Chia Seeds for Children

There are different benefits for chia seeds, but they are all directed towards grownups and not children. Along the journey of researches that were done on chia seeds and their benefits and side effects, there were some that suggested that pregnant women should stay away from it, although it appeared the other way around; and completing the journey, there were some researches also done on chia seeds but related to kids and it was also said that children should not come close to chia seeds, but we have to tell people whether they are allowed to use chia seeds for their kids and add it to some of their meals, or else should stay as far away from it and never give it to their children until they grow up.

Chia Seeds for Babies

Chia seeds with their nutrients from fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein, might be healthy and needed for the brain development of the baby, but that is when he/she is still in the stomach of his/her mother or when he/she is in the phase of breastfeeding and will be receiving it from the milk of the mother; but other than that parents should never focus on giving their children chia seeds.

When your child is still a baby, you should always pay attention to his/her diet and make sure that he/she is receiving all the needed vitamins without adding anything like chia seeds to their meals, because later on, you will be asked to give them such things. There are some differences between the way adults process and digest the food they receive and the way babies do that, and when it comes to chia seeds, this difference will appear and they will not receive the same benefits from them.

It is not necessary to give your babies chia seeds because sometimes they could even bring them out in their whole shape from the other side if they are receiving fiber from other sources such as fruits and vegetables. The best way for babies to receive chia seeds is when the mother eats it and breaks it down inside her body receiving all its different benefits and then passing it on to her child through breastfeeding.

As much as chia seeds are rich with benefits for the human being, when it comes to babies, it is important to know that not all the foods that are beneficial and good for the human being are also good and beneficial for babies. Your baby will get his/her food from you, through breastfeeding, and when you pay attention to your diet and about the balanced food that your body is receiving; you might realize that you are in need for chia seeds and for adding them to your diet plan in order to achieve that balance.

Mothers should always remember that their babies are having new digestive systems which mean that they are still in their infancy, even if they have all the other parts found in the digestive system of any adult person. These brand new digestive systems are not clogged up with all of the backed up waste that most of the adults have, and their arteries are also new and unclogged and they did not have to deal with some of the stressful moments that adults pass by.

Chia Seeds for Toddlers

Moving through the different stages that the babies pass by when they are growing up, it is important to mention them as toddlers and the relationship they might have with chia seeds. Chia seeds might cause some digestive problems when it comes to babies, but toddlers can be given chia seeds without dealing with any problems throughout the process. Babies do not eat the same food that adults usually eat and that is why their digestive systems are slightly different and might not accept chia seeds, but when they become toddlers, they start to eat some of the foods that adults eat which makes chia seed an ingredient that could be given to them because their digestion should be improved at this stage.

There are some side effects for chia seeds and they might dangerously affect babies so they should never take them, but when it comes to toddlers, these allergies become less so they could be accepted by the digestive systems of the toddlers.

Chia Seeds and Kids

Since chia seeds are acceptable by the digestive systems of toddlers, they are also accepted by the digestive systems of the kids throughout their growing stages. There are actually several benefits delivered to the body of the kid when chia seeds are added to his/her meal, and from these different benefits:

  • They will Receive Energy

Chia seeds are good sources for energy and at the same time, they are sometimes used for weight loss plans when it comes to adults. The reason for these two different benefits coming from chia seeds, whether weight loss of energy gain, is that carbohydrates are not absorbed quickly and are released slowly in the blood stream, which makes the tummies filled for a longer period of time and thus it sustains the energy for longer periods of time as well. When you feed your kids chia seeds, you should be sure about the fact that their tummies will be filled for longer periods of time, and thus will always have more energy when they are fed chia seeds.

  • They are a Good Source of Protein

Adults need protein for their bodies and so do the kids. It is important to give your kids chia seeds or add some to their meals because they will need it for several reasons such as building and maintaining the outside muscle of the body, as well as building and maintaining all the other organs of the body. Usually every 100 grams of chia seeds will provide the body with 16 grams of protein.

  • They are Also Good Sources for Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Chia seeds for kids are also important for one of the most famous nutrients it provides, which are the omega-3 fatty acids. Pregnant women tend to eat chia seeds in order to gain some omega-3 and help in the brain development of their babies and they continue to do so during the breastfeeding phase for the same reason as well, but giving chia seeds to kids when they grow up is important because it plays a great role when it comes to brain development as well as for their eyesight.

  • They are High in Dietary Fiber

Looking at these different benefits of chia seeds, people will realize that the same nutrients that are delivered to the adult person will be delivered to the kids but will carry different effects. For example, fiber is needed for kids because it will cleanse their digestive tract by eliminating constipation, which is not the same benefit that comes to the adult body from consuming fiber. In every 100 grams of chia seeds, the body will receive 34 grams of dietary fiber.

  • They are Good Sources of Antioxidants

The antioxidants found in chia seeds could substitute the amount of antioxidants that could come from eating berries, but the problem with berries is that some kids are allergic to them and due to these problems; kids could depend on chia seeds to receive antioxidants instead of eating any types of berries.

Chia Seed Recipes for Kids

In order to make sure that your kids are getting their needed benefits from chia seeds in a way that they like, you have to add these seeds to their favorite meals but without changing anything about the taste. There are different kid-friendly recipes that moms can do for their kids with chia seeds, such as:

  • Kid’s Pancakes with Sprinkles of Chia Seeds

Pancakes are always loved and preferred by all the family members, even the old before the young, but if you are trying to search for things in which you could add some chia seeds then you could do your regular recipe of pancakes and just sprinkle some chia seeds at the top and you will be adding a lot of benefits to the body of your child.

  • Black Raspberry Chia Muffins

One of the several ways that you could use chia seeds in is when you grind the seeds and transform them into powder, this powder thing could be added to the baking flour and used in the different baking recipes. One of these baking recipes that are preferred by kids is the cupcakes, and adding chia to the flour and the overall batter will make the whole thing much healthier, whether as a morning breakfast or as a night treat.

  • Peanut Butter Chia Seed Cookies

Kids are so much attached to sweet things and they are always asking for them, so in order not to refuse their requests and at the same time add some healthy benefits to their bodies, you could add chia seeds to their favorite peanut butter cookies. Doing these cookies will need the usage of these seeds in their whole forms added to some oats and chocolate chips to the batter of the cookies.

  • Strawberry, Banana, and Peach Smoothie

Instead of always choosing to give them the needed amount of chia seeds in their meals, you could add some to their favorite smoothies as well. Just add two tablespoons of chia seeds to your favorite smoothie and you are done with the recipe.

Chia Seed Warning

In order to keep moving in the safe side and get as far as you can from the different chia seeds health risks that your kids could receive; there are some important things to pay attention to and always keep in your mind when you are adding chia seeds to their meals.

  • Use the White Seeds

There are two different types of chia seeds, the white and the black, and in order to make the right choice, choose the white seeds for your kids because they are whole seeds and consuming them is a good idea.

  • Add Only Few Teaspoons

Chia seeds are not the same as rice, you will not need a huge quantity of it because it will expand during the process. Adding chia seeds should happen with only one or two teaspoons for kids and you could increase it when they start to grow up.

  • Soak the Seeds Overnight

When chia seeds are left in water, they could absorb 9 times water of their own weight and then it will turn into a gel. This gel could be used in different recipes and dishes, including cereals, smoothies, cookies, as well as other different dishes; so you don’t have to cook the seeds, just soak them.

  • Stay Away from Raw Chia

Raw chia seeds can cause some problems for children, so never think about giving raw, uncooked, or un-soaked chia seeds to your children.

Giving chia seeds to children will differ according to the age group they are falling into; babies should not eat chia seeds and even their bodies are not in need for it. When babies become toddlers, they could start eating chia seeds and it will start sending some benefits to their bodies, and from this point on, kids could have chia seeds during their growing process but in certain ways and while taking care of specific things.

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