How to Incorporate Chia Seeds in Your Meals

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There are different benefits for chia seeds that could make any person thinking about switching to a healthier lifestyle to think about the different ways to eat chia seeds. Chia seeds could be consumed the way they are by just adding them to water, they could be transformed to a drink by being added to smoothies and fresh juices, they could be used in different baking recipes, and there are other recipes or options that the person could choose from as well. Knowing how to incorporate chia seeds in your meals will give you the chance to try different things and never stick to the same recipe all the time.

Chia seed appeared long time ago when the Aztecs used to depend on it in order to provide their bodies with more energy, but over the time, nutritionists discovered other several benefits for this seed which the body of the human being might be in need for; it might be related to weight loss, to regulating the blood pressure, or even to providing the body with some of the nutrients and minerals that it needs in order to stay healthy.

What to Do with Chia Seeds?

When it comes to the ways that allow you to add chia seeds to your daily meals, there are different options to choose from. A lot of people once thought that chia seeds could be only consumed by adding some water to them, but this is considered the classic way of eating chia seeds that has been known since a very long period of time, but there are actually other important things which should be mentioned.

Adding them to fruits, making your baking recipes much healthier, sprinkling some on your meals, adding these seeds to your favorite yogurt, and many other different options are all considered part of the recipes that any person could prepare with chia seeds. In order not to get bored from eating the same thing all the time, you should try different recipes every now and then to make the whole thing more interesting and a bit funnier.

There are different uses for chia seeds, such as:

  • The Simple Chia Water

Chia water is considered the easiest recipe that anyone could use when it comes to gaining the benefits of chia seeds and one that is considered the most useful because who out there doesn’t drink water all day long? All what you will be asked to do in order to add those seeds to water is soaking ¼ cup of chia seeds in 4 cups of water for about 20 or 30 minutes. The reason why you should wait goes back to the fact that these seeds tend to swell in water and thus expand in their size, so instead of giving them the chance to go through this process in your stomach and thus causing some problems, it is better to wait for them while they swell in water.

  • Chia Pudding Recipes

The second most famous recipe that is usually prepared with chia seeds is the chia pudding. Puddings in general are also easy to prepare; they don’t need effort or time, so this is one benefit why you could use this recipe. Chia pudding could be prepared in the same way as the chia water but it will need more chia seeds in order for it to be thicker, which will also require soaking the seeds in water for some extra time. Puddings are good because they serve as great meals for breakfast or else could be used as a snack or dessert and there are different flavors and recipes that could be added to them, you could check more of them here. There are those who don’t feel interested in the texture of those seeds in the pudding, and thus could always blend the seeds and then add them to the mixture.

  • Chia Seed Smoothies

There are different things to make with chia seeds but it is always better to pick those healthy options in order not to ruin the meal you were going to indulge in. Smoothies are a lot of people’s favorite especially when it comes to the hot summer days and adding something healthy to those fruits used will just boost the body with different benefits. There are different recipes for chia seed smoothies that could be prepared through the different mixtures that are usually done. The most important tip to keep in mind if you are doing this smoothie at home is to soak the seeds before adding them to the smoothie in order to let them turn to that gelatinous texture before being consumed.

  • Chia Seeds in Salads

We always consider those uses of chia seeds which are related to vegetables or fruits as the most beneficial and that is the reason why we also encourage people to add those seeds to their salads. There are two different ways to add chia seeds to your salad; the first is related to just sprinkling them on any salad you are preparing and mixing the whole plate and the second is using them in the salad dressing; this is considered an important thing to mention because those already made dressings which you tend to buy from the supermarket usually have sugars in them to make the taste better and this is not needed when trying to prepare and eat something healthy.

  • Using Chia Seeds in Your Baking Recipes

Turning those baking recipes which you tend to prepare and could not live without into healthier ones could happen with the help of chia seeds; yes, these seeds could be part of most of the baking recipes that are prepared out there. In order to receive the fiber content, omega-3 fatty acids, and the protein found in chia seeds, you could add them to your baked cakes which will also help in improving the nutritional profiles of those sugary and high in fat stuff. In addition to the cakes, chia seeds could be also used in the bread recipe that you might be baking at your home, they could be added to your baked cookies, and they could be also part of the muffins’ recipe that you manage to bake.

  • Chia Seeds for Jams

Any jam addict or expert out there will tell you that the perfect brands are those that offer thick jams in which you could feel the pieces of fruit in them. This is one important thing to mention here, which is thickness, because at this point we could mention that chia seeds will not only add different benefits to the jam, but will also give the person the chance to enjoy this thick texture in it. Due to its ability to absorb ten times its dry weight in water, chia seed could serve as the pectin in preparing jams which will also reduce the amount of sugar used to remove the bitterness of the pectin. There are different recipes for preparing chia jam at home and uses different flavors along the way as well.

  • Breakfast and Protein Bars

Since we are talking about the benefits that chia seed could deliver to the body and the proteins which are considered part of the plan, then why don’t we mention the help these seeds could offer when it comes to preparing breakfast and protein bars? There are different recipes that could be done when it comes to the breakfast bars and adding chia seeds to them will help in the process of cutting down the amount of sugar usually found in these things. The same thing is applied when it comes to the protein bars, they could be also filled with sugars which the body should not be receiving, there are different recipes for protein bars which you could have a look at here.

  • Added to Oatmeal and Yogurt

Oatmeal and yogurt are the two friends that those who are trying to lose some weight always get attached to since they could both give them the chance to lose weight and at the same time provide their bodies with healthy things. Adding chia seeds to oatmeal or yogurt might also be one of the easiest recipes that you could think of and prepare and not just that, but it could serve as a breakfast meal or could be used as a snack. The best thing about those two different ingredients is that they could be added together and to chia seeds; adding yogurt, oatmeal, chia seeds, and any of your favorite fruit together will make a great combination at the end which you could indulge in, fill your stomach, and receive different benefits to your body.

There are actually different things and recipes which you might not even think about when it comes to using chia seeds and making something useful out of it. In addition to the chia seeds uses which we have mentioned above, we should also suggest some of the things which might not even knock your mind’s door, such as adding those seeds to your cup of tea, using those seeds as a thickener for your burger and meatballs, using chia seeds to make tortillas, these seeds could also surprisingly be used in making the base of your pizza at home, and not just that, but among the different uses related to chia seeds, we should mention that it could be used in making granola at home, making ice cream pops, as well as using it to make healthy crackers.

The list of options related to the ways to eat chia seeds through could keep going longer and longer because it is not just about adding it to drinks, but it is also about adding it to food and desserts; chia seeds could serve you during your breakfast, your lunch, your dinner, and it could also be your snack or dessert! Viola! Always head for the healthy options and you will manage to find those recipes that could be done with them even when it comes to the cheating meals, you could cheat in a healthier manner through adding those seeds to whatever recipe you are baking or whatever dessert you are going to prepare.

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