Building Body Strength with Chia Seeds

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There are different types of food found out there and every single one of them will carry different benefits for the health of the body and when it comes to chia seeds, we have to mention all the different benefits that the human body will manage to gain from eating it. Chia seeds have always been linked with providing the body with energy and at the same time giving people the chance to lose some weight, and these are the two main benefits gained from chia seeds since it was discovered. Looking deeper into the benefits of this type of seed, there is one important thing to be mentioned which is building the strength of the body along the way.

The strength of the body is usually built through the healthy eating because bit by bit the body starts to hold itself and then with the passage of time, it all starts to transfer from the weak body that is not much able to hold itself, to that one that is strong and could deal with this world in a healthy and strong manner.

How to Build Upper Body Strength?

Building the upper strength of the body happens through eating the right types of food and through doing the right exercises which aim at this part of the body. Paying attention to the body happens through keeping up with different parts and paying attention to different aspects because you will never get the chance to receive the results you want from doing one thing only; it is not food or exercise, but it is doing both things together all at the same time.

It is important to divide the things needed for strengthening the body to two important groups; one that is related to the food which you will need to eat, and the second one is related to the exercises that you should focus on and do more often. Starting with the first group which is related to the exercises that those who want to improve body strength of the upper part should be doing, we have to mention those ones:

  • Chest Press

In order to improve the strength of the upper body part, most of the exercises which you will be involved with will include weights. The first exercise is the chest press, in which you will lie down on a flat bench with a weight in each hand and with having your feet in the air with the knees at a 90 degree angle. When you are exhaling, you will slowly raise your hands up in the air above your chest. When the elbows are straight above the chest, turn the palms inward as you continue to strengthen and straighten the elbows until the weights start facing each other. And finally, while you are inhaling, start spreading the weights apart and rotate the palms forward to return to the start position once again. Repeat this exercise for 15 times before moving on to the next one.

  • Arm Raise

In addition to the first exercise that you will need to perform with using the body weights, there are still other ones to keep going with in order to give your body the strength and power that it needs. The second exercise to perform in order to build the upper body strength is the arm raise, in this exercise you will need to stand straight with the weights in both hands by your side and the feet shoulder width apart. First of all, start with raising both hands in front of you until the hands are both in line with the shoulders then return the weight to the start position then raise both hands again to the sides until you form a T shape then return back to the starting position. Also repeat this exercise for 15 times.

  • Bicep Curl

There are different exercises that could be done with the body weights and which will help in building the upper part of the body as well, so in addition to the two previous ones, there are still other exercises to consider and even try because they will manage to deliver the needed benefits for the body. Again, you will stand straight with the feet wide width apart and then you will hold a weight in each hand with the palms facing forward. Now you will squeeze your bicep as you bring the weight of the right fist towards the shoulder and repeat once again with the left fist. This exercise will need to be repeated 15 times as well. Whenever you are doing any of these different strength exercises, you should always focus on building your power and not on the speed of doing the exercises; you need to receive the benefits and not to do more just for the number.

  • Plank Row

Among the different exercises which you might be advised to do for the full body strength training, you will always find that the plank is one of those effective ones that is believed to make the body stronger especially when it comes to the upper part of the body, and since we are referring to those exercises which could be performed with using the weights then mentioning the plank row is another one to depend on and gain some benefits from. The plank row is the exercise which the person will need to place himself/herself in the push-up position with one weight in each hand and the shoulder wide width apart. Without moving or rocking the hips, you will need to raise one hand with the weight off the floor towards the ceiling and then repeat one more time with the other hand. You could follow two different ways in performing this exercise, either doing 15 repetitions or else doing it for one minute, it depends on how powerful you are and how much you could handle and stay like that.

In addition to these different exercises for upper body strength, there are also some important and healthy food types which could provide the body with the power and strength it might be in need for. Eating healthy is always beneficial and mixing this healthy eating with the right exercises is the second most important thing to pay attention to in order to receive the benefits that you have been searching for and trying to reach.

From the different types of food which you could depend on in order to gain power and give strength for the upper part of the body or even for the body as a whole, you will find that:

  • Eating Protein is Beneficial

We all know that protein is needed but it is specifically important when we are talking about gaining more strength and building the power of the body. It is important to eat protein with every single meal you are eating. In addition to building the strength of the body, protein is also beneficial because it helps in fat loss as well and makes the person feel full longer than the carbs. In order to avoid getting in the dilemma of not knowing how much protein you should receive, it is better to add it to every single meal you are eating. From the different sources that you could receive protein, you could eat fish, poultry, red meat, eggs, dairy, and whey.

  • Eating Fruits and Vegetables with Every Meal

In addition to the importance of protein and of getting and receiving it from the daily meals throughout the day, it is also important to eat fruits and vegetables during the day and better to do that with every meal as well. In addition to building the strength of the body, fruits and vegetables are also considered important and healthy because they are filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber which also help in digestion.

From the fruits and vegetables that you could depend on and eat, you could have apples, berries, oranges, pineapples, bananas, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, pumpkin, beans, cauliflower, Brussels, and peas. Usually you might be an addict of another type of vegetable or fruit which was not mentioned here but which at the same time could carry different benefits for the body.

  • Eating Healthy Fats

In addition to eating fruits, vegetables, and meat, it is important to know which type of fats you are eating in order to receive the ones that are healthy and set aside those which you are not supposed to eat much of. The healthy kind of fat helps in the process of losing weight and at the same time they also give the body the chance to digest slowly and thus get fuller faster with the less amount of food. It is important for people to eat the healthy types of fats with every meal and avoid the artificial trans-fats and migraine. The healthy fats include the saturated fats which increase the testosterone levels, the monounsaturated fats which protect against heart diseases and cancer, as well as the polyunsaturated fats which help in increasing the testosterone levels, promote the loss of fat, and decrease inflammation.

There are different sources for these fats, such as butter, whole eggs, red meat, olive oil, olives, mixed nuts, fish oil, and ground flax seeds.

The full body strength workout is not just about the exercises that you are supposed to keep doing, but it is also about the types of food which you are supposed to be eating in between these exercises and those which are going to deliver the needed benefits to the body in general. In addition to eating the right types of food, doing the needed exercises, and knowing more about your body, it is important to drink as much water as possible because this is the thing that is believed to carry the most benefits.

The body is nothing but a machine which you are supposed to take care of through doing the right exercises, eating the right types of food, and providing it with the proteins and vitamins needed along with drinking the needed water. In order to build the strength of the body, it is important to follow the tips we have brought above and track the effects on your body in order to know how effective they are and keep up with what will need to be changed.

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