Different Ways to Eat Chia Seeds

Eating healthy is a tip which we don’t always follow, not because we don’t want to, but because we easily fall in love with the different other recipes that could add some calories to the body. Looking at the list of healthy foods which you could manage to depend on in gaining different benefits for the body, chia seeds is one option among the list and one of the different good things about having it is the different recipes which could be prepared and the different ways it could be eaten through, whether you are choosing to have it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

There are different ways to eat chia seeds through and different recipes which have been made before and ideas which nutritionists have proposed, making it a lot more interesting for those who want to provide their bodies with something healthy to try different things and not just stick to one meal that will get them bored of turning healthy that easily.

How to Eat Chia Seeds?

After passing the stage of getting introduced to the different benefits that the body will gain when it comes to eating chia seeds, you will start getting promoted to the next level; the one that is related to the different ways which you could prepare chia seeds in and eat it. Making it part of the breakfast meal is one option, depending on it for lunch and dinner is another possible option, and even making it part of the different baking recipes which you might be preparing is totally acceptable, all what you will need to know is the tips and techniques for preparing a specific dish.

There are different reasons behind the need to consider the idea of eating chia seeds, some of them include helping those who are trying to lose some weight, being useful for the health of the digestive system, could be used for the skin and the aging process, important for the health of the heart, is used sometimes for treating diabetes, help in building stronger bones as well as muscles, helps in fighting some types of cancer like breast and cervical, and is also considered beneficial for boosting energy and metabolism; all these benefits should be enough to encourage you to try the different recipes and know more about how to cook and eat chia seeds.

There isn’t a wrong or a right way for eating chia seeds but there are those which might be considered better for the stomach and the digestive system more than others, so the best ways to eat chia seeds could include:

  • Chia Pudding

If you are planning to have chia seeds every single day – which is not a must since including it a couple of days through the whole week would be considered enough – then you should choose something that you enjoy in the regular days and something which will get easily into your stomach without causing you any problems.

One of the most famous ways for preparing and eating chia seeds is the chia pudding, which is not just considered healthy for the stomach, but is also considered easy when it comes to the preparation stage. In order to make your chia pudding, you will need to add a quarter cup of chia seeds to one cup of liquid, which could be almond milk, and then let the seeds stand there for about 15 minutes until the mixture starts to turn into a gel, when you reach this level, you could then start eating your pudding although it is considered better to prepare it the night before and let it wait for you till the next morning in the fridge.

If you are trying chia seed for the first time, you have to know that it almost carries no flavor and that gives you the permission to add some spices to it, like adding fruits, nuts, or any other kind of topping which you feel that it will serve the meal.

  • Chia Seeds Drink

The second easy option of consuming chia seeds is preparing the chia seed drink, which is not just done for gaining the different benefits of those seeds, but which is prepared in order to help the body get rid of the bloating feeling which it might be dealing with. Feeling bloated could be the worst thing in the world; you are not just feeling like a balloon moving through the streets, but you also have no idea why you are feeling that way.

Chia seeds drink is considered the best solution for this bloating feeling and this drink is just a mixture of three different ingredients that you could just add up together without having to go through a tiring process; these ingredients include coconut water, chia seeds, and supergreens which are just mixed together and should be drunk in a fast way. According to celebrity trainer Valerie Waters, this drink is considered best when taken first thing in the morning.

It is not just about this mixture but if you are trying to prepare another chia seeds drink that will help in delivering useful benefits for your body then you could add the seeds to your favorite juice or smoothie without worrying about the taste being changed, because it will probably not, not just that but having chia seeds water, which is just a mixture of chia seeds, water, and lemon, could be also satisfying for your stomach and for the needs of the body.

  • Chia Seeds Muffins

It is not just about having it for breakfast or for dinner, but the best thing about chia seeds is that they could also take place in some of the different baking recipes which you might be preparing, and that is why chia seeds is always preferred by those who manage to try it; it gives them the chance to add it to different recipes out there.

Talking about the different muffin flavors that are found out there nowadays, you will get plenty of choices and might lose yourself while trying to get something out of them, but when it comes to preparing a bit more healthy muffins which include chia seeds in them, it is better to get something that carries fruits in them, like blueberries. The blueberry muffin is considered the best choice out there to make when it comes to mixing it with chia seeds and which will both manage to deliver the nutrients needed by the body.

The best thing about the weak taste of chia seeds is that when they are mixed in the batter of the muffins, you will not even realize or feel their existence but will manage to receive their benefits. In order to know how to prepare the chia seed muffins, you could check the recipe here and start trying it at your own place.

  • Ice Cream Pops

Eating chia seeds does not always happen in the same exact way but there are those ordinary recipes and there are those out of the box ones which you might not even think about. The things we have mentioned above and the ways we have suggested for you to try might be considered the most famous when it comes to eating chia seeds, but the ones which you might not even think about are still coming under.

The ice cream pops! Have you ever considered preparing those pops at home in a kind of healthy way? Some of you might have done that with fruits – which are also considered healthy of course – but thinking about chia seeds is the new trend to follow. Ice creams are always considered the perfect treats when it comes to the hot summer days and instead of eating them regularly with those sugars added to them, you could try to mix chia seeds with coconut milk and berries, freeze them, and then receive the final outlook which is the ice cream pops found out there.

Always try to think about changing the way you eat those things which you like to a healthier recipes in order not just to enjoy something that make you feel good, but also get the chance to gain the different nutrients which your body might be waiting for and in need of.

  • Make it an Addition to Your Meals

Eating chia seeds everyday could happen when you give yourself the chance to add it to the meals which you already have on a daily basis. There are different examples for the way chia seeds could be used as a healthy addition; you could sprinkle it on your yogurt, you could sprinkle it in your smoothie, you could even sprinkle some on your salad or on your meal, just getting the most benefits out there at the end of the way.

If you want to make chia seeds part of your daily morning routine then choosing the idea of sprinkling it on your yogurt is one option and you could also consider the idea of adding it on your oatmeal dish. If you are thinking about having a healthy brunch or even want to add chia seeds to your lunch then sprinkling some on your favorite salad will also manage to deliver the benefits you are waiting for, and the last option comes to either using it with some of the dishes you are preparing or else deciding to make a healthy treat or dessert out of it.

Actually the taste of chia seed is the main reason why it could be used differently and with almost everything, giving people the chance to get more attached to this type of seed and trying all the different ways they could consume it through.

It is not considered a must to consume or depend on the idea of eating chia seeds daily, but what you should consider is knowing about the different ways which you could eat chia seeds through and which you are supposed to try. Being part of your breakfast meal, your brunch, lunch, or even dinner, is one of the different things that add up to the benefits of chia seeds and one of the reasons that make all those turning to become healthy manage to choose chia seeds over different other food options that could still be beneficial and healthy for them.

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