Advantageous Uses for Chia Seeds

Going for the healthy options is always the hardest road yet it is usually the one that brings the most benefits at the end. Chia seeds, quinoa, hemp seeds, and many other types of seeds are included in the list of healthy food that you could depend on for several reasons; be it to lose some weight or even to gain different nutrients. Most of these seeds started to get known and appear lately but this is not for their absence from the market, it is mainly because people did not know much about their existence and the benefits they could deliver. Chia seed is one of the most famous out of this healthy list and this goes back to the different other uses that it could be included in and which are all beneficial for the body.

For those who still don’t know what those chia seeds are; chia seeds were used by the Aztecs mainly for gaining some energy, but there are still other useful benefits they could send to the body through the different nutrients which they carry. Chia seed is also known as Salvia Hispanica and it is a species of a flowering plant from the mint family, which is native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala.

Chia Seed Uses and Benefits

The good thing about chia seeds is the fact that they are not only used in the daily eating habits that you are following, but there are also different other things which you could do with them and which will also manage to deliver some good benefits to your body and your overall health. When chia seeds started to come up to the surface and when people started to know all about it, it was mainly from growing those chia pets at home, but now there are several other things that could be done with chia seeds which your mind didn’t even know that they existed.

When we say the word different uses, what we are trying to tell you is the fact that chia seeds could be used in things which are not related to food or eating. Here are some uses of chia seeds which you will feel more excited about trying:

  • Using it as a Body Scrub

Yes, chia seeds could be added to other ingredients and used as a body scrub; you might not expect this, but it is true. Taking care of your skin is one of the top concerns of any woman out there, and those who even want to take a step forward with such a thing, always think about using the natural products or even going to those mixtures which they could do themselves at home.

According to, there are only three ingredients which you could mix together in order to bring this chia seed body scrub out to life. These ingredients include:

  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds.

All what you will need to do is mix all the three ingredients together and then store them in a jar. When you get to the point of applying this on your face or your body, you need to dampen your skin first and then scrub in a circular motion with the scrub you have created. After finishing the scrubbing part, leave the mixture on your face for about two minutes before washing it with cold water. This should be stored in the fridge for three to five days only and not more than that.

  • Making Chia Pudding

Going back to food, there are several things that chia seeds could be added to and the best part about that is the fact that it could be sprinkled over different foods and drinks or it could be added to the cooking process, that’s of course in addition to the several other things that chia seed could create on its own. From the other uses for chia, making chia pudding is a good example for the amount of love it carries from all those who have tried it.

The only problem with this kind of pudding is the tapioca-like texture that chia seeds turn to when they are soaked in water overnight because not all types of people love this thing. But there are always some cures for the problems that people deal with and in this case we have to mention that chia seeds could be grinded in order to turn to that smooth texture that all the people will like.

There are different things to add to chia seeds for making that pudding; you could add cinnamon, strawberry, pumpkin, or any other thing you usually love its taste. One of the recipes provided by, include:

  • 1/3 cup of chia seeds
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt

This could be used as a morning treat or could be even eaten as a small meal between the three main ones you should eat during the day. Just mix all these ingredients together and leave the mixture in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or even better if you managed to leave it overnight, then add some toppings and enjoy what you have prepared.

  • Use them in Baking Recipes

One of the best characteristics related to chia seeds is that they don’t carry any flavor, or one that is not strong at all, and which makes it possible for this seed to be added to different recipes without even changing their taste. One of the things you must have already tried before if you already use chia seeds is adding them to your smoothies due to the gelatinous structure that they could make, but in addition to that, there are still some other options which you might have never tried before.

Another good thing about chia seed is the fact that it could deliver the same benefits whether it is grinded or not, so when it comes to baking, chia seeds could be actually added to any recipe you are preparing but in their ground form in order to deliver different nutrients with their benefits to your body and without changing anything about the taste of the whole recipe.

  • Making Spreads

Although all these chia seed uses which we have mentioned are related to food, we should never deny the fact that this seed is important for the skin as we have already mentioned above. In addition to all the previous things that we have already mentioned, chia seeds could be also used for making spreads; these spreads are healthier when they are all about nut butters, you will just add one tablespoon to four tablespoons of your nut butter – it could be any type; peanut, almond, or any other – and then enjoy the taste.

These are all different ideas which we want you to try because they are not just going to transfer you into a healthier person, but they will also show you different other recipes which you could easily eat without sticking every single morning to the same thing.

  • You Could Make Pancakes and Waffles

Thinking about something that is healthy like chia seeds will always divert your mind away from things like pancakes and waffles, and that is the reason why you might get surprised just hearing that one of chia seeds uses is making pancakes and waffles out of them. This is one good idea especially for those who can’t get away from these creations but at the same time want to lose some weight or want to get healthier regarding the type of food they are eating.

Chia seeds could be used in their ground form in order to replace eggs and flour and this is how you could turn these two recipes into healthier ones by adding chia seeds to them. You will just need to use cornmeal or ground oats in order to supplement the rest of the flour; this will bring out the best version of those gluten free pancakes or waffles.

There are actually different uses for chia seed which you will manage to know about after understanding how this seed should be used and how it could be added to other ingredients without changing something about their taste.

Some Benefits for Chia Seeds

The reason why we are mentioning all these chia uses and giving you some hints about how to add it to your daily life routine is the different benefits that it could deliver to the body through the important nutrients that it carries. Chia seeds carry protein, fiber, carbohydrates, fats, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, and every single one of these is responsible for a specific thing inside the body of the human being.

Some of the benefits which you have to know about chia seeds according to; it could treat diverticulosis due to the fiber that it carries by absorbing the water in the colon and making bowel movements easier to pass. Chia seeds are also important because they help people lose some weight due to the fiber content as well which makes the person feel fuller and for a longer period of time and that means that this person will not feel hungry every so often. It also lowers the risk of developing diabetes and help in keeping the blood sugar level stable, and it lowers the blood pressure and the cholesterol level. Finally, we also have to mention that the omega-3 content in the seeds help in keeping the heart healthy.

All these different important benefits related to chia seeds and the nutrients that they carry will make you think twice about adding it to your daily eating routine to make this habit a healthier one.

Chia seeds could be added to different things out there without ruining the taste or changing it and this is mainly important because it might even give you the chance to start making some new creations. The most important thing to keep in your mind all the time is never to try mixing or adding two different ingredients unless you are hundred percent sure about their positive effect, but other than that, you should first do your research to know the benefits as well as the side effects.

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