8 Things Will Make You Addicted to Chia Seed

Being addicted to chia seeds in a way that would make you unable to survive without them for a couple of days is not the kind of addiction that we are looking forward to because this actually happens and one of the reasons why there should be always a small distance between the time intervals of consuming chia seed. But we are referring to the type of addiction that would make you more flabbergasted by the small gifts that the seed will offer you when it comes to your health. Focusing on the meaning behind the seed is much more important than focusing on the seed itself as a superfood; get addicted to its meaning and not to its tasteless feature.

Chia Seed Addiction

The chia seed which originally comes from the salvia plant could turn out to be an addictive food for some people in just the same way they might get addicted to drugs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the salvia plant is generally considered a hallucinogen, but it does not act like serotonin receptors that are activated by other hallucinogens such as psilocybin or LCD, and according to some experienced users, the effects of salvia is different from other users.

Although these might turn into an addictive thing, those who manage to add chia seed gradually into their meals with the recommended serving will be fine and far away from getting addicted to it. On the other hand, there are several things that people are supposed to know in order to get addicted to the benefits of chia seeds and add them with reasonable dosages to their daily meals. Even though these health benefits of chia seeds are mainly for attracting people to them and to knowing more about them, there are still some side effects and disadvantages that could not be denied.

The chia seed health benefits that will make you addicted to it include:

  • Improving the Digestion Process

There are specific things that irritate any person living out there; just as hearing bad news about his/her heart health, looking in the mirror to find his/her skin not healthy and not shining enough, or even feeling always low when it comes to energy; all these things could be served with chia seeds. Adding to these different important things in any person’s life, dealing with digestion problems is not a pleasing thing at all, but sometimes people fail at solving such problem.

Chia seed is the rescuer when it comes to improving the digestion process since it is rich in fiber and even considered the richest seed with fiber out there. One serving of chia seed can provide the person with the daily needed and recommended amount of fiber since one ounce will carry about 8 grams of it. According to the American Dietetic Association, the foods that are high in fiber are usually useful because they promote bowel regularity.

  • Building Stronger Bones and Muscles

There are several chia seed benefits that would make people surprised about how could such small seeds that are added to different foods carry all these nutrients and deliver all these benefits to the body. One of the other nutrients that chia seed is rich with is the calcium and calcium is famously known for being important for building strong bones. Only one ounce of chia seed will give your body 18% of the daily needed calcium, which is considered enough to help these bones in your body. What makes this seed a good choice for the strength of the bones as well as its mass, is that it does not only carry calcium but boron as well, which is another nutrient that helps in strengthening the bones and developing them.

Have you ever entered a gym and heard people talking about the protein supplements that they take in order to build and grow their muscles? This protein is found in chia seed and is considered one of the top sources of it as well. The protein coming from chia seed is helpful for those looking for balancing blood sugar levels and burning fats while following a vegetarian diet.

  • Taking Care of the Skin

Being a superfood for dealing with different diseases or issues related to the body is not the end of the benefits related to chia seed, but it is also important for taking care of the skin, making it an important ingredient for women to add to their meals – and that of course comes in addition to fighting their breast cancer. The link built between chia seed and skin is an outcome of the antioxidants found in chia seeds. The antioxidant activity is proven to carry an effect on fighting the free radical activity and stop 70% of it, which will in turn prevent premature skin aging by reversing the inflammation that is caused by free radical damage.

  • Regulating Blood Sugar

It is important to look at both sides; the bright and the gloomy, because as much as it might regulate the blood sugar levels, it is also banned for those who might be taking specific medications related to blood thinning. But talking about the things that will bring you closer to chia seeds, it is important to mention how much fiber and alpha linolenic acid that comes from omega-3 can help with diabetes since it can prevent some metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance which is one of the reasons behind the development of diabetes.

  • Providing the Body with Energy

The benefits of chia can go on and on without ending and this is all due to the different nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants that they carry. All the previous benefits are important but adding to them the energy gained from chia, makes the whole story a better ending one. Most of the athletes out there depend on chia drinks when they are about to get enrolled in extensive trainings or even join a marathon because it gives them the energy that will keep them going without getting tired so easily, and most importantly, without adding any sugar to the drink like the other energy drinks that are consumed.

Back in the old days when the Aztecs used to value chia seeds and use them for several reasons, energy was just among the list. There was a Mexican tribe that was called Tarahumara which was famous for its runners, and those runners used to drink Iskiate (which is also known as chia Fresca) which is a combination of water, lime or lemon juice, and chia seeds, in order to be able to run faster and for longer distances.

  • Fighting Breast and Cervical Cancer

If we could fight all the different types of cancer and bury them all deep in order to make them a history, we will never say no, but unfortunately we still can’t. One of these cancer types is the breast one, and being lucky enough, those who are suffering from it might depend on chia seed in order to get rid of it as much as they can. Chia seed is believed to fight breast and cervical cancer since it carries the omega-3 fatty acid known as alpha linolenic acid (ALA).

According to Journal of Molecular Biochemistry, this ALA limits the growth of cancer cells in both the breast and the cervical cancers, and it also causes the death of the cancer cells without harming any of the normal healthy cells. But it is also important for people to know that chia seed might on the other side of the story increase the risk of prostate cancer, even if this risk is believed and researched to be very small.

  • Improving the Dental Health

From the different nutrients that are found in chia seeds, vitamin A, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus are just among the long list and these are essential when it comes to the overall health of the teeth. Teeth are just a small part of the different bones that are developed in your body which means that the calcium is important for their health and development. The zinc is also important to prevent tartar by keeping plaque from mineralizing onto the teeth, and it also has an anti-bacterial effect that keeps the bad breath germs away.

Calcium and zinc are considered the two most important when it comes to the dental health, but vitamin A and phosphorus also have their own work as well since they keep the teeth stronger and care about the overall health of the mouth.

  • Maintaining and Regulating Body Weight

There are millions of those people who want to shed some of their body weight and be more fit in size and shape and that’s the reason why most of them add chia seeds to their diets. The fiber is not just important to help with the digestive problems, but it is also important to ban people from snacking and eating all the time even without feeling much hungry. Snacks are the main reason behind gaining a lot of pounds and being unable to get rid of them one more time, and chia seed will give you the chance to decrease your need for snacking.

The meals that are rich in fiber will give the body the chance to get filled up with small portions and even for a longer period of time, and that is exactly what chia seeds do; they make people full, give them energy, and decrease their hunger senses as well as decrease their need to snack all the time.

Chia Seed Nutrition

Getting the right amounts of chia seed and their nutrients into your body, you should know the nutrition facts related to it, in order to know how much you will be eating daily according to the needs of the body. Every 100 grams of chia seed carries 2,034 kcal, 42.12 grams of carbohydrates, 30.74 grams of fats, 16.54 grams of protein, as well as a good percentage of vitamins (7% of vitamin A) and minerals (63% of calcium, 59% of iron, 123% of phosphorus, and 48% of zinc).

There are millions of chia seed benefits that would push people further to add it to their daily meals and even get more addicted to its existence. Being beneficial for fighting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and even turning to be important for the health of the bones, skin, and overall body, makes chia a seed that should not move past your attention.

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