Aesthetic Uses for Chia Seeds

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There are different benefits gained from chia seeds but they mostly come from cooking and eating them, they are benefits that the body gains from the inside, but in addition to these different benefits, there are those related to the aesthetic look and the cosmetic world, which is making facial masks from chia seeds. Chia seeds have different uses and one of them is related to taking care of the skin and making the face look healthy and shining, so this article will take you through a tour in order to get introduced to one of the important uses of chia seeds and one of the benefits it could deliver.

As much as the body needs someone to care for, the facial skin will also need to receive a little bit of attention from the person. There are different problems that the facial skin could face, such as aging wrinkles, dealing with pimples, suffering from black spots, etc. and even though they might not be all treated with chia seeds, but it could still offer a lot of help.

Benefits of Chia Seeds for the Face

It is important to make use of chia seeds through the meals that you usually prepare but sometimes coming out of the normal and trying something which you might have never tried before is considered the next step that should be taken. Chia seeds could be used in some of the mask recipes done for the face and it could also manage to deliver different benefits to that face through these masks.

Chia seeds appeared a very long time ago by the Aztecs who mainly used it as being a good source of energy, but later on when people started to focus their attention on this seed, they realized that it could be carrying other different benefits that the person should know more about and try to discover. One of these chia seed health benefits is the one related to the aesthetic uses of it to make the face appear healthier and shinier.

Among the different benefits that chia seeds carry for the face and skin:

  • Chia Seeds Carry Protein

One of the important nutrients of chia seed is the protein and as much as it carries several benefits for the human body, it is also considered beneficial when it comes to the skin. The protein in chia seed is important for the skin because it maintains collagen which is made of amino acids from protein and thus receiving this collagen will be always considered good for the skin.

  • Chia Seeds Carry Magnesium

In addition to the protein content in chia seeds, there are also some other minerals which carry benefits for the body and the skin, such as magnesium. Magnesium is good for the skin because it ensures that the nervous system works properly and thus keeps anxiety at bay which eventually prevents the uneven hormone levels that can lead to bad skin, it is also important because it regulates the blood sugar and thus keeps the hormones healthy, and eventually it is also important for the skin because it increases the energy levels which help in keeping the blood flowing which will also help the skin to look radiant, not pale and lifeless.

  • Chia Seeds Carry Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These are already different things which we have mentioned about the health benefits of chia seeds for the body in general. Omega-3 fatty acids are also important for the skin as much as they are for the body as a whole and they might be considered the most important to be mentioned when it comes to the skin. Omega-3 fatty acid fights several things, such as acne, wrinkles, and it helps in promoting smooth and healthy skin. In addition to the face, chia seeds are also helpful when it comes to the hair and the nails and it is also considered one way for people to fight their depression.

  • Chia Seeds Carry Zinc

Coming to the last important mineral to be mentioned when it comes to chia seeds content, zinc is the one. Chia seed is rich in zinc and this is important for the skin because it could fight aging, it helps in getting rid of acne, and it also helps the skin to look taut and supple while at the same time prevents inflammation.

Things to Make with Chia Seeds for the Skin

Going through the different benefits that chia seeds could manage to deliver to the skin, a lot of people might be asking now how they could prepare a facial mask out of it in order to benefit their skin. There are several recipes to prepare chia seeds through and make it ready to apply on your face, such as:

  • Chia Seed Exfoliating Mask

One of the good things that chia seeds help with is exfoliating the dry and dull skin and moisturizing it. In order to prepare the recipe for gaining this benefit, you will need to add two teaspoons of chia seeds, half a cup of coconut oil, and one teaspoon of lemon juice, mix those ingredients well together and then apply them on the face. If you are having an extra dry skin, you could also add few drops of bergamot and a drop of vitamin E. You will keep this mask on the face for a few minutes and then remove with a damp, lukewarm washcloth to remove it through circular motions in order to exfoliate the skin. The best thing about this mask is that it is not just for the facial skin, but it could be used and applied on any dry patches on the skin in general and will manage to deliver the same benefits as well.

  • Chia Seed Hydrating Mask

Another mask recipe that could manage to deliver different benefits for the skin as well is the hydrating mask. The hydrating mask for the skin is a mixture of chia seeds, yogurt, and egg whites; you will add two egg whites, one cup of yogurt, and one tablespoon of chia seed oil and then mix them together. This mask should be applied on the face for 10 minutes and then should be rinsed with water. You will then find your face well hydrated.

  • Chia Seed Anti-Aging Mask

There are several benefits that real chia seeds could deliver to the skin but in order to receive the intended one, it is important to pay attention to the other ingredients that you might be using along. When it comes to using the facial chia seeds mask in order to fight anti-aging then you should mix two tablespoons of chia seeds with two cups of cooled green tea and one tablespoon of organic honey, which will deliver the intended benefits and will give your skin the feeling and look that you want.

  • Chia Seeds Nutritious Mask

We can’t deny the fact that the masks mentioned above will be focused on delivering a specific benefit for the skin at the end but might still surprise the skin with other benefits as well. This chia seeds mask is referred to as the nutritious one because it aims at delivering different benefits to the skin when it is removed and rinsed. This nutritious mask cleanses the skin from dead cells and impurities, it soothes inflammation, pimples and acnes, and it also reduces redness in the skin. In addition to that, this mask is also considered helpful because it is considered effective against psoriasis and severely damaged or scarred tissue since it accelerates healing. This mask is a mixture of two teaspoons of honey, two cups of lukewarm water, and one teaspoon of chia seed; mix the ingredients together, let the mixture sit for five minutes to give chia seeds the chance to swell, and then stir one more time before applying it on your clean face.

To Sum it all up

There are different benefits that the skin could gain from chia seeds, not through eating it but through applying it as a facial mask on the face. The benefits of chia seeds vary; it helps with fighting acne through the anti-inflammatory properties that it carries; it is good for moisturizing the skin which is better when done through using the chia seed oil, it prevents the signs of aging with the high levels of antioxidants and phytonutrients, and it is also used as a natural serum.

In addition to the benefits that chia seeds carry for the skin, it also carries other benefits for the hair and the nails. Chia seeds are usually prepared and cooked to be eaten but it seems that there are different other uses for chia seeds that people could depend on, such as using it to do some facial masks, using it for doing hair masks, as well as using it for making the nails look healthier.

Chia seeds carry protein, copper, zinc, alpha-linoleic acid, and iron and each one of them is responsible for a specific benefit that is delivered to the hair. Protein is important for hair growth, copper delays the graying of hair and intensifies the original color because it promotes the production of melanin, zinc produces new hair cells, iron is good for having healthy hair since it transports oxygen to the scalp and hair, and alpha-linoleic acid is important for the body’s general health and is beneficial for the flaky and dry scalp.

The benefits of chia seeds are numerous and knowing that it could be used to gain these benefits through other ways than just eating or adding it to your drinks make the whole issue much more interesting.

The vitamins in chia seeds, the protein, the fiber, or even the minerals are all considered of use when it comes to the body because every single one of them will succeed at delivering a specific benefit and provide the body with something it is in need for. Being beneficial for the body organs, for the functions done inside the body, or even for the look of the skin and the hair, are all things that chia seed is responsible for and could successfully manage to do. Follow these different recipes and gain the benefits of chia seeds for your skin.

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