Importance of Chia Water

Even without adding chia seeds, water is still considered important and one of the things that the body is in need for all day long. There are different benefits of water out there, such as being able to maintain the fluids in the body, helping the skin look good, energizing the muscles, maintaining normal bowel function, and it could even help with controlling the calories. All these benefits led to the great appearance of those people with bottled water everywhere; they all want to gain these benefits and make them part of their lives. Chia seeds are healthy as well and when they are combined with water they manage to bring other important benefits that could make the success doubled; the article will tell you more about it.

Benefits of Chia Seeds in Water

Water alone is considered healthy for the body, but when it is also added to lemons, there are different benefits added to the list as well, which will still be the same when chia seeds are combined to them both. Long time ago, one of the most famous drinks done with chia seeds was the chia Fresca, which was a mix of water, lemon, and chia seeds, and this drink was even depended on when it came to the runners of Tarahumara tribe in order to keep their energy up and never get tired too easily while running long distances.

Until this very moment, chia Fresca is considered one of the drinks that people prepare in order to add chia seeds to their daily routine in the most delicious way possible. Chia seed almost have no taste and this gives it the chance to be added to different food and drink recipes, but since chia Fresca is easy to be prepared, it is usually one of the choices that people always go for. There are different benefits for chia seeds and water with lemon that we should refer to, such as:

  • Chia Seeds are High with Nutrients

Both chia seeds and lemons are high with nutrients that are referred to as healthy, such as fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Not only that, but chia seeds are also rich with vitamins such as B1 and B3 which are both considered important and needed for the proper functioning of the nervous system, this is of course in addition to the antioxidants.

Lemons on the other hand are also filled with different nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are considered essential for the body, such as vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, citric acid, pectin, limonene, and bioflavonoids; all these work together in order to give our bodies the chance to work properly and charge the immune system.

It is believed that drinking warm lemon water with chia seeds will help in keeping the seasonal bugs at bay and help people to recover from colds or flus since lemons are believed to be antibacterial and antiviral.

  • Chia Seeds are Filled with Fiber

There are different benefits for chia seeds that could be received when consuming them alone without water or lemon, but adding these two ingredients will double the benefits. Chia seeds are filled with fiber that is healthy for the heart; both the soluble and insoluble fiber types which help in keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. In addition to being healthy for the heart, fiber is also important for obtaining weight since it keeps the body fuller for a longer period of time and thus prevents the person from eating too much.

  • Chia seeds Contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids

One of the important nutrients that are found in chia seeds is omega-3 fatty acid which delivers different benefits for the body, such as lowering inflammation, protecting cardiovascular, as well as boosting the cognitive function. Not only that, but omega-3 fatty acids carry different other benefits for the body as well, such as lowering the insulin resistance and relieving depression.

  • Chia Seeds Could Help in Weight Loss

There were different studies done regarding the effects that chia seeds could carry on weight loss and this mainly goes back to the fiber content in them which helps in filling the person faster with fewer amount and prevents him/her from eating all the time. Water has also been linked to weight loss and its ability to help people maintain their weight, so combining both lemon water and chia seeds together will definitely double the amount of benefits delivered for the body.

Lemon is one of the ingredients that could be also used when it comes to weight since in addition to weight gain, fat pad accumulation, development of hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and insulin resistance, could also be suppressed with lemons.

These are some of the most important benefits related to chia seeds and lemon water, of course in addition to beating some types of cancer according to previous research done in the field, as well as reducing the level of insulin, detoxifying the body, and making the person’s skin look better and healthier.

How to Use Chia Seeds in Water?

There are two different concepts of chia seed in water that people might get confused with; the first is related to the way they should be kept in water before being consumed whether in foods or drinks, and the second is the way it is used to create a drink on its own.

Chia seeds expand in water and grow about 10 times their actual size and that is one of the reasons why it should be kept in water for at least 15 minutes before it is used. It is always advised to eat or drink chia seeds after they are soaked in water because otherwise they might enter the body and absorb the water inside the body which will force the person to drink as much water as possible.

The other relation between chia seeds and water is creating a drink out of them both; mixing the seeds in the water with lemons. Some use this as an energy drink, while others depend on it as something that is healthy and nothing more. Chia seeds water is created by adding ½ teaspoon of chia seeds, two cups of water, and ½ teaspoon fresh lemon together then leaving it for about 15 minutes. When you come back you should shake the jar or the bottle in order to break up any appearing clumps before drinking it.

Benefits of Water

Going back to the thing that people consume on their daily basis, we should mention some of the different benefits related to water and why it will double the benefits of chia seeds when added to it. These benefits of water include:

  • It Keeps the Skin Look Good

According to dermatologist Kenneth Ellner, the skin contains plenty of water and functions as a protective barrier that prevents excess fluid loss. Dehydration makes the skin look more dry and wrinkled and this will only be improved with proper hydration and providing the body with water whenever it needs it.

  • It Controls Weight Gain

Chia seeds and even lemons have been both linked to controlling weight gain and the same thing happens with water. Water is also one of the things that could maintain and control calories; it does not have direct effects on weight loss and drinking more water will never help you lose weight, but it will still help when you are following a specific strategy and using it instead of those high-calorie drinks that you used to depend on. Another important thing about water is the foods that are filled with it, these usually are higher in volume and need to be chewed for a little bit more, which means that the process will be slower and will fill the body faster with less amounts of food.

  • It Maintains the Fluids in the Body

The body is filled with about 60% of water and these fluids carry different functions such as absorption, circulation, digestion, creation of saliva, maintenance of body temperature, as well as transportation of nutrients inside the body. This is considered an important reason to keep filling your body with the needed water whenever it needs it and this water might sometimes be anything like milk, juices, coffee, but should never be related to alcohols. The brain works with the kidneys in order to send signals of the amount of fluids that should get out of the body as urine and those which should stay for reserve, and when the body drink alcohols when it is in its thirst state, the communication between the brain and the kidneys falls down and the body starts to get out fluids and cause dehydration.

  • It Energizes the Muscles

Going to the gym or exercising in general should never happen without having a bottle of water at hand, because the body will need to be refreshed in order not to reach the state of dehydration, because it will lose a lot of fluid through sweating. In addition to that, water is important for the muscles because when there are no fluids in the body, the muscles will not perform in their perfect forms and will result in muscles fatigue. Drinking water before, during, and after exercising is important in order to keep the muscles working, keep the body hydrated, and make up for the fluids lost through sweating.

  • It Helps the Kidney

In addition to the communication that happen between the brain and the kidneys which tell them whether they should get rid of excess fluid through urine or not, water is also important for the kidneys because it helps them to clean and the rid the body of the toxins. The more you drink water, the more the kidneys will benefit from it and get out urine and the more you will prevent kidney stones. In addition to that, water is also helpful because it prevents constipation, since the colon pulls water from the stools to maintain dehydration when it doesn’t receive enough water.

Water, lemons, and chia seeds are all important, every one on its own, and that is why combining them together will bring different benefits to the body. Drinking chia seeds in water will help the person in receiving the benefits related to chia seeds as well as those related to water alone, so if you are thinking about an energetic drink instead of going for those calorie rich ones, you should choose chia seed water.

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