Pros and Cons of Chia Seeds

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The health benefits of chia seeds are always standing at the top of any article to inform the reader with the gains that he/she will manage to receive from these seeds but there are some side effects which they never mention but which the reader should know about in order to understand how this seed could bring the good as well as the bad. The pros and cons of chia seeds are numerous and might differ from one person to another according to his/her body and how the body receives it, so we will go through the most common ones to get you informed.

Coming across any stand in a supermarket, you will always find that chia seeds are standing there among different other seeds as one of the healthy options that the person could go for, but trial is needed and understanding the body along with what it might accept and what it might not is important, so knowing about the side effects and benefits that might occur will make the picture more complete.

Chia Seeds Pros and Cons

Chia seeds have been there since a very long period of time, it actually goes back to the time of Incas when the people used to depend on it for receiving energy and from that point, it started to get famous over the time until it reached this level that we are at. As much as there are those who know about chia seeds and the different health benefits they could manage to provide their bodies with, there are also those who know nothing about its existence, those who are usually not much into the world of healthy eating.

Usually the first thing to attract a person to any food type out there is the different benefits that it could manage to deliver where the side effects should be the center of attention in order to take the caution needed, because not receiving the intended side effects could be acceptable but actually having to deal with health issues and problems is the big NO that we all should focus our attention on.

From the different disadvantages of chia seeds that every single person eating it should know about:

  • Some People Might Be Allergic to it

The first important thing to pay attention to when you tend to try chia seed is whether you are allergic to it or not. There are different signs that will tell you whether you are allowed to eat this seed once again or should forget all about it due to suffering from chia seed allergy, these signs include rashes, hives, and watery eyes and there are also those common ones which are usually related to food in general, such as trouble in breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, and swelling of the tongue. Even though these allergies are considered rare, they sometimes happen and thus should be always paid attention to.

  • It Might Cause Gastrointestinal Problems

The second problem of chia seeds is the one related to the gastrointestinal problems that the person might deal with after eating chia seeds. From the common known gastrointestinal problems that might appear, you could suffer from bloating, constipation, or flatulence. This is considered one of the problems that could be dealt with easily and could be handled through thoroughly cooking the seeds. We have to mention that chia seeds carry fiber in them and that is the reason why ending up with a bloated stomach is the most common side effect but one that is not considered a danger.

  • Lower Blood Pressure

There are different chia seeds’ cons that a person might encounter and which appear according to the way the body receives and accepts this food type or this seed. In addition to the previous ones which we have mentioned, lowering the blood pressure is another danger to consider; chia seeds act as a blood thinner which eventually leads to lowering the blood pressure and might actually cause bleeding, that is why it might be sometimes considered a risk to eat chia seeds if you are dealing with any related problem and should always check back with your doctor.

  • Might Not Be Safe for those Suffering from Diabetes

If you are going to eat something which is considered new and which you are not used to it then you should first check back with your doctor in order to know whether you are allowed to eat it or not. Chia seeds can maintain the normal blood sugar levels, but in other cases it might conflict with the effect of some medications taken to control the blood sugar level.

These are some of the most important risks of chia seeds that any person could face and deal with and that is the main reason why it is always important to go and check with your doctor or nutritionist before eating it or even after trying it for the first time and spotting some not normal effects.

The Pros of Chia Seeds

In addition to these different chia seeds cons which we have just mentioned, we should say that the health benefits are always there and you might be lucky enough to receive those benefits without suffering from any side effects. The benefits of chia seeds are several and they mostly go back to the important nutrients and minerals that they carry. Here are these health benefits which you should be informed with:

  • These Seeds Help with Weight Loss

The first reason why almost all those who tend to eat chia seeds choose it is that it helps with weight loss. A lot of people lose weight with chia seeds and this mainly goes back to the fiber content that it carries. Chia seeds have fiber in them and this fiber tends to fill the stomach faster and with fewer amounts of chia seeds, leading to small portions of food eaten and thus losing weight along the process.

  • Chia Seeds Help with Different Health Conditions

There are some health conditions that people could be suffering from and which chia seeds could manage to handle a little bit. These health conditions are different; they differ from one person to another; it could be related to the heart, it could be related to the mind, or it could be all about the belly fat. Chia seeds carry omega-3 fatty acids in them as well as alpha linolenic acids which both act as anti-inflammatories; they could help with decreasing pain from conditions like arthritis, they help in raising the good HDL cholesterol levels and protect against heart disease, and they even help with mental focusing and decreasing depression.

  • These Seeds Aid in Hydration

Searching within the information related to chia seeds, you will manage to fall on some side effects to pay attention to and those benefits which you should prepare chia seeds correctly in order to receive. Among these different benefits related to chia seeds, you will realize that chia seeds can aid in the hydration process due to the colloid type fiber that is found in them and which helps in maintaining the volume of water and thus keeping the body well hydrated and keeping the electrolytes balanced.

  • They Carry Different Nutrients and Minerals

We have already mentioned that almost all these different benefits come from the nutrients and minerals that these seeds tend to carry. From the different nutrients and minerals that chia seeds have, we should mention that they carry calcium, magnesium, and boron and these are considered from the most important to mention because they help in building stronger bones and manage to decrease food cravings, these of course come in addition to the protein as well as the fiber content that helps with the feeling of satiety as well as helping with weight loss.

Pros and Cons of Eating Chia Seeds

After mentioning and referring to all these different pros and cons of chia seeds and which are considered the most common and most important, we should say again that the bodies of human beings differ and they receive and accept food in different ways and chia seeds are among the list, so you might end up dealing with different health benefits or side effects than those your family members or friends deal with.

The protein in chia seeds is the source of energy and the reason why depending on these seeds is considered helpful to provide the body with some energy. Chia seeds water could be used before training or even after in order to provide the body with its needs and get the chance to deliver the needed amount of energy to it.

It is not just about the energy or the minerals found in chia seeds, but among the several other benefits, chia seeds are also beneficial because they carry phosphorus, vitamin A, zinc, and calcium and thus could always aid in the health of the teeth.

Generally speaking, the benefits outweigh the dangers of chia seeds but that does not mean that people should forget about the special cases which they might suffer from and should always pay attention to the small details that might appear within the lines. Always eat chia seeds in consideration at first to give your body the chance to get used to it and at the same time to know the effects of it on your body and then take a step forward with increasing the portion until you feel satisfied with what you are eating in general, only then you will manage to receive the needed health benefits and will get the chance to stay away from all the side effects that might appear.

The pros and cons of chia seeds might vary from one person to another but they are usually revolving around the same things at the end. The pros and health benefits of chia seeds come from the nutrients and minerals they carry and which could help with different health conditions as well as mental problems and depression, while on the other hand the cons of chia seeds are all related to being allergic to them, causing gastrointestinal problems, or lowering the blood pressure, so always check with your doctor before adding it to your diet plan.

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