What to Eat Chia Seeds with?

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The benefits of chia seeds are different and they are usually the reason behind pushing people towards the idea of eating them and thinking about the different recipes which they could be added to. Chia seeds could be part of different dishes out there and could be prepared and used in so many ways, you will just choose the ingredients that you like the most and then go with the idea of preparing a tasty dish. The benefits of chia seeds should always push you further to try them and at the same time go through those recipes which you could prepare and enjoy.

There are different recipes for chia seeds out there and there are different ingredients which they could be added to as well, making the whole process of coming up with a new dish and cooking something for yourself and your family a lot easier and healthier.

How to Eat Chia Seeds?

The best thing about those seeds is that they don’t have to go through the phase of being prepared for the dishes you are going to cook; they need no washing. Even though you could prepare the chia seed drink which is nothing more than chia seeds and water, there are still other options for you out there and other ingredients to choose from in order to add those benefits to the meals which you are already used to and love to eat.

Usually, those seeds which you could manage to add to different recipes are the ones people fall more in love with because they are the ones that make the process of gaining benefits much easier. There are different chia seeds recipes which you could prepare out there and that is why it is important to know the ingredients which they could be added to and get the chance to know how those seeds are being used in general.

The things that chia seed could be added to and cooked with include:

  • Using them with Yogurt or Oatmeal

The first option to go for could be one of the chia seeds breakfast meals that you could prepare. Yogurt or oatmeal! These are two different ingredients that people usually choose when it comes to their breakfast meals and both of them are known to be healthy in general, so adding chia seeds to them will double the effect. So the first option will be to add chia seeds to either yogurt or else to oatmeal; you will just sprinkle them on top of your plate, either after keeping them in water for a couple of minutes to form that gelatinous texture or else directly before eating your meal.

Chia seeds benefits are numerous and in this case, you have to know that adding one tablespoon will provide your body with five grams of fiber, 3 grams of protein, as well as magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, and omega-3 and all this will be only with adding 60 calories to your body, which is considered nothing.

  • Add them to Your Baked Recipes

You might think that chia seeds could be just added to cooked recipes and meals or sprinkled on some of the drinks that are prepared out there, but there are actually different other recipes to consider and different other things to add chia seeds to. You could add chia seeds to muffins, cupcakes, bread, and different other baked recipes that you are preparing, without ever losing the good taste that you are used to and at the same time receiving different benefits from what you are eating.

Chia seeds could be added to these different baked recipes because they have a neutral flavor that makes them suitable for any meal that is going to be prepared without ever making it taste like something that you are not used to. Bread is sometimes considered a not so much healthy option to eat, but since we are referring to the addition of chia seeds, we could say that you might make them a little bit healthier this way.

  • Add them to Water

This is considered basic; the thing that is widely known about chia seeds and the way it could be used and also the one that is considered the simplest at the same time, which is adding it to water. Water is one of those ingredients that you could add chia seeds do and manage to gain the benefits without even worrying, and not just that, but you could also manage to receive some energy that will guide you through your day.

When chia seeds are added to water and left for a couple of minutes to turn into that gelatinous texture, it manages to give the body the energy that it needs and thus could be considered a good drink to depend on before going to work out and performing your healthy routine. You could keep it plain without any additions, and you could also manage to add lemon and mint to the mixture to give it a little bit a taste.

  • Using Chia Seeds with Your Favorite Milk

The options are numerous and without even realizing, you will find that there are different ways to add chia seeds to your daily routine through the meals that you are already preparing and which you are already used to. Another chia seed recipe to use and prepare is adding those seeds to your favorite milk in order to create the pudding that you could use as your breakfast or even leave for after dinner as some kind of healthy dessert.

To prepare this recipe, all you have to do is add three tablespoons of chia seeds to one cup of your favorite milk – almond or coconut – and refrigerate overnight. This is what the chia seed pudding is all about, you could just add nuts, fruits, spices, coconut shavings, or any other additions you prefer to give it all an extra flavor.

  • Add those Seeds to Your Smoothie

It is not just about the plates that you are going to prepare and eat, but it is also about the drinks which you are going to have; chia seeds could be part of every single thing you are making part of your healthy lifestyle, even when it comes to the aesthetic look! It doesn’t matter what kind of smoothie you are having, because chia seeds go with all the different fruits that are found out there, and not just that, but adding chia seeds to the smoothies that you are having will increase the nutritional value of the drink and give you more benefits.

All what you have to do in order to prepare your smoothie is adding the fruit you are going to use to one tablespoon of chia seeds and one cup of milk (you could even forget about the milk if you are not so keen about it) and then your smoothie will be prepared. Some people even add chia seeds to their smoothies by just sprinkling some on top of their drink and they still refer to it as their chia seed smoothie which they prefer.

  • Transfer it into a Jam

It is not just about adding chia seeds to different ingredients and having it as part of your meal, but you could also depend on chia seeds and use them to create something totally new and different. Chia seeds could give you the chance to use them and create your healthy jam at home without having to head to the supermarket and bring those which will never manage to deliver the same benefits that you will receive from the one prepared with chia seeds.

Any fruit out there could be used and combined with chia seeds in order to transfer it into a jam; you could use strawberries, oranges, bananas, berries, and any other thing that might come up on your mind and prepare the jam that you always prefer. Chia seeds could easily turn into a gelatinous thing after being added to any liquid and that is why this jelly form could be the jam that you want to prepare.

To prepare this chia seeds jam, all what you will need to do is add one tablespoon of chia seed to every single cup of mashed fruit you are going to use, and these are enough to give you the consistency you want to prepare the healthy jam at home without having to put in any extra additions.

  • Using Chia Seeds with Salads

To double the health benefits that you are going to receive from chia seeds, you could add them to your fresh salads and give your body the chance to receive all what it might be in need for. This is considered the easiest thing to do: just sprinkle some on your salad and welcome that crunch taste which you are going to receive.

This is one option to try when it comes to the salad, but in addition to sprinkling some on your salad, you could also prepare a salad dressing with using chia seeds. To prepare the dressing, you will need to add one tablespoon of chia seeds to olive oil and any other addition you usually use, and then leave it to form that thick texture which will manage to make the dressing that you are going to use.

Even though you are going to receive different benefits from salads in general because vegetables are what the body needs, adding chia seeds to the mixture will manage to make it all healthier because it will deliver more benefits to your body and will supply it with the nutrients and minerals that it needs in order to work and perform in the best ways possible.

There are different recipes with chia seeds that could be prepared and different ingredients that you could add chia seeds to in order to form and prepare a dish that is healthy and fulfilling. Chia seeds appeared a very long time ago but they started to come out to the surface and become more famous and well known when people started realizing and witnessing the benefits these seeds could deliver to the body. You could always come up with other recipes to try because chia seeds carry this neutral flavor that gives it the chance to be added to a lot of ingredients found out there, so you could get as much creative as you want.

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