Chia Seeds and the Baking Process

Deciding to lose some weight and get some pounds off you or even just realizing that the need for adopting a better and healthier lifestyle is the next step to take, you will always come to the point where you will be advised to depend on chia seeds and make them part of this healthy lifestyle because these seeds manage to help you in losing some weight as well as giving you the chance to gain different other important benefits as well. They could be eaten the way they are, but there are other usages for chia seeds that you could try, such as the idea of using it in its powdered form to make your favorite baking recipes which bread could even come among it.

A lot of people out there are not so much used to chia seeds and might even know nothing about their existence, but there are still those who have discovered them, tried them, and are even convincing others and sharing the benefits which they managed to truly gain. Chia seeds used to grow in specific countries such as Mexico and Guatemala, but now you could almost find them in different countries sold right in the supermarket or grocery store that you usually visit.

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

The first thing to look at and according to it decide whether you will need to use chia seeds or not will be the different health benefits that it could manage to deliver to your body as well as the side effects which you might also be affected by. Health conditions should be paid attention to, the amount you are allowing yourself to eat should be cared about, and the different negative effects that you might witness should be always taken seriously and you should ask a doctor about.

There were some contradictions regarding the opinions which people carried about chia seeds and whether they are considered healthy or not and that was the same reason why the issue about these seeds and asking about whether they are good or not became a thing that should be discussed. We could say that these seeds are healthy but when they are eaten in the right amounts and when the person knows how they should be eaten, other than that they might actually cause some negative effects and might lead to serious problems.

The different benefits of chia seeds include:

  • Being a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds are considered important for the health of the brain and they come easier than salmon or flax seeds – which are two other sources for omega-3 – because they are not required to be grinded all the time but could be eaten the way they are.
  • Being a possible source of fiber when you manage to wet them a little bit – which is considered better – and this fiber has different roles inside your body, such as feeding the friendly bacteria in the gut, bulking up stool, and at the same time it slows down the digestion process which in turn could help you to lose some weight because you will feel full faster and will reduce the amount of food you are eating throughout the day, and finally we should also mention that this soluble fiber will help in managing your blood sugar.
  • Being a good source of calcium which is considered good for all those who are dealing with bone issues and that is also one good reason it could help people in fighting back osteoporosis; but that does not only go back to the calcium it carries, but it also goes back to the manganese and phosphorus content.
  • Being one good source of antioxidants; these antioxidants are usually considered important because they could help the body in fighting some illnesses and diseases and among the list of these illnesses, some researches have proven its ability to fight off some types of cancer.

All these different benefits are considered important but there are still the proteins as well as some of the other nutrients that could still help the body in so many different ways and add more to the chia seed benefits that you will manage to gain from eating and consuming it.

What is Chia Powder?

For those who have taken some extra steps forward and managed to know chia seeds very well, they have most probably heard about the possibility of gaining the benefits of chia seeds through using them in their powdered form with the different baking recipes that could be prepared out there. Some people might be amused right now because they will think that the whole taste of the recipe will be changed and will not be as delicious as the way they are used to it, but this is wrong because chia seeds do not carry any taste or one that is so slight and unnoticed and thus manages to take the taste of whatever it is added to.

Chia powder is the ground form of chia seeds and this powder could still be used with all the different benefits that you could manage to prepare, whether they are related to baking or else related to the smoothies, the dishes, and even the breakfast bowels that you usually prepare. When it comes to the baking process, there are different benefits that the body will receive and which come in the form of nutrients and minerals, such as protein, calcium, fiber, omega-3, etc.

Since we are so much focused on baking and how chia seeds could actually help with them especially when it comes to their powdered form, we have to say that in baking they could substitute the eggs for its binding ability and to make this substitution, you have to place two tablespoons of chia seeds into 1/3 cup of water for every two eggs you want to use in the recipe which you are preparing. The most important tip to keep in your mind when you are preparing this recipe is to make sure that you have waited for the 10 minutes needed before you managed to combine chia seeds to the other ingredients which you are going to make the recipe with.

How to Use Chia Seeds in Baking?

You should have already been through the long list of recipes which you could use chia seeds in, whether those which are related to baking or even those which are not. Chia seeds could be actually used in making smoothies, in preparing different dishes by sprinkling them over the outcome, and they could be even used to make their own thing such as the chia Fresca. In addition to all these recipes, baking comes along the list, both as a surprising and a happy piece of news as well, because people will get confused about how could such a healthy ingredient be added to things that only help the person in gaining more weight, but it is happening and it is helping those people to change their perspective and understand that their baking recipes could be turned into healthier ones with the use of chia seeds.

Most of the recipes that chia seeds are used in while baking are mainly related to the substitution it manages to do with eggs; they take their place effectively and easily without causing any problems during that phase. As we have already mentioned above, there are two different things which you will need to go through in order to make the egg substitute which you are going to use in your baking recipes.

  • First of all, you can’t use the whole seeds the way they are in your baking recipes and thus you will need to grind them in any food or coffee grinder in order to transform the seeds into their powdered form that you are going to use at the end. One important tip related to this part is the amount which you are going to grind; you should understand that making more is possible but at the same time these seeds could get spoiled when they are exposed to heat and oxygen, so if you decided to have more then make sure you are storing them in the right ways and right places; in an air-tight container and in the freezer.
  • Going through the most important step, which is the grinding part, you will now go through the second which is adding it to water and leaving it for the right amount of time to make the perfect substitute out there. This amount of time will be for about five minutes or until it starts to turn into a texture that is similar to the egg whites.

These two steps will make the chia seeds ready to be used in your different baking recipes or even with those smoothies that you usually manage to prepare at home. From the different chia seed baking recipes that you could make; you could prepare bread, you could use them while making cookies and cupcakes, and you could also add them to any sweet thing without fearing the mixture because they will add their benefits without ruining the whole flavor of the creation.

So, is chia seed good for you? Definitely chia seeds are good for you because they provide your body with different minerals and nutrients and thus could deliver different benefits to your life as well; starting from fighting off some diseases and ending with giving you the chance to lose some pounds. Chia seeds are friendly and could help you in eating your sugary recipes without being so much worried about it all, so you could try it and answer the “are chia seeds good for you or not” question by yourself.

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