Chia Seeds in Coffee; is that Possible?

Chia seeds can be almost added to everything; it could be part of all the different dishes that you prepare and it could be also something to eat or drink on its own with a simple addition of water or other ingredients, but is it possible to add those little seeds to your coffee or even tea? That’s the question we are going to try and answer through the rest of this article in order to give you all the information needed about the mixture of coffee and chia seeds or even adding those seeds to tea; that’s if you are one of those addicted to caffeine creatures but still want something healthy to get inside your stomach.

The concept of having coffee all day long is considered wrong for the amount of caffeine you are allowing your body to have but having one cup of coffee or any other kind of drink that mainly depends on coffee is still considered acceptable. Even those who are eating and drinking unhealthy things will feel a little bit ashamed of themselves for not going for the healthy options and that is one of the reasons why some people started thinking about adding chia seeds to their caffeinated drinks.

Can You Put Chia Seeds in Coffee?

A couple of questions might move across your eyes the first time you think about the possibility of adding chia seeds to your coffee or even to your cup of tea; first of all you will think about the taste, whether it will be ruined or will still be the same, and secondly you will try to provide your mind with the information needed that will back up the importance of adding those seeds to coffee or tea and the different benefits they will eventually manage to provide the body with, because that might be the only way to convince your mind about the idea of having chia seeds in your coffee.

You will never be able to ban any coffee lover from his/her morning cup of coffee because for him/her this is considered a love relationship which they might never be able to break, but in order to give those coffee lovers the chance to have something healthy, you might start introducing the idea of adding chia seeds to their drinks because those seeds are known to be not strong and could easily be affected by anything added to them, so it will be providing the body with benefits without changing the actual taste of the coffee they are having.

Chia seeds are beneficial and this goes back to their nutrition; chia seeds carry carbs and fiber which are helpful when it comes to reducing the risk of diabetes and at the same time the fiber is the reason behind losing weight with chia seeds because it fills the stomach faster and with smaller amounts. Chia seeds also carry omega-3 fatty acids which are healthy for the heart, so having a cup of coffee that is rich with omega-3 will never be considered unhealthy. Among the most important nutrients that chia seeds carry is the protein content that comes in addition to the vitamins and minerals, such as manganese, phosphorus, copper, selenium, iron, manganese, calcium, as well as other compounds.

All these different benefits make it possible for you to add chia seeds and coffee together and have your favorite drink in a healthier way in order to gain more benefits and provide that body with different nutrients and minerals that will at some point and through a specific way add a lot to your body and provide it with a lot of gains.

Choosing the Good Quality of Coffee

In order to gain the different benefits that chia seeds could deliver to your body, you should make sure that you are following the right tips related to drinking coffee in the correct manner in order to avoid negatively affecting your body and instead gain as much benefits as you could. There are some important rules to follow when it comes to drinking your favorite cup of coffee, which include:

  • Buy Fresh Beans

It is important to search for those local roasters and coffee sellers who will provide you with the fresh beans that your body will be happier with accepting. Stay as far away from buying bulk coffee from the supermarket display bins because oxygen and light are the worst flavor busters for roasted coffee so the storage tubes will get coated with coffee oils with go rancid with time, so always choose the right place to buy your coffee from.

  • Store Your Coffee Beans Correctly

After getting those fresh beans from a place that you trust, you should be aware of the storage terms that you are supposed to follow. First of all, there is one important tip to always keep in your mind, which is never to freeze or refrigerate your beans but instead buy what will provide your needs for about 7 days and then go again to refill and make sure to keep those beans in an air-tight container.

  • Paying Attention to the Water Used

In addition to paying attention to the coffee that is being used, it is also considered important to pay attention to the water that you are using to make this coffee; you should always pay attention and stay away from tap water that come with chlorine or off flavors but instead use bottled water or filters, and also you should know that softened or distilled water does not make a good coffee since the minerals in the good water are always needed and are considered essential.

  • Make Sure that Your Equipment are Always Clean

That is one tip that you are not just supposed to follow when you are preparing your morning cup of coffee, but it is one tip to follow when it comes to cooking in general or when it comes to anything related to your kitchen and to your eating and drinking habits. In order not to ruin your cup of coffee and in order to have it correctly, you should always have your equipment clean, follow the tips we have brought above, and make sure that you are preparing the coffee in the right ways without boiling it too much or using less coffee beans than needed.

These are several tips related to the preparation stage, but there are important hints to give you in order not to become an addict and fail to live without coffee, such as:

  • Drinking the coffee that is freshly ground.
  • Drinking your cup of coffee before 12PM and that is considered better for your body and better for your sleeping patterns.
  • Making sure to drink one shot only per day, because more than that will eventually make your body always in need for coffee to be able to perform.
  • And eventually choosing the good quality of coffee, and this is considered important to mention because the bad coffee might lead to different side effects inside the body; to choose the good coffee, you have to follow the tips we have brought above.

Chia Seeds Coffee

The surprise here is that chia seeds could actually be added to coffee and could be also part of your cup of tea, and in both cases it will manage to deliver several benefits for the body and will even add more texture to the drink since it will swell up when soaked in any fluid. There are different ways to prepare the chia seed coffee and one of them is the iced coffee drink that could still be considered your daily dose of coffee that you are looking forward to. The chia coffee smoothie is easy to prepare, only takes about 10 minutes, and could be taken with you on the go; here are the ingredients and directions needed:


  • 150ml of almond milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1 shot of cold coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of chia seeds
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract or vanilla powder


  • First, you will add all these ingredients together in a blender but without adding the chia seeds to them. Blend them well and then pour them into a glass then stir in the chia seeds vigorously.
  • You need to let this mixture you have created sit for about 10 minutes, mainly to give the seeds the chance to swell in water because it is better than to give them the chance to swell in your stomach, but during these 10 minutes, you should stir them every now and then.
  • Eventually, when your drink is ready, you have to add some cubes of ice and then enjoy what you have just prepared.

Chia Seed Tea

There are those coffee lovers out there and there are also those tea addicts, and in order not to forget about any of them, we have to mention that your healthy chia seeds could be also added to your cup of tea and could be also able to deliver important benefits to the body at the same time. Drinking chia seeds with tea could happen in two different ways, the cold version and the hot one, and both of them are still considered healthy.

To prepare the hot version of chia seed tea, all you have to do is choose the type of tea which you are willing to prepare (it could be green, black tea, herbal tea, etc.) and then pour into it the chia gel that you have prepared before (by leaving it in water for about 10 minutes) and then with a spoon mix them together. On the other hand, the cold version of chia tea is done by also choosing the type of tea that you prefer but which is cooled down, adding the chia gel to it, preferably in a shaker in order to shake both well; at the end you could add some ice cubes.

Don’t ever worry about having your daily dose of caffeine which you believe that your body only works because of it with a simple touch of healthiness, but always follow the right rules of drinking coffee in order not to negatively affect your body and start witnessing the side effects of coffee. Chia seeds could make your cup of coffee or tea a bit healthier due to the nutrients and minerals it will manage to send and at the same time it will not change a thing about the taste, so try having those seeds in your coffee and track down the benefits you are going to gain.

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