 fatty acid that should be gained from following a specific diet.

  • It is a Good Source of Protein

There are actually a number of things that the person should always mention about the different chia seeds benefits, so in addition to the things we have stated above; there are still a couple more which we want to share with you. One of the reasons why chia seeds became all famous suddenly is that they are filled with proteins, as well as vitamins, which are things that people usually take as separate supplements and chia seeds succeeded in making the whole process easier. Those proteins and vitamins are needed for several reasons but one of the most important is having better health for the hair and promoting its growth.

There is another one important thing to mention about the protein in chia seeds, it will make you feel more energized without getting that need for a nap time and this all goes back to the fact that chia seeds are considered complete protein sources.

  • It Carries Fiber within

Losing weight has become a great concern for a lot of people in the past several years; they all want to be fit and in shape, so in addition to working out and shaping their bodies, they also worked on having the perfect plan for the things they want to eat in order to lose a little bit of weight along the way. Chia seeds are helpful with this goal because it carries fiber which makes people go easier with their eating habits, which means that they will eat less amounts of food because fiber will fill them up and thus will not make them hungry so often.

Some Things to Keep in Mind about Chia Seeds

We have mentioned the most important chia benefits that you should know about and the reasons why it turned out to be that famous and why a lot of people started running after it most of the time. In addition to the good, there is always the bad, even if it comes with small amounts and will never affect you negatively to a great extent. There are some side effects that might come along with eating chia seeds, but that does not mean you will be asked to stop adding it to your meals, but will know the amount you are permitted to eat per day and how to fight those side effects.

Here are some of the things that you should know about:

  • Some People Might be Allergic to it

Yes, unfortunately some people might witness some symptoms of allergies after eating chia seeds. This means that those should either consult a doctor to know whether it was from the amount they ate or else their body is not accepting that type of food, in order to know whether they have to stop it completely or just reduce the amount eaten daily. From the symptoms that allergic people might deal with; they could have watery eyes, hives, or rashes, and there are some other serious ones which might appear but are not much famous, such as having some trouble in breathing, dealing with diarrhea, vomiting, or swelling of the tongue.

  • It Might Lead to Gastrointestinal Issues

There are also other side effects which we should mention about chia seeds. In addition to the allergies they might cause, chia seeds might also lead to some gastrointestinal issues, such as diarrhea, constipation, or bloating and excessive intestinal gas. Those issues might affect the body, but there are also some ways that have been discovered through which people could eat chia seeds without dealing with such effects, such as soaking it in water for at least 15 minutes in order to give the seeds the chance to absorb the water before trying to eat it.

  • It Might Cause Low Blood Pressure and Bleeding

As much as you might hear about the different health benefits that chia seeds could be able to deliver, it is important to remember to check back with your doctor according to your health issues and how it might affect your overall personal health. Those who have low blood pressure or who are already prescribed to blood thinners should be always cautious because chia seeds could cause the blood to thin out and could at the same time cause the blood pressure to lower down.

On the other hand, it is always important for those who are diagnosed with diabetes to take care and also ask their doctors because even if chia seeds could help them with regulating the level of glucose, it might also affect and overstimulate the drugs that control the blood sugar.

These are the side effects that might reach your body when you try to eat and consume chia seeds but as we have already mentioned above, they are things which you could have some control over and deal with. Pregnant women have heard about different side effects reaching them through eating chia seeds, we could not say that this is true because there are still not enough researches done on it, but in order to stay on the safe side, we advise those women to stay away from it until they finish the breast feeding phase of their life.

Chia seeds have reached the top and for some people it happened suddenly and was so surprising to them. After reading those different health benefits related to chia seeds as well as realizing that the side effects could be controlled without the need to avoid eating them at all, you might now understand why these seeds have took the lead and why a lot of people started to depend on them on a daily basis when it comes to their meals.

Random Things to Know about Chia Seeds

People always focus their attention on knowing all the benefits and sometimes the history behind chia seeds, but they never try to get deeper and know any of the general information which is also considered important and interesting to know about at the same time. When it comes to chia seeds, it is important to mention some of the rare information that not all the people know about but which will give them the chance to know more about the seeds they are eating, where did they come from, how they were being used, as well as different other important things they will make good use of. This article is mainly to interest you with such kind of information and inform you a little bit more about chia seeds.

More about Chia Seeds

There are a lot of things to know about chia seeds, not that they are beneficial for your health, but also about the place they firstly originated in and what it was used for other than being turned into a drink or added to different food recipes. Being also known as Salvia Hispanica is not the only piece of information that you might want to know about, but realizing that it was all destroyed then was rediscovered again is something that might get your interest as well.

There are some facts that only few people know about when it comes to chia seeds and this is mainly because most of them focus on the different health benefits that they are going to gain from these seeds. We have managed to get some pieces of information which you will be interested to know about and which will tell you more about these seeds other than the fact that they will give you a lot of benefits.

  • Chia Seed was Used as an Endurance by the Ancient People

Back in the old days, the ancient people especially the Aztecs used to depend on chia seeds in order to be able to endure battles without getting easily tired or losing their energy. One of the famous tribes which was called Tarahumara, was considered the most famous with its runners who used to drink chia Iskiate (a combination of chia seeds, water, and lemon) in order to run for long distances without getting tired.

The chia Iskiate is still used until these days but is referred to as chia Fresca, but mostly people depend on it in order to lose weight as well as gain some of the different other benefits along the way.

  • Chia Seeds were Destroyed before then they were Rediscovered Once Again

The history of chia seeds and their existence in this world says that those seeds were once destroyed before by the Spanish invaders 500 years ago when they arrived in South America and were trying to take over by destroying anything that the people of South America care about or are attached to, so they decided to burn down all the chia seed corps out there. Later in the 1990s, Dr. Wayne Coates decided to search for seeds that the farmers would benefit from growing and finally reached the conclusion that chia seeds are the ones because with the different benefits they carry; people all over the world would manage to make use of.

From that time, chia seeds were grown in different parts of the world but they were mostly famous in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Australia.

  • Aztecs Used Chia Seeds as a Currency

Since the Aztecs used to appreciate the existence of chia seeds and were depending on it in different health benefits, a lot of other people and tribes used to pay them with chia seeds which means that they used it as a currency. According to some old documents, it was believed that the Aztecs used to receive about 4,000 tons of chia seeds as payments yearly, which is considered a lot.

  • Chia Comes from the Mint Family

One of the other famous seeds is the quinoa which is also considered healthy but one of the things that should be cared about when it comes to quinoa is making sure to rinse it with water in order not to get the bitter taste they have which is usually there due to the pesticides that are used for quinoa because of the insects that come over it. Chia seeds are not the same and there aren’t any pesticides used with them because they come from the mint family which the insects do not like and do not come close to. Chia seeds are harvested from the Salvia Hispanica which comes from the mint family, and that is why it is related to the mint family in the first place.

  • Chia Seeds Grow as Beautiful Flowers

There are three famous colors for chia seeds which are the white, the black, and the gray, although it is believed that they come in more than those, but if you looked at the way these seeds grow and the way they are harvested, you might get quietly surprised. Chia seeds grow in the form of flowers; this is how the seeds come. This plant, which is known as Salvia Hispanica, grows in a beautiful white and purple flowers which look totally perfect when they are in full bloom; all what you will see sometimes is a white and vast land of purple view.

  • Chia Seeds Could be Sprouted

In addition to all the things we have already mentioned about chia seeds, it is also important to say that one of the known facts about it is that it could be easily sprouted. Chia seeds could be sprouted with only a few steps, all you will need to do is sprinkle some on a terra cotta dish, place this terra cotta in a glass bowl which you will need to add some water to it, and finally you will keep it covered in order to keep the moisture inside; this will supposedly sprout your seeds between 4 and 7 days and you will be ready to use them afterwards in your dishes, such as with the salads for example.

  • Chia Seeds Could be Almost Used with Everything

There are different recipes, if not even all of them, which chia seeds could be used with; they could be sprinkled on food, they could be added to different drinks, and they could be even used in order to make some drinks of their own. Chia seeds could be also added as they are or in their ground form, they could be used to make their own drink and they could be used as an ingredient in others, and in addition to all that, these seeds could be used in making different baking recipes as well.

Chia Seed Health Benefits

We should never forget that the main reason why people use chia seeds is because they want to gain all the different nutrients and ingredients that it could deliver to the body and that is why we should also refer to some of the most important chia benefits that your body will receive whenever it gets the daily needed amount of chia seeds which it is allowed to take.

Here are some of the most important benefits that should be mentioned:

  • It has a Good Content of Fiber

One of the famous benefits about chia seeds is the fact that they are filled with fiber and thus help people to lose more weight. Fiber is the one ingredient that could fill the stomach faster and give the person the feeling of being full for a longer period of time and thus will never consume much food and will lose weight along the way.

  • It is Good for the Bones

Another good reason why chia seeds are important and healthy for the body is that they are good for the bones and the teeth. Chia seeds carry calcium and calcium is the number one important nutrient that you will need in order to build good bones and teeth and at the same time get the chance to fight osteoporosis.

  • It Improves the Health of the Heart

The third important thing to mention about chia seeds in addition to being healthy for weight loss plans and for building stronger bones is that it helps with having a healthy heart as well. Chia seeds improve the health of the heart because it is believed to lower the blood pressure in diabetics, increase the healthy cholesterol while at the same time lower the overall bad one, LDL, and the triglyceride cholesterol.

  • It is Filled with Omega-3 Fatty Acid

This might be one of the most important things about chia seeds and the different benefits they could deliver. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the health of the brain and we don’t have to mention that without your brain you will never be able to do anything or even take any step forward; the brain is everything you need and omega-3 is the thing for it which you could better receive from chia seeds than you could from flax seeds.

Chia seed nutrition is one important thing to know about because through it you will manage to know what your body will receive and what it could benefit from, but in addition to that there are always some interesting information about the history of chia seeds which will help you to know more about what you are eating and how it appeared in this world, and that’s some of what we managed to bring in this article. Don’t only focus on the chia seed calories, but always give yourself the chance to go even further than that.

Uses for Chia Seeds

Looking for the healthy corner in the supermarket might not be an easy thing but it is always worth it whenever you get the chance to do it. Healthy food is not as tasty and delicious as those sugary and not-so-much-healthy ones are and here is when people start to lose it all and stand in the middle between not knowing whether they should head for the healthy option or try some of those foods which are not. Chia seeds are your solver – or at least they should be – because as healthy as they are, they could be almost added to different recipes (foods and drinks) without changing much of their flavors and at the same time making it much healthier for you.

Chia Seeds Uses

Try to think about any type of food that you like and you will realize that there are different uses for it other than eating; cucumber is always a great addition for your salad but it has also been a great treat for your face; honey and yogurt are things that are considered healthy and delicious and are always advised for and they could still be used as ingredients in cosmetic products and used for masks at the same time. The healthy foods that could send you different benefits through eating could also manage to bring different benefits through different other ways, you just have to search.

The same thing happens with chia seeds, even if the different chia seed uses are not delivered through applying it on the face or the body, there are still different things to be done with it. There are different forms for chia seed; the ground, the whole, and there is also the gel chia seed; every single person prefers chia seeds in a special kind of way and every single one of them could deliver almost the same benefits at the end.

Chia seeds uses could get as creative as you might never imagine and the good thing is that whatever it is added to, it will manage to take over its taste without bringing one which you might not like or without ruining the taste of the food that you have added it to. From the different uses of chia seeds that we want you to know about, you will find that:

  • They Could be Soaked in Water

When chia seeds are added to water – or any other liquid – they usually absorb this liquid and double its size and that is the reason why it is always recommended to soak chia seeds in water before eating or consuming them or at least managing to drink enough water when you eat them all alone. It is better to eat chia seeds soaked in water because there are some rare incidences in which people suffered from the seeds being lodged in their throats when they decided to eat them the way they are. This is the first possible usage for chia seeds; to soak them in water or any other liquid you prefer.

  • They Could be Used in their Ground Form

As we have just mentioned above, chia seeds could be used the way they are as seeds and they could be grinded and used as a powder. There are different uses of chia seeds which will mainly depend on the person and his/her likes and dislikes; the ground chia seeds are used as a powder if you want to have them as a thickener to your food or want to get all the different benefits that they deliver without changing anything about the taste of the original recipe. One of the good things that make a lot of people prefer this powdered type of chia seeds is the fact that they are easier to absorb by the body than the whole seeds.

  • They Could be Also Used as an Egg Substitute

Yes, chia seeds could be also used in the different baking recipes that you manage to prepare and even though there are some bread recipes that allow for adding them in their whole forms, there are millions of others which do not and prefer having them in their powdered look. Chia seeds could be used as an egg substitute by using one tablespoon of finely ground chia seeds with three tablespoons of water for every egg you are going to use.

  • Chia Seeds Could be Used for Making Puddings

Puddings are not only preferred by kids but they are always a great treat for adults as well, so instead of getting those chocolate ones, you could always manage to prepare your own healthy pudding at home. There are actually different flavors that could be all easily prepared, you could choose the chocolate one and you could manage to add fruits; you will just blend the ingredients with the seeds in a blender and put them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to cool before eating them.

  • You Could Have Sprouted Chia Seeds for Salads

Did you know that you could have your own chia pet at home? Did you know that you could also grow chia seeds in the garden of your own house if you managed to know the steps and follow them correctly? One of the good chia uses that you could still try is having the sprouts for salads; all what you have to do is rinse the seeds with water and then place them in a jar for a couple of days and every 12 hours come back, rinse again, remove the water until you have little chia sprouts which you could definitely use on your salad.

Chia Gel Uses

One of the other forms of chia seeds is the chia gel which is also used for different reasons. Chia gel is all about adding the seeds to water in order to turn to that gelatinous substance that is referred to as gel at the end; this gel could be actually used in different ways, such as:

  • Doing the Chia Fresca

Chia Fresca is one of the oldest drinks known to be done with chia seeds and it was called Iskiate back in the old times by the runners of the old tribe “Tarahumara” who were known to be the fastest back at that time. In order to prepare this chia Fresca, you will need to mix the seeds with water and lemon and wait until the seeds absorb the liquid then drink it.

  • It Could be Used as a Salad Dressing

Due to the thickening structure that it has, the chia seed oil is one of the things that could be used as a salad dressing instead of always heading for the oil option. Although olive oil is still considered one that is healthy, sometimes changing from one healthy thing to another will make it less boring and will avoid you from eating the same thing all the time.

  • It Could be Used in Making Juices

Chia gel could be actually used for preparing different recipes and one of them is using it in making juices by adding the flavor that you prefer to the gel and giving it the chance to turn your choice into a healthier thing as well.

  • Chia Gel Could be Also Used for Making Spreads

In addition to all the previous things we have mentioned above, we should never forget that this gel is usually similar to the way the jam looks and thus it could be used as a spread on breads. Since it might be considered a little bit tasteless to use this as a spread alone because it might not deliver a good strong taste, it could be added to jams, to chocolate spreads, and could be even added to peanut butter.

Chia Seed Uses and Benefits

The reason why we decided to mention all these different uses related to ground chia seeds, grinded chia seeds, as well as the gel form of chia seeds is that there are different benefits that the person’s body will manage to receive whenever he/she consumes it. From the different benefits that you should know about chia seeds and which they could deliver to your body is that:

  • They are filled with fiber and thus help in weight loss since they fill the stomach for a longer period of time without making you hungry and in actual need for food.
  • They carry antioxidants which are beneficial for the body and at the same time protect the delicate fats in the seeds.
  • Chia seeds are high in protein which is important for weight loss and at the same time helps with reducing appetite and cravings.
  • Chia seeds carry omega-3 fatty acids which a lot of people tend to take as separate supplements, so why do it when you can add chia seeds to your meals.
  • From the other benefits of chia seeds is the fact that they carry phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and protein which are all needed for having healthy bones.

There are different reasons why you should depend more on chia seeds and make them part of your daily life; if it is not to lose some weight then at least to lower the blood pressure or to protect your bones, there are actually different things to think about.

Chia seed is a friendly type of food that you should add to your daily life healthy routine because of the different benefits that it could deliver no matter in which form it is used; the ground, the whole, or even the gel. In order to use chia seeds, you should definitely read this article which will give you the chance to know how to use it according to the form that you have.

Chia Seed Oil and its Benefits

Chia seeds have been famous since a very long period of time when they were used as a staple food in Mexico, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, and Guatemala. The nutrients that these seeds are rich with have different benefits when they are eaten and even when they are applied on the hair and the skin in their oil form; they are rich with antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, and different other minerals which are needed by the body. Chia seed oil is extracted from the mighty chia seed and it carries different positive effects on the hair as well as the skin which is why a lot of professionals and experts tend to recommend it for people because its effects are even witnessed in a short period of time.

Chia Seed Oil Benefits

Chia seeds in general are beneficial in so many different ways and they carry several positive effects for the body; they could even fight cancer with the properties they carry. A lot of people tend to eat chia seeds because they help them in losing some weight since it fills the stomach faster with the amount of fiber it carries and make people feel fuller for a longer period of time with small amounts of it eaten; that’s of course in addition to other different benefits that chia seeds could provide the body with.

When it comes to the chia seeds oil, it is important to mention that it is mainly used externally on the hair as well as the skin. From these seeds, oil could be extracted and this oil could be then used for the hair and the skin to make them more glowing and at the same time help with getting rid of the acne on the skin and thickening the hair. Chia oil is one of the safest products to use because it is considered natural and will never affect your skin in a bad way that you might not accept.

Benefits of chia seed oil for the skin:

  • It Hydrates the Skin

According to Susanne Norwitz, founder of Maya Chia Beauty, chia seeds oil is very beneficial for the skin because it is responsible for three different major tasks, such as increasing the skin hydration, reducing the trans-epidermal water loss, and increasing the skin barrier function. You should know that chia seeds are high in fiber and this fiber found in the oil is important because it can pull water from the deeper tissues of the skin and even the skin surface itself, which at the end helps in hydrating it.

  • It Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

These anti-inflammatory properties found in chia seeds oil help with the irritated skin and can alleviate acne blemishes, not only that but it also has a soothing effect which will make you forget a little bit about the skin problems that you are trying to solve. Omega-3 that is found in chia seeds oil is considered anti-inflammatory as well as anti-aging which makes it a double edged weapon that could be used by people. These properties in chia oil can help in reducing redness of the skin and at the same time restore the normal moisture level of the skin.

  • It Has Anti-Oxidant Effects

Again, it is important to mention the importance of chia seed oil for the skin and the different benefits it could deliver, such as the anti-oxidant effects that could help with slowing down the aging process. Omega-3 is the main nutrient that helps with slowing down the aging process and inhibit wrinkle formation since it builds collagen which supports the structure of the skin and maintain a youthful looking one. There are several things that the skin might witness due to the aging process, such as the wrinkles and the dark spots, and these could be both dealt with by using chia seed oil.

The most important thing about chia oil is that a lot of people tried it and saw the effects after a short period of time from using it which only took two months, and this is considered a very good interval of time to see such changes taking place.

Benefits of chia oil for the hair:

  • It Helps the Hair to Grow

Your hair is made up of a protein type known as keratin and this brings us to the point where we should say that the growth of hair that happens by the use of chia seeds is mainly because of the protein content that it carries. Not only that, but chia seed oil also carries zinc and this helps in the production of the new hair cells for those who are suffering from hair thinning and dealing with falling down hairs.

Chia seed oil could be used directly on the hair with small drops applied just before styling the hair, which will protect it and at the same time give it some kind of a natural glow. Also the chia seeds could be used in their actual form without the need for their oil extract, you will just have to add them to water, coconut milk, and lemon and when they start to produce that gel substance, put them on your hair as a hydrating mask.

  • Delay the Process of Hair Graying

Chia seed oil not only gives you the chance to get rid of the wrinkles, but it could make you look younger by delaying the process of hair graying which a lot of people hate. The main nutrient responsible for this thing is the copper which helps with the hair tresses and prevents them from turning gray quickly and this happens because copper inhibits the production of melanin which is the main factor in bringing the hair back to its natural color. Copper is definitely important because chia seeds also carry amino acids that help the hair to grow; so you need it strong, long, and not gray.

  • Makes the Hair Shiny

Applying drops of chia oil on your hair will help it to look shiny, and the other way of applying chia mask on the hair might appear to be messy with a lot of people – if not all of them – and that is the reason why you should understand that eating or drinking chia seeds will still help your hair to grow, get rid of the gray hairs, and at the same time will give you hair as well as your skin a glow.

Organic Chia Seed Oil

Being important for the skin and the hair, there are two important things which we have to mention about chia seed oil in general which makes it a good product to use. Such as having a long shelf life since it could last for a long period of time while most of the other oil types only live for six months only and then go rancid. In addition to the long shelf life, chia seeds oil is less greasy than the other types of oil as well; it will not take the same amount of time to be absorbed by the hair or the skin, it is light and will easily get inside since it is also not thick.

Chia seed oil could be used everywhere, in addition to the skin; it could be also rubbed in other body parts that are dry, like the elbows for example. This oil could be used to enhance the moisturizer that you already use with adding simple drops to it, and finally it is healthy for the lips by applying it directly on them after using the lip balm which will make them less lined, more full, and hydrated.

Chia Seed Oil Side Effects

There are a very small number of cases that witnessed bad side effects for chia seeds, but generally speaking, chia seeds might be the safest oil to use and even the safest type of food to eat or drink in order to gain any of the different benefits that we have mentioned above as well as those which are related to the body as a whole.

Not only chia seed oil is used for the hair and the skin, but it could be a good substitute for the cooking oil like the soybean, sunflower, corn, canola, cottonseed, safflower, as well as many others and your body will even feel the difference. Chia seed oil extract could be used for the hair, skin, and could be used in cooking, while the seeds themselves could prepare different dishes as well as drinks that you will feel satisfied with and even love, and both the seeds and the oil have the different benefits that your body is waiting for.

Chia seed oil should be the one you are choosing from this day, whether for the beautifying benefits or else for using it while cooking, because according to those who have used it before, it is considered one of the healthiest types of oil one could ever use. In addition to the oil, there are different benefits delivered through chia seeds which should push you forward and convince you with the idea of consuming those seeds in your food and drinks.