Chia Seeds and Working Out

Digging deep behind the different benefits that chia seeds could manage to provide your body with, you will realize that it is good for those who are trying to lose weight and maintain their body shapes and this brings us to the time when this body will be engaged with different exercises to enhance itself even more. The energy that chia seeds could provide the body with is the main reason behind its effectiveness when it comes to working out, not just that, but there are still other reasons behind why taking chia seeds before, during, or even after the workout will be always considered healthy and even beneficial.

The health state of every single person is the main player in this game; it makes the person decides why he/she might want to try chia seeds or even adopt it to be part of their lives; some might use it for beating cancer, others might use it to lose some weight, while a third group of people might be using it for other health conditions like decreasing blood pressure, lowering the cholesterol level, helping to keep the blood sugar stable, etc.

Chia Seeds and Performing Exercises

There are different ways to consume chia seeds through; you could combine them with water and have a healthy drink, you could add them to almost all the recipes you are preparing, you could add them to fruits, and many other options to choose from and this should make it clear enough for you to realize that there are several benefits that your body might gain when it comes to chia seeds.

Since we are talking about working out, we should say that chia seed is from the things that you could safely take before working out and not just that, but you should also know that you will give your body some energy to do different exercises at the same time. Generally speaking, there are different benefits of chia seeds which are considered beneficial for the overall health and not just for working out and heading to the gym and that is why you should try to add a little bit of these seeds into your meals to gain these different benefits.

These chia seeds benefits which we are referring to include:

  • The Fiber Content Carried within

The fiber found in chia seeds is the main reason why they effectively succeed in shedding some pounds off the body and that is one of the things related to working out, which is to lose some weight. The fiber content in chia seeds fills the body faster with a small amount of it which means that the person will feel fuller faster when he/she tends to eat chia seed, it is just important for them to know that these seeds should be soaked in water first and kept for some time so that they could turn into that gelatinous substance and avoid any stomach problems that might appear otherwise.

This might be the main benefit known when it comes to the fiber content in chia seeds, but actually fiber is important for another critical reason which is helping the person extend his/her life for a few more years and this happens because fiber has an inverse relationship with the risk of developing heart disease which causes death.

  • The Protein Found in the Seeds

From the supplements that those who go to the gym take when they aim at building more muscles is the protein and here the relationship between both the seeds and working out might start to become clearer. All those who are gym maniacs know that protein is important for both, their performance as well as their recovery and that is why they might be always searching for the different sources from which they could get it. Thinking about chia seeds in this case is a totally perfect idea because one tablespoon could provide the body with 3 grams of protein, which is considered a very good percentage especially if you are adding it to other food sources which you are already taking during the day.

  • The Different Minerals Found in Chia Seeds

Chia seeds nutrition will always inform you that it is not just good to have chia seeds for working out, but it is actually good to have chia seeds for your whole health. There are different minerals carried in chia seeds, such as iron, calcium, manganese, and magnesium, and since we are talking about their importance for your gym life then it is important to know that both manganese and magnesium are important for this purpose.

Magnesium is important because it plays a role in hundreds of enzymatic reactions including those involved with muscular contraction, protein synthesis, and energy production and it also positively impacts the person’s sleep which is of course important when it comes to completely the journey of heading to the gym for the next day. In addition to magnesium, manganese is also beneficial because it controls the blood sugar, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, as well as in the production and activation of the enzymes responsible for carrying out gluconeogenesis, which is the production of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources. Producing fuel becomes important when the session of exercising becomes longer because you deplete your circulating and stored glucose levels.

  • The Antioxidants Carried inside Chia Seeds

We are trying to shed the lights on some of the benefits related to chia seeds and which at the same time are related in some way to the process of heading to the gym and doing your workouts. Doing any kind of intense exercise is known to increase the production of free radicals and that is why the person who is involved with this kind of exercise should on the other hand increase his/her intake of antioxidant rich edibles that could improve the recovery for being more fit.

The antioxidants found in chia seeds could fight some diseases by knocking out some of the free radicals found in the body. It might be totally hard for any type of food or anything to get rid of all the free radicals but even with the small help these antioxidants could offer, they also help in reducing the risk of different chronic diseases that might otherwise appear.

Chia Seed Drink for Working Out

Through the different things that you could make with chia seeds and the different recipes you could try out there, you should understand and be totally aware that preparing the chia seed energy drink is considered the best option to head for when it comes to working out. There are different ways for preparing this drink, some do it plain without any additions, others manage to add a flavor, and there are those who mix different ingredients in order to bring a different kind of chia seeds drink at the end; you have to know that those seeds don’t have a strong taste and that is why when you manage to add them to anything else, they take over the flavor of whatever ingredient is added to them.

Here is one easy chia seed drink recipe to try and at the same time depend on before you do your workout routine:

  • You will start with putting the chia seeds in a bowl then add water to them, and then you will leave this chia seed water in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes in order for them to turn into that gel substance. This gel could afterwards be added to different things, like fruits for example, and since you are preparing this drink to empower yourself with energy before the workout, you could depend on the chia seed smoothie since the nutrients will be absorbed quickly.
  • The second step is adding a fruit to your drink. You will choose the one you prefer, we suggest berries, and place them in the blender and blend until they become smooth. You just have to keep in your mind that the sweeter the fruits are, the more they are going to make the chia seeds palatable.
  • After getting the smooth structure of the fruit you have added, you will now need to combine them with yogurt and mix them very well. During the blending process, make sure that you are scraping the sides in order to remove any excess yogurt or fruit and blend them well again.
  • When your fruit and yogurt are well mixed together, you will need to add the chia seed gel you have created and blend them again for about one minute. When the mixture appears ready for you, you should taste it in order to make sure that you are okay with it and that you are not in need for more sugar or any sweetener.

This recipe is ready at this point and the next step will be indulging in it before heading for your workout but in order to keep yourself in the safe side and avoid finding it hard to workout with a full stomach, you should try to wait 15 minutes at least after you drink that smoothie and before starting your workout.

What Are Chia Seeds Good For?

When it comes to exercises, working out, and sports, we have to say that chia seeds are definitely helpful, not just for the reasons we have mentioned above but for several other things which you might only start to grasp and know about. Back in the old days when chia seeds appeared and were discovered, the Incas used to depend on them for gaining more energy and that was the reason behind being famously known for their running tribe.

In addition to the way chia seeds could help through in the gym and with exercising, we have to mention that it is also helpful for runners because it reduces inflammation and joint pain, it also accelerates the post-run recovery, and it combats dehydration, that’s of course in addition to the energy it could provide them with.

It is important to know more about chia seeds nutrition because the different nutrients and minerals it carries serves the body through several ways which might end up being helpful for a wide range of people according to the needs of every single one of them. Chia seed is beneficial for the health of the body and it is also a good choice for those who are searching for a healthy drink before working out which could provide their bodies with the needed energy and at the same time could give them the chance to recover faster and easier.

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