Chia Seeds for Diet Plans

Recently, a lot of people decided to follow diet plans in order to lose some weight and become healthier but in some way they end up failing, or else, they end up losing much less than what they already had in mind and at this point they either choose to give up on dieting or else, they try to search for other food plans and options. Chia seeds are added to food plans for the different health benefits they could provide the body with and among those benefits, losing weight is always on the list, that is why considering it part of the diet plan you might want to follow will always turn out to be successful if you are following the right tips.

Weight loss is one of the difficult plans to achieve because people are different when it comes to their level of endurance which means that some of them will keep going until the end, while others will stop midway when they find that there aren’t any results to witness out there; chia seed is considered the solution for this second type of people because it is believed to help in shedding some weight in a good time interval as well.

Are Chia Seeds Good for You?

Generally speaking, yes chia seeds are definitely good for you and your body, they tend to provide that body with several benefits through the minerals and nutrients that they carry and they eventually work within the body as they are supposed to. Proteins, vitamins, and minerals are all found within those seeds and according to the needs you are searching for; they will definitely fill in the spaces and give you whatever you have been searching for.

Coming to the most important benefit here and the one which this article is mainly based on, weight loss; chia seeds help you lose weight and this goes back to the most important nutrient it carries which is fiber. Fiber tends to fill the stomach faster with fewer amount of food, making the person less likely to consume a lot of chia seeds and at the same time feeling full with whatever he/she has been eating. The fiber content in chia seeds let them expand whenever they are placed and soaked in water and that is why it is always advised that people soak the seeds before consuming them until they turn into that gel substance.

The benefits of chia seeds are numerous but since we are just focusing on the help it could offer to the diet plan which you are already following then we have to mention some important things here to follow in order to know when and how to use those seeds or add them to your meals and drinks in order to start the journey of losing some weight:

  • Add them to Your Favorite Detox Water

When chia seed started to appear back in the old days, in the Inca days, it was mainly used as a source of energy and that is why the famous running tribe for the Incas used to depend on it and was even famous for being the fastest. In order for this tribe to become that fast and manage to gain this popularity, they used to drink something called chia Fresca, which is a mixture of chia seeds, fresh lemon juice, and honey and this is considered one way to depend on chia seeds if you are trying to search for something healthy that is going to help you lose some weight at the same time, you just have to prepare it and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. If you tend to prepare other detox water drinks which you prefer, like water with slices of strawberries for example then you could add chia seeds to them as well; just make sure that you are giving those seeds the chance to sit in water for a good period of time.

  • Adding them to any Nut Butter and Fruits

Every time you come to think about something healthy to eat and something which will at the same time preserve your shape for you and give you the help needed to lose some pounds, you should always direct your mind towards the things which are generally known to be healthy, such as fruits and vegetables. Another possible option for eating chia seeds and another way that will give you a helping hand to lose weight is adding those seeds to fruits and any kind of nut butter; when you tend to cut your favorite slices of fruit, whether it is bananas or apples, you will spread your favorite nut butter on them and will end the process with sprinkling some chia seeds on top of them, that way you will eat something healthy for your body and at the same time you will succeed at including chia seeds in your diet plan.

  • Add Chia Seeds to Your Fruit Salad

Eating chia seeds might differ from one person to another; those who like it added to their drinks might not enjoy the idea of adding it to their meals or fruits and vice versa, so before deciding which kind of person you are, you should first try chia seeds in different ways in order to know which is considered the favorite according to you. Another possible way to add chia seeds to your meals is through sprinkling some on top of your fruit salad plate which you might be having for breakfast or even as a snack during the day; this is considered a good meal to keep your energy levels up during the day and at the same time it will not drop the level of blood sugar or insulin.

  • Transferring Chia Seeds into a Pudding

If you have tried to search for the different chia seed recipes that you could prepare before, you must have definitely come across the numerous pudding recipes which you could prepare out of it. Puddings are always interesting to eat, you could have them for breakfast, as a snack, or you could even depend on them as a dessert at the end of your meal and that eventually brings us to the point where we have to mention that among the several options that you could choose from, you could make a pudding and feel safe about eating something that is healthy. Preparing your favorite pudding out of chia seeds is easy and will not take much time from you and you will be adding a new kind of meal to your diet plan that will be helping you to lose some weight along the way.

Lose Weight with Chia Seeds

There are still other several recipes to try and prepare with chia seeds and which you could also manage to lose some weight with, but in addition to knowing more about the recipes, you should also know the amount which you are allowed to eat during the day in order not to end up suffering from any kind of stomach pain. Here is a little chart that will give you a chance to know exactly how much you are supposed to eat and what is the amount of chia seeds which you are supposed to add to your day in order to lose some weight as well.

There are three different phases which you have to go through in order to move in the right direction and lose weight in the right way, these three phases are:

  • The First Phase

In this phase, you will have half tablespoon of chia seeds for breakfast, half tablespoon for lunch, and half tablespoon for dinner, this could happen through any of the options we have mentioned above or you could even eat chia seeds alone but make sure to drink enough water after it – which is not much recommended, it is better to add chia seeds to other ingredients to avoid any kind of stomach pain. This phase should stay for two weeks before moving on to the next one.

  • The Second Phase

Following the same rules of the first phase, you will have to do the same when it comes to the second phase; the only difference is in the amount you are allowed to eat as well as the period of time you will have to spend following this phase, which is one month. In this phase, you will have half tablespoon of chia seeds for breakfast, half tablespoon as a snack, half tablespoon for lunch, half as a snack, and half tablespoon for dinner; this could happen through adding them to any of your different meals or drinks.

  • The Third Phase

The third and the last phase will last until you reach the ideal weight that you have been trying to reach. This third phase might be considered the hardest because it is the last and a lot of people will be trying to reach a specific weight. The amount allowed for this phase or stage is one tablespoon of chia seeds for breakfast, half tablespoon as a snack, one tablespoon for lunch, half tablespoon as a snack, and one tablespoon for dinner.

Following these three different stages might take some time, but you have to know that giving your body the chance to lose weight is always healthier than rushing it into the process; give your body the time it needs in order to lose weight safely without trying to get the results that you want in no time. The faster you tend to lose weight, the faster you might end up gaining it once again, so always stay calm and take it easy.

Chia seeds benefits are different; if you are looking for something to help you lose weight, you could find that in consuming chia seeds; if you are looking for something to help you maintain your blood pressure then chia seeds will also answer your needs, etc. Whenever it comes to losing weight, you should never depend on one thing only, but you have to eat several things with the right amount as part of the diet plan and you should also do some exercises in order to reshape that body which you are trying to perfectly form.

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