Chia Seeds and Constipation; is there any Relation?

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Not all the food types that you tend to eat are considered effective to the stomach and will be delivering good benefits to it, there are those which might cause constipation and thus you will be suffering from the need to go to the bathroom without having the ability to. Of course there are some solutions or other food types which could make the whole thing easier and solve the problem, but in order to avoid it in the first place, you should know those food types which might be causing the problem in the first place. Chia seeds could be one of the reasons behind constipation but how far is that considered true?

Even though the benefits of chia seeds are numerous and are all considered important for the health of the human body, it is important to mention that the amount of chia seeds eaten should always be watched and should never exceed the recommended because otherwise the side effects might start to come to the surface and which constipation is considered one of them.

Chia Seed Side Effects

Eating chia seeds in general might not cause any side effects – of course your body might react differently – but we are talking about the general effects and benefits, but there are some special cases or situations in which this type of seed might cause some problems and one of them is all about constipation and not feeling that good when it comes to the stomach but which is also one of the causes behind the amount being eaten.

Among those side effects which might occur, it is important to say that chia seeds carry fiber and as much as this might be considered a benefit because it fills the stomach faster with fewer amounts and supports the beneficial bacteria in the gut, it might be also the main reason behind the constipation feeling which the person receives at the end of the road or cause other problems for some people such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating and gas.

There are other chia seeds side effects which we are supposed to mention here in addition to its ability to cause constipation and these include:

  • It Might Cause an Allergic Reaction

Going through the cons of eating chia seeds without paying attention to the amount or even understanding how the body might react, we will come across one side effect which is causing an allergic reaction for some people. Some people out there are allergic to protein and since chia seeds carry protein in them, these people might end up not reacting in a positive manner to these seeds, so for those who are allergic to seeds or nuts, chia seeds should be off their list.

From the different symptoms of being allergic to chia seeds, you could suffer from skin rashes, vomiting, watery eyes, hives, diarrhea, repetitive coughing, wheezing, difficulty in swallowing, hoarse throat, and you might also feel dizzy.

  • It Might Prevent Blood Clotting

In addition to the different side effects or allergic reactions which the person might suffer from when it comes to eating chia seeds, there are still other cons to consider when it comes to them. Chia seeds might also prevent blood clotting because they contain omega-3 fatty acids and thus might start to act like blood thinners, preventing the blood from clotting.

There are different nutrients found in chia seeds which are considered double edged weapons; they are effective for the normal people but might end up being dangerous for those suffering from a specific health condition or those who might be taking specific medications. If you are already taking blood thinning medications like warfarin, you should never come close to chia seeds. Another important case or situation to avoid chia seeds in is when you are still fresh out of a surgery, in order to avoid excessive bleeding.

  • It Can Worsen Diverticulitis

Again, it is important to understand that the side effects which might be caused from eating chia seeds are all related to specific health conditions, to the cases in which the person is taking any medications, or else if these seeds are eaten in great amounts or are not eaten in the right ways in general. Another side effect or problem caused by chia seeds is worsening diverticulitis with some people; diverticulitis develops bulging sacs or pockets called diverticula along the lining of the large intestine.

Those who are suffering from diverticulitis and at the same time tend to eat chia seeds will get these inflamed and try to push out through the colon wall, causing pain on the left side of the abdomen, bloating, or diarrhea. Again, high-fiber diet is considered a cure for diverticulitis but with chia seeds the whole thing might be different because these tiny seeds might get stuck in the diverticula and inflame them, which will cause all the problems.

  • It Can Trigger Prostate Tumors

In addition to all these different things mentioned above, we have to stop at this one because it carries all the worry in the world and might be one of the reasons why people fear eating a lot of things these days, which is tumor. There are different researches done on the effect of chia seeds when it comes to prostate cancer; some consider it effective to prevent its appearance and some consider that is might actually trigger the whole thing.

Since this debate is still there, it is important to let all the people know that side effect; it is important to mention that omega-3 fatty acid is the reason behind this whole thing because some consider it effective to reduce and prevent prostate cancer, while others consider the alpha linolenic acid that is found in it the main reason behind the formation of prostate tumors and this increases the risk of prostate cancer in general.

Chia Seed Constipation and the Importance of Chia Seed Water

All these different side effects does not put chia seeds benefits aside but they are important to be mentioned in order to warn people about how much they are allowed to eat chia seeds during the day and at the same time know how they are supposed to eat them. Constipation might be the most common problem for chia seeds that people tend to suffer from and one which might be solved so easily at the same time.

Fiber is definitely beneficial for the human body but there are still some side effects which we have to mention and which are also caused by fiber, such as constipation or other abdominal problems like diarrhea, bloating, or gas. Constipation might highly occur if the fiber intake of chia seeds is paired with inadequate hydration – chia seeds always need water because they turn into a gelatinous substance when added to any liquid and this should happen outside the stomach, which means before eating it.

So in addition to being careful with the amount of chia seeds eaten, those who might be suffering from diseases like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease should always watch out for the fiber intake and limit chia seeds during flare-ups, because they are the ones who could suffer from the most side effects at the end. These chronic diseases cause inflammation and narrowing of the gastrointestinal tract and eventually lead to these abdominal problems which the person might suffer from, like the ones mentioned above which include gas, constipation, bleeding, diarrhea, or even weight loss.

In order to reduce the symptoms of high fiber intake and which is also related to eating chia seeds, people should follow two important tips; first of all, they are supposed to increase their fiber content through chia seeds slowly and never tend to eat a huge amount all at once, and the second important thing is to always add water to their chia seeds or even drink lots of water if they are eating it the way it is.

Are Chia Seeds Good for You?

Yes, chia seeds are considered good for you as long as you follow the recommended tips when it comes to eating them in order to avoid all the problems they might cause, and at the same time, you should always make sure that your health state is considered safe if you decided to eat and consume chia seeds. There are some important rules to follow when it comes to eating chia seeds that would always keep you in the safe zone, these are:

  • It is important to start eating chia seeds slowly by adding small amounts and increasing it by time to give your stomach the chance to get used to it, because the gelatinous texture of these seeds might not make the body easily used to them.
  • The recommended daily amount of chia seeds sometimes differ from one person to another, some consider two tablespoons per day enough, while others might take it up to six, but this might be too much for some people. So always start small and if everything went well, you could increase the amount afterwards.
  • Drink a lot of water if you decided to eat chia seeds because they tend to absorb the moisture in the body so easily and quickly and thus your body should make up for what is lost. Juice and different herbal drinks might be also effective but you have to stay away from coffee and tea because these caffeinated drinks have dehydrating properties.
  • It is important to soak the seeds in water before consuming them because this will prevent bloating and will also reduce the amount of fluid you have to take while eating chia seeds to make up for what is lost inside the body. The amount of water is always more than the amount of seeds; for example, one tablespoon of chia seed with two cups of water, and the minimum amount to keep those seeds in water should always be for about 15 minutes.
  • And most importantly, you should always listen to your body and never ignore the signs it might deliver. Some people tend to follow all these different rules and tips but also end up with some problems related to their stomach and might deal with gastrointestinal issues; at this point, you should listen to your body and stop eating chia seeds all the way.

The benefits and side effects of chia seeds are all caused by the same nutrients carried within; the only difference comes from the amount eaten and the tips that should be followed while eating them. Constipation is one of the main and most common problems related to chia seeds but it could be healed and solved with drinking lots of water while eating them and at the same time eating the recommended amount. Always listen to your body because you might follow all the tips and rules but also realize that you are still suffering and should stop at this point.

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