How to Eat Chia Seeds

Like any other type of food, chia seeds are used in specific ways and with specific other ingredients and dishes, and this should bring us to the point where we should talk about how these seeds should be eaten. There are different tips related to chia seeds that people should always keep in mind when it comes to eating chia, such as staying away from consuming it dry without any water because it expands in the stomach and might lead to some problems. Chia seeds are now found in supermarkets and grocery stores and they are added to different smoothies, sprinkled over food, or turned into puddings, and this tells much about how and when you could eat chia and what benefits it could deliver.

How Do You Eat Chia Seeds?

Sometimes you might be faced with the name Salvia Hispanica, which is another name given to chia seeds. Chia seeds come from a flowering plant in the mint family which is native to Mexico and Guatemala and they were also a staple back in the old times for the Mayan and Aztec people. There are different benefits for chia seeds that make it an important ingredient in any diet plan, and it also comes in two different colors; the white and the black.

It is important to know that chia seeds can absorb 10 times their weight in water and this is the reason why consuming a small amount will be enough to fill up the stomach and give the person that full feeling which will ban him/her from consuming a lot of food throughout the whole day and thus lose some weight. When chia seeds are soaked in water, they absorb it and turn into a gel substance that could be consumed the way it is.

Back when the Aztecs used to depend on chia seeds for different reasons, the Tarahumara tribe was known for its runners who used to drink chia Iskiate that is now known as chia Fresca and which made them run for long distances without getting tired so easily.

Best Ways to Eat chia Seeds

There are different ways through which people could eat chia seeds and add them to their diet plans; whether they want to lose weight or just want to receive some of the different benefits that could be delivered through these seeds. From the most famous and easy ways to eat chia seeds, you will find:

  • The famous chia pudding which is the most famous recipe that could be done with chia seeds and which could be also easily prepared by mixing a quarter cup of chia seeds with one cup of liquid, it could be almond milk or fruit juice, and then leaving both ingredients together until the seeds absorb the liquid and instead of being watery turns out to be like a gel; this is when the pudding becomes ready for use. This chia pudding recipe does not take more than 15 minutes in order to be prepared, and since those seeds do not have any flavor of their own, you could add any toppings of your choice from fruits, nuts, or other spices.
  • You could also add some chia seeds to the smoothies that you are preparing by just mixing them together after preparing and getting the smoothie ready, which will give you a nuttier and crunchier flavor as well as provide your body with different important benefits.

Can You Eat Chia Seeds Dry?

The process of eating chia seeds dry depend on how you are going to eat them, if you are aiming to take a dry spoonful of chia seeds and directly place it in your mouth then it is important to drink a lot of water because these seeds are capable of absorbing a lot of liquids and might cause some problems when eaten dry; and with some health problems it might even lead to disasters, so always watch out when you are eating dry chia seeds and better use them in water or other liquids.

There are different ways to eat dry chia seeds other than consuming them on their own, such as adding them ground or whole to smoothies just like what we have mentioned above, sprinkling them on top of salads, or adding them to yogurt or oatmeal. Since you are adding the seeds to things that are wet, they will swell up but will have a bit of a crunchy flavor.

Ways to Eat Chia Seeds

We could say that the best way to eat chia seeds is when they are used in liquids and when they absorb those liquids and turn into gel-like substances. There are different recipes that you could prepare and which might depend on a specific situation that you are dealing with; here are some of the other ways that you could eat chia seeds through:

  • Using it as a De-bloating Beverage

For those who always feel bloated and deal with such bloating problems should try to consume more chia seeds during their mornings. According to celebrity trainer, Valerie Waters, starting the day with drinking this chia seeds recipe before having breakfast and before even working out will help people with getting rid of these bloating problems that they might be dealing with.

This chia drink that is done before breakfast includes three ingredients which are: water, chia seeds, and super-greens; mixing these ingredients together will give people the healthy feeling from the inside as well as the power to gain energy and workout.

  • They Could Be Mixed into Muffins

If want to make your desserts healthier without banning them from the house entirely, you could mix some chia seeds with them during the preparation phase. Having the neutral flavor, chia seeds could be almost added to different things and recipes and including them in the muffin recipe that you might be preparing is not so much of a surprise, just sprinkle some with the ingredients and bake it. You could also do the same when you are preparing waffles or even granola bars, not only with the muffins.

  • You Could Bake Your Bread with them

People always search for ways through which they could add the healthy ingredients that they have been introduced to, and so is the case with chia seeds which could successfully happen since they do not have a flavor or one that is not much apparent. Chia seeds could be used in the baking recipes in their ground form, but they could be also added as they are, just sprinkling some in the recipe that you usually prepare with sesame seeds, sunflower, and poppy seeds.

  • They Could Be Turned into a Spread Jam

Just as you could prepare pudding from chia seeds, it is also possible to create different types of jams out of it as well. Chia seeds have a binding power that make the idea of using pectin not there, it will just need a little bit of sweetener, and this sweetener will usually depend on the fruit itself. Preparing a blueberry jam for example will need a few tablespoons of maple syrup or honey, ΒΌ cup of chia seeds, and a few cups of berries; it will need to be cooked while stirring it on medium heat until it thickens.

Different Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

All these different ways that you could follow in order to prepare something out of chia seeds will be able to give your body different benefits through the nutrients and minerals that it carries. Chia seeds are rich with omega-3 fatty acids which are important for the health and functionality of the brain, making it even more important than flax seeds. Chia seeds are also rich with fiber, which is one of the important reasons why it is used for weight loss programs and it is also important for the digestive health; eating chia seeds with this fiber will fill the body for a longer period of time and will let the person consume less amounts of food throughout the day.

One of the nutrients found in chia seeds is the manganese, which is always forgotten all about from people when they mention the different benefits that chia seeds could deliver. The manganese content in chia seeds is important for the health of the bones as well as helping the body to use other essential nutrients such as biotin and thiamin. Chia seeds are important for the health of the heart since they can improve the blood pressure in those suffering from diabetes and it could also increase the level of healthy cholesterol while decreasing the level of the bad one (LDL).

The benefits of chia seeds are numerous, because they are also rich with phosphorus which is important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, and it is also used by the body to synthesize protein for cell and tissue growth and repair. When it comes to having a stronger teeth and bones after eating chia seeds, it is important to mention that chia is also rich with calcium which will help the teeth and the bones in addition to phosphorus, and those seeds with the amount of calcium will also help in preventing osteoporosis.

There is no one best way to eat chia seeds; it is important to know how to eat chia seeds in all their different forms and shapes, you should know how to eat chia seeds raw, how to use them when they are ground, and how to eat them when they are added to other dishes and ingredients. The best thing about chia seeds is that they does not have a strong flavor and thus could be almost added to different recipes out there.

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