Chia Seed Oil and its Benefits

Chia seeds have been famous since a very long period of time when they were used as a staple food in Mexico, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, and Guatemala. The nutrients that these seeds are rich with have different benefits when they are eaten and even when they are applied on the hair and the skin in their oil form; they are rich with antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, and different other minerals which are needed by the body. Chia seed oil is extracted from the mighty chia seed and it carries different positive effects on the hair as well as the skin which is why a lot of professionals and experts tend to recommend it for people because its effects are even witnessed in a short period of time.

Chia Seed Oil Benefits

Chia seeds in general are beneficial in so many different ways and they carry several positive effects for the body; they could even fight cancer with the properties they carry. A lot of people tend to eat chia seeds because they help them in losing some weight since it fills the stomach faster with the amount of fiber it carries and make people feel fuller for a longer period of time with small amounts of it eaten; that’s of course in addition to other different benefits that chia seeds could provide the body with.

When it comes to the chia seeds oil, it is important to mention that it is mainly used externally on the hair as well as the skin. From these seeds, oil could be extracted and this oil could be then used for the hair and the skin to make them more glowing and at the same time help with getting rid of the acne on the skin and thickening the hair. Chia oil is one of the safest products to use because it is considered natural and will never affect your skin in a bad way that you might not accept.

Benefits of chia seed oil for the skin:

  • It Hydrates the Skin

According to Susanne Norwitz, founder of Maya Chia Beauty, chia seeds oil is very beneficial for the skin because it is responsible for three different major tasks, such as increasing the skin hydration, reducing the trans-epidermal water loss, and increasing the skin barrier function. You should know that chia seeds are high in fiber and this fiber found in the oil is important because it can pull water from the deeper tissues of the skin and even the skin surface itself, which at the end helps in hydrating it.

  • It Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

These anti-inflammatory properties found in chia seeds oil help with the irritated skin and can alleviate acne blemishes, not only that but it also has a soothing effect which will make you forget a little bit about the skin problems that you are trying to solve. Omega-3 that is found in chia seeds oil is considered anti-inflammatory as well as anti-aging which makes it a double edged weapon that could be used by people. These properties in chia oil can help in reducing redness of the skin and at the same time restore the normal moisture level of the skin.

  • It Has Anti-Oxidant Effects

Again, it is important to mention the importance of chia seed oil for the skin and the different benefits it could deliver, such as the anti-oxidant effects that could help with slowing down the aging process. Omega-3 is the main nutrient that helps with slowing down the aging process and inhibit wrinkle formation since it builds collagen which supports the structure of the skin and maintain a youthful looking one. There are several things that the skin might witness due to the aging process, such as the wrinkles and the dark spots, and these could be both dealt with by using chia seed oil.

The most important thing about chia oil is that a lot of people tried it and saw the effects after a short period of time from using it which only took two months, and this is considered a very good interval of time to see such changes taking place.

Benefits of chia oil for the hair:

  • It Helps the Hair to Grow

Your hair is made up of a protein type known as keratin and this brings us to the point where we should say that the growth of hair that happens by the use of chia seeds is mainly because of the protein content that it carries. Not only that, but chia seed oil also carries zinc and this helps in the production of the new hair cells for those who are suffering from hair thinning and dealing with falling down hairs.

Chia seed oil could be used directly on the hair with small drops applied just before styling the hair, which will protect it and at the same time give it some kind of a natural glow. Also the chia seeds could be used in their actual form without the need for their oil extract, you will just have to add them to water, coconut milk, and lemon and when they start to produce that gel substance, put them on your hair as a hydrating mask.

  • Delay the Process of Hair Graying

Chia seed oil not only gives you the chance to get rid of the wrinkles, but it could make you look younger by delaying the process of hair graying which a lot of people hate. The main nutrient responsible for this thing is the copper which helps with the hair tresses and prevents them from turning gray quickly and this happens because copper inhibits the production of melanin which is the main factor in bringing the hair back to its natural color. Copper is definitely important because chia seeds also carry amino acids that help the hair to grow; so you need it strong, long, and not gray.

  • Makes the Hair Shiny

Applying drops of chia oil on your hair will help it to look shiny, and the other way of applying chia mask on the hair might appear to be messy with a lot of people – if not all of them – and that is the reason why you should understand that eating or drinking chia seeds will still help your hair to grow, get rid of the gray hairs, and at the same time will give you hair as well as your skin a glow.

Organic Chia Seed Oil

Being important for the skin and the hair, there are two important things which we have to mention about chia seed oil in general which makes it a good product to use. Such as having a long shelf life since it could last for a long period of time while most of the other oil types only live for six months only and then go rancid. In addition to the long shelf life, chia seeds oil is less greasy than the other types of oil as well; it will not take the same amount of time to be absorbed by the hair or the skin, it is light and will easily get inside since it is also not thick.

Chia seed oil could be used everywhere, in addition to the skin; it could be also rubbed in other body parts that are dry, like the elbows for example. This oil could be used to enhance the moisturizer that you already use with adding simple drops to it, and finally it is healthy for the lips by applying it directly on them after using the lip balm which will make them less lined, more full, and hydrated.

Chia Seed Oil Side Effects

There are a very small number of cases that witnessed bad side effects for chia seeds, but generally speaking, chia seeds might be the safest oil to use and even the safest type of food to eat or drink in order to gain any of the different benefits that we have mentioned above as well as those which are related to the body as a whole.

Not only chia seed oil is used for the hair and the skin, but it could be a good substitute for the cooking oil like the soybean, sunflower, corn, canola, cottonseed, safflower, as well as many others and your body will even feel the difference. Chia seed oil extract could be used for the hair, skin, and could be used in cooking, while the seeds themselves could prepare different dishes as well as drinks that you will feel satisfied with and even love, and both the seeds and the oil have the different benefits that your body is waiting for.

Chia seed oil should be the one you are choosing from this day, whether for the beautifying benefits or else for using it while cooking, because according to those who have used it before, it is considered one of the healthiest types of oil one could ever use. In addition to the oil, there are different benefits delivered through chia seeds which should push you forward and convince you with the idea of consuming those seeds in your food and drinks.

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