Sources of Body Energy

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“My body has no energy” is the first excuse to pop up whenever the person feels like doing nothing at all, just laying down on bed or a sofa and staring at the wall. Without the energy in the human body, the person might not be able to approach any new task or exert any kind of effort in achieving anything and that is the main reason why lots of people out there go for exercising, drink energy drinks, or even choose the types of food that will give them the chance to gain some energy, like chia seeds, at the end and do something useful without just sitting there on the bed.

The body needs energy and it is important to know the different sources that could give you the chance to refill this energy whenever you feel that it is no longer full. There are different ways to follow in order to give your body some extra energy; you could eat the right types of food, you could exercise, and you could drink something that will give you this benefit as well (which is not always preferred).

Why Does the Body Need Energy?

Energy is the main thing that gives the body the chance to move, think, and get things done and this is the answer that would come to any mind whenever asked about the reason behind the importance of energy for the body. Getting more scientific into the issue, there are some important reasons to be mentioned when it comes to energy and the benefits it carries for the body other than the one we all know about and which is related to giving it the chance to get things done without feeling lazy or unable to move.

There are different reasons for why the human body needs energy and the types of energy found out there because it is not just about the energy that you gain after finishing your workout.

  • Physical Energy

This is the kind of energy that we all know about and which is mainly related to working, doing some exercises, and playing. According to, the person who is active and have a high lean body mass to fat ratio will need greater energy than someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle or has a high body fat composition. There are some special cases in which the stored energy in the body could easily fade and this includes fighting some diseases, like fever, which drains the storage of energy in order to maintain the normal temperature of the body.

  • Mental Energy

It is good to know that some of the issues that might be stressing you out or causing you to worry a lot are the reason behind losing all your mental as well as physical energy and eventually this might put you in the state of depression. As much as the body needs energy in order to get going, the brain also needs its supply of energy in order to maintain, support, and protect the person’s life. There are different things that could give the brain the chance to work, such as working, reading, studying, learning, doing homework, doing crosswords, and even learning a new language and not just that, but daydreaming also needs some energy from the mind in order to happen. On the other hand, there are different things that might drain the mind from that energy, such as worrying and stressing about things related to health, family, friends, relationships, employment, and so on.

  • Basal Metabolism

A lot of people think that it is just about the physical and mental energy and then they are safe to work, exercise, and even think, but actually there are different energy types that the body needs in order to perform in its best manners. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the minimal amount of energy needed in order to keep the body functioning and alive while the person is resting. In that resting state, BMR uses about 60 or 65 percent of the stored energy in order to support circulation, respiration, digestion, excretion, as well as other important functions performed by vital organs in the body. People should know that the energy needs of their bodies will differ according to the gender, age, health status, diet and activity level, as well as the body composition, but generally speaking, the body uses about 7 percent of the stored energy to keep the body warm.

  • Digestion and Absorption

In order to digest and absorb the food you are eating, your body will also depend on the energy it carries to complete such a process. The percentage used for the body to digest and absorb the food is about 5 to 10 percent but this might also change according to the food that is being eaten, because according to some studies, it might take longer time and thus more energy for the food to be digested.

  • Body Composition

One of the important energy requirements in the body is the body composition. The muscles in the body are considered the most metabolic tissue and this means that it needs more energy in order to maintain itself. This will also depend on the age, gender, and body requirements because men will need more energy and more calories than women since they are more muscular, children and kids who are facing changes in their bodies will also need greater energy to help in the process.

Energy is more than just the physical and mental ones that give the person the chance to work out, think, or even perform any of the daily tasks, but it is also related to the body as whole when it comes to the internal organs and the tasks they might be responsible for.

How to Receive Energy for the Body?

Yes, energy is important because it plays its role through different ways and this brings us to the point where we should know more about how the body could receive this energy and what are the sources of energy needed that the body could depend on. There are different things to do and different things to eat in order to gain the energy that your body needs, and it is always considered better to mix between them all in order to receive the best results at the end.

From the different things that you should know about and which you have to do in order to give your body some energy include walking which will give you the feeling of being revived up, having a good laugh with someone or even watching your favorite video out there, do some stretches or even exercise, and eat the right food type, such as depending on those which could provide the body with omega-3 fatty acids because they could maintain the mood and thus prevent the person from the midday slump that could take all the energy away.

Since we have mentioned the importance of food in providing the body with some energy, we should suggest some of those which you could try and which will not only provide the body with energy but will also deliver other important benefits for the body as well. Here are some healthy suggestions to gain energy from and at the same time fight the feeling of being lazy:

  • Chia Seeds

The best thing about those seeds which have been there since a very long period of time is that they could be used in so many different ways; they could be added to water and used just like that, they could be sprinkled on some dishes prepared, they could be used in some of the baking recipes that are prepared, and they could be added to yogurt and fruits. All these options make it easier to depend on chia seeds and never get bored from having it in your meals. The reason why chia seeds have been used as a source of energy since they appeared is that they are packed with B vitamins, protein, and fiber and these are considered enough to pick you up and give your body the boost it needs.

  • Yogurt

There are several healthy options to depend on in order to receive the energy needed for the body and one of these options is yogurt. Yogurt is a good source of energy because it has high quality protein that could fill up the body and provide the brain with the needed energy. Yogurt is as easy to eat as chia seeds because it could be added to different things and used with different food types, and even if you want to double the effects, you could add chia seeds to your yogurt and enjoy the results.

  • Nuts

Nuts are beneficial for the body for different reasons and a lot of people tend to eat them for that, but in addition to these benefits which the body could manage to gain, energy is one of the things that the body will succeed at receiving from nuts. Almonds, peanut butter, and cashews are filled with nutrients, healthy fats, and protein and thus could give the body the energy it needs, not just that, but you could take them with your wherever you want.

  • Fruits

There are different types of fruits that could give the body the energy it needs, such as bananas which are filled with glucose and thus a lot of people depend on them when it comes to their workouts, apples which are made up of carbohydrates and thus could also be the source of energy for the body, oranges which are good sources for vitamin C and could give the person a better feeling after only two hours of having it, that’s in addition to other fruits out there.

These are not the only options you have to receive energy, but you could still drink water which is considered the most important of them all, or else receive the energy boost that your body needs from the things that we consider cheat meals but could never live without, such as coffee and dark chocolate.

Energy production in the body is one of the things that give the body the chance to perform and deal with the daily tasks without getting easily tired and postponing, and there are several reasons why the body needs this energy and which goes back to being beneficial for different tasks done inside the body as well. There are different things to do in order to provide the body with the needed energy and there are also different types of food which are considered the main sources of energy that the person could depend on, like chia seeds, fruits, nuts, as well as water, chocolate and coffee. The energy in the body is definitely beneficial and that’s why you should get to know more about it.

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