Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

When you are following any diet plan out there, you will be advised to follow specific habits that are related to the things that you eat and among these habits, there will be different types of food that you will be urged to stay away from and those which you should consume more. Chia seeds are one type of seeds that help with the process of losing some weight and this is actually why it is becoming more famous among a lot of people in different countries out there. Like some types of foods, chia seeds have their instructions when it comes to eating them, because they might carry some side effects if they are not prepared, cooked, and eaten correctly.

Chia Seed for Weight Loss

Chia seeds are also known as Salvia Hispanica and they originally come from a flowering plant from the mint family known as Lamiaceae that is native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. Chia seeds were cultivated by the Aztecs who used to deal with it as one important type of seed that brings several benefits for their bodies and even according to some economic historians, it was as important as maize as a food crop. There are two famous ways that chia seeds are used in which are the ground and the whole, and they are famously used in Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, and Guatemala in drinks and food recipes, but it is also sold in different other countries around the world.

There are different benefits gained from chia seeds, such as helping with weight loss, it could beat type-2 diabetes, it carries fiber which is important for the digestive process, it improves the health of the heart, brings up stronger teeth and bones, and it also helps with protein, phosphorus, manganese, as well as other nutrients and minerals. When it comes to weight loss, it is important to mention that chia seeds and weight loss come well together, since eating chia seeds will have its effects on weight loss.

Are chia seeds good for weight loss? Yes, they definitely are and this goes back to the fiber content that they have. Fiber plays an important role in filling up your stomach and this will in turn affect the amount of food which you will be consuming throughout the rest of the day and will find yourself losing some weight along this journey. The whole idea behind chia seeds is that you will get filled up with small amounts, so you will not only be decreasing the amounts of food that you eat, but you will also be eating less from the chia seeds meal.

The thing is that losing weight with chia seeds is not only about the fiber but about the overall energy that the body will receive and thus result in being healthier. Receiving omega-3, protein, calcium, soluble and insoluble fiber, as well as antioxidants will give your body the energy that you might need to perform some regular tasks like running. Back in the old days, the runners of the Tarahumara tribe were gaining all of this energy from consuming chia seeds, and that is why they were considered the fastest during those days.

Chia for Weight Loss

Using chia seeds for weight loss is famous for the several benefits that we have mentioned above but it is also famous because of the different ways that chia could be consumed through. Chia seeds could be added to almost all the different foods and drinks out there and they could be transformed into a new recipe all on their own. One of the famous recipes done with chia seeds is the chia seed pudding, and this recipe is done by just adding chia seeds to water and leaving it for about 15 minutes; you will come back to find that the seeds have absorbed the liquid and turned into a gel-like substance which is referred to as pudding. This pudding helps with weight loss because it fills up the stomach due to the amount of expansion that happened after being soaked in water.

The chia gel that you prepare slows down the digestion and the absorption of the carbohydrates in the system, making the person stay satisfied with the food for a longer period of time without any peaks in the blood sugar. So you will end up with being satisfied and thus consuming less food and having energy without any peaks or lows, which will definitely help you lose weight.

One of the good things that chia seeds help your body with is cleaning it from any toxins or any food stuff that might be slow to pass through, like meats and dairy products. When you keep eating chia seeds regularly, you will realize that your body has been cleaned up and that the things you desire from junk food and chocolates are no longer there because your body is just cleaner at the moment.

How to Use Chia Seeds for Weight Loss?

Chia is one of the weight loss seeds that you could definitely use and depend on, but it is important to know how you could do that or how you are supposed to use it in order to gain the benefits and stay away from the side effects.

  • It Does Not Happen with Chia Seeds Alone

It is important to understand that there is no one single type of food out there that could help you lose some weight on its own, but you should be following an appropriate diet plan along the way. This appropriate diet should be able to provide your body with fewer calories than the ones your body usually burn, because this is the only way to let your body use the stored fats as a source of energy. The number of calories that you will need to burn will usually depend on your body; its height, weight, and age, activity level, and other factors, but to place yourself in the safe side, it is important to mention that burning 500 calories a day will help you lose about one pound on a weekly basis.

Consuming one ounce of chia seeds will provide the body with 138 calories, but receiving those calories will also bring some important nutrients that your body might be in need for.

  • Use Chia Seeds in Your Breakfast Recipes

It is well known that eating well breakfast is one of the secrets to improving the shape of your body as well as shedding its weight, but to double the effect, eating a fiber-rich breakfast is considered one thing that will help you more because it will fill you and prevent you from snacking throughout the morning. The best thing about chia seeds is that you could add them to the things that you already eat during breakfast, you could sprinkle some in your smoothie to make it thicker and richer, you could sprinkle some ground chia seeds on your eggs while making omelets or scrambled eggs, you could add some to your oatmeal, or you could even prepare the chia pudding and add some fruits to it to make the perfect healthy start for your day. There are actually different ways to add chia to your breakfast and it is considered one of the best in order to lose some weight.

  • You Could Add it to Other Dishes as well

Sometimes adding chia seeds to other dishes that are prepared throughout the day is considered an option that people should weigh. Choosing chia for breakfast is on the top of the suggestions but since it could be also used in other dishes then going with lunch and dinner could be also possible. Adding chia seeds to unsweetened almond milk will bring out a perfect pudding which you could consume as a type of dessert. These puddings could also have other flavors that help in making the whole idea of eating chia pudding an effective one; you could add things like cinnamon, fruits, and even chocolate and enjoy different flavors every time you decide to make chia pudding.

Another option for the other recipes to use throughout the day is adding chia seeds to some fruits and turning them into a kind of jam that could be used with crackers or even bread – although we do not suggest bread since it might be adding calories to your body. The final option here is adding chia seeds to iced water and drinking it throughout the day; the Tarahumara runners used to drink chia Iskiate which is now known as chia Fresca in order to gain that energy, this Iskiate was a mixture of water, lemon, and chia seeds.

Chia for Weight Loss

Chia seeds are considered a safe choice among the other seeds for weight loss that could be used as a natural way of losing weight and this mainly goes for three important reasons that we have mentioned above but will stress on them one more time. Chia seed is a healthy choice because it could absorb water and thus could fill the body with this expansion – just make sure to add water to it or drink a lot of water if you ate it dry, it is digested slowly inside the body which will keep the body satisfied for a longer period of time, and because it is nutritious which will nourish the body and control its cravings.

We will suggest chia seeds for all those who are trying to lose weight in a kind of natural way without eating things that might cause problems for their bodies. The most important thing people should understand is that chia seeds alone will not help, but following a complete, healthy diet plan is the way for losing and maintaining weight.

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