How to Eat Chia Seeds in Different Creative Ways

Am I supposed to eat it alone without having any side dishes or without adding any additions to it? Should I stop the idea of eating chia seeds on its own and always make sure that it is part of a bigger meal? How much am I supposed to have of it during the day or even during the week? These are some of the different questions which the person usually asks when it comes to chia seeds, the amount he/she is supposed to eat during the day and even during the whole week, as well as the way that person should prepare and cook it regarding the additions it could be included. There are different ways to cook chia seeds and different things to add to it, so read the rest of the article to know more.

There are different healthy habits out there to be followed in order to adopt that healthy lifestyle and start carrying that healthy body as well. One of these different habits comes in the way the person is supposed to eat and the type of food which he/she is allowed to cook and come closer to. Among the different options which is believed to be healthy and will help those who are trying to lose some weight as well is chia seed, which is considered a good addition for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and could be even used in baking recipes and in making desserts.

How to Prepare Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds appeared since a very long period of time when the Incas used it in order to gain some energy, but nowadays there are different other benefits discovered and related to chia seeds that placed it on top of the list of healthy things which the person is allowed to come closer to and try. Chia seeds carry different benefits for the body; it works on helping the person to lose some weight, deals with several health problems and conditions, and also manages to provide the person with energy and thus is used as an energy drink before workouts.

Some of the seeds or grains out there should go through a specific preparation process, which might be related to washing them, cooking them in a specific way, or dealing with them differently before they go through the cooking phase. When it comes to chia seeds, there aren’t any prior preparation steps that should be taken since they could be directly added to the meal and cooked, the only tip that should be kept in mind and followed is the idea of soaking the seeds in water before consuming them because they tend to expand in their size in the stomach and thus might create bloating problems.

In order to prepare chia seeds in the best way possible, there are different techniques to get introduced to and follow and some of them are:

  • Using Chia Seeds as Your Topping

One of the most famous ways to use chia seeds is when you turn them into your breakfast pudding or else when you tend to add them to water and lemon in order to make that healthy energy drink. There are actually different other ways for you to use chia seeds through and every single one of them is considered easier than the other one, even when it comes to the different techniques used in cooking chia seeds.

One of the different ways that chia seeds could be used in and could be added to your daily schedule is through using it as a topping for whatever you are eating for breakfast; you could sprinkle some on your oatmeal or yogurt in order to receive that crunchy texture at the end. There are different benefits to be delivered to you through the gelatinous texture of chia seeds and this mainly goes back to the minerals and nutrients which it carries, such as magnesium, fiber, protein, iron, calcium, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids, not only that, but it will not add too much calories to your body as well.

  • Adding them to Your Baking Recipes

There are different ways to eat chia seeds and even if you have always thought about it as the healthy ingredient which helps you to lose some weight, you could still manage to eat some baking recipes while adding those seeds in them. Among the different benefits which you might add chia seeds to, you could manage to do that with your favorite bread, add them to your cupcakes or muffins, and you could even add them to the ingredients you are using for making pancakes or waffles.

The whole thing turns out to be more interesting when it comes to eating your favorite desserts or baking goods but with a little bit of healthy addition to them, which is the case with adding chia seeds to these things. The best thing about chia seeds and one of the things that make it possible to add them in your desserts’ recipes is the neutral flavor which they carry; one that you are not going to feel and one that will never change anything about the thing you are eating.

  • Turn them into Your Favorite Jam

We can’t refer to one way only of chia seeds and say that it is the best one out there because it will always depend on the person consuming the seeds as well as the things which he/she tends to eat on a daily basis. When it comes to the different recipes that use chia seeds, we have to mention turning those gelatinous seeds into your favorite jam, that’s of course in addition to the options which we have already mentioned above.

It might be a good idea to have this spread on your favorite slice of bread that also carries chia seeds in its recipe, but you should always make sure that the amount will never exceed the daily one needed for chia seeds in order not to turn the benefits into side effects at this point. Making or turning chia seeds into a jam spread is not something that is hard to be achieved due to the binding power that it has and which makes it not necessary to use pectin; you will just need a little bit of sweetener according to the fruit you are using.

  • Use them as an Energy Drink

As we have mentioned at the beginning of the article, chia seeds have been long used as a source of energy, since the Incas used it for gaining some energy and were even known for their famous running tribe known as “Tarahumara” who were known for their ability to run with a good speed for long distances without getting easily tired.

Since it is considered helpful to include chia seeds in your meals and drinks in order to gain energy, we have to say that one of those different ways is to add them to water, to your favorite juice, or to make a new shake with mixing them with your favorite type of fruit; that way you will manage to do your exercise, go for a run, or even just complete the hard daily tasks which you might once thought that they are difficult to be achieved.

  • Add Chia Seeds to Your Salad

When the word healthy is mentioned, there are different things which the mind usually thinks about or goes to, such as eating salads, drinking juices instead of soft drinks, choosing to eat fruits instead of going to the desserts, and so on. Since eating salads is among this healthy list, we could still double the benefits and sprinkle some of these chia seeds on the salads that we are preparing, and this will be considered another thoughtful way of adding chia seeds to the daily recipes and meals which you are preparing.

There is one important thing to keep in your mind when it comes to this type of addition; try always to soak the seeds beforehand or else let them sit inside the salad for some time before eating them in order to give them the chance to expand instead of doing so inside your stomach and then leading to different digestion problems which might make you unable to deal with or might push you away from trying to use chia seeds again in any of the different recipes which you are preparing.

  • Add those Seeds to Your Cup of Tea

If you kept looking for the different options which you have and which give you the chance to consume chia seeds, you might realize that there are plenty of options which you are unable to choose one from. Tea is considered one of the daily drinks that almost all the people out there tend to have and that is the reason why thinking about chia seeds in this case is also considered possible.

Chia seeds could be added to your cup of tea by adding them and keeping them there for a couple of seconds before moving on and starting to take your first sips. This is considered one of the easiest ways to add chia seeds to your diet plan. When you make this addition, don’t worry about the floating seeds which you might get at the beginning because they will eventually go down and you will not be able to see or even feel their existence.

How Much Chia Seeds to Eat?

Eating chia seeds is healthy and needed, but that is only when the person tends to add those seeds to the daily schedule in the right amounts without reducing or else increasing the amount. In order to be able to gain the different benefits that chia seeds could deliver to the body, it is important to eat the right amount of it and this includes eating 25 grams, which is sometimes believed to be less than one ounce that other nutritionists advice people to have during the day. This amount should be enough to deliver the different minerals and nutrients that chia seeds carry to the body and which are also enough to hand over the different benefits which the body will manage to receive from eating those seeds.

The best way to eat chia seeds will always depend on the things that you like the most; if you are one of those who love the idea of drinking juices all the time then adding chia seeds to your juice will be considered the best way, but if you are someone who enjoys eating cereals and yogurt at the beginning of the day then it could be considered better for you. Chia seeds are beneficial in the way they could deliver different benefits for the body no matter which way you tend to use them at the end, just make sure to choose one way of adding chia seeds to your day and go forward with it.

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