Losing Weight with Chia Seeds

There are different ways and methods followed nowadays for people to be able to lose some weight and reach the ideal one they want to live with; some tend to do exercises, others depend on reducing the amount of food they are eating, others choose to go for the healthy choices only, another group depend on some medications and pills and so on, but the problem is that some of those people tend to fail with the choice they have made and thus start to search for a new technique which they could manage to succeed through.

When it comes to chia seeds, it is not just about the different health benefits that this seed or type of food could manage to deliver to the body, but it is also about the help it could offer to those who are trying to lose weight by following a healthy diet plan or those who have already tried different techniques but didn’t manage to succeed through any of them.

Are Chia Seeds Good for Weight Loss?

There are different benefits for chia seeds to be found out there and these benefits made it one famous type of food recently; one that people are trying to include in their meals more often. The good thing about using chia seeds is that it gives the person a variety of things to be added to; it could be used in making smoothies and drinks, it could be used in the cooking dishes, it could be used in the baking recipes, and other different things as well, making it easier for the person to try and add it to his/her daily meals without worrying about eating the same thing over and over again.

Weight loss is one of the different issues that have been taking the lead the last couple of years; people want to lose weight, be in shape, build muscles, become healthy, etc. and thus they are trying to know more about the different food types which will help them succeed in such a journey. Chia seed and weight loss are intertwined; they serve one another since chia seeds manage to give the body the chance to feel full and consume less amounts of food and in turn lose more weight along the way.

Chia seeds are definitely good for weight loss and this goes back for some reasons which we should mention here:

  • Chia Seeds and the Fiber Content

It is important to understand that chia seeds are not making the person lose weight just by their existence in the stomach, but they tend to help the person reduce the amount of food he/she is eating and thus curb the pounds along the way.

Among the different nutrients found in chia seeds, fiber is among the long list and this fiber tends to fill the stomach of the person faster with eating just a small portion and manages to leave that feeling for a longer period of time, banning the person from overeating and filling the stomach with things that would only help the body to put on more weight.

Two tablespoons of chia seeds almost carry 10 grams of fiber which is believed to be 40 percent of the recommended daily amount the person is supposed to eat, and according to a study that was done in 2015, it is believed that eating 30 grams of fiber during the day will help the body to lose weight in the same way it would when following a complicated diet. There is just one important thing to be kept in mind when it comes to chia seeds and eating them for losing weight; chia seeds are also rich in calories and this might actually affect the person in the opposite way when eaten in huge amounts.

  • Chia Seeds are Also High in Protein

Fiber might be the most famous nutrient found in chia seed that help the person in shedding some pounds, but it is not the only reason why chia seeds are considered helpful when it comes to losing weight. Using chia seeds to lose weight comes from the protein content as well which is needed for weight loss since most of those who want to lose weight fast are advised to reduce their intake of carbs or calories and increase their protein intake instead.

With the help of the fiber content that is found in chia seeds, the person will manage to lose weight because those seeds will tend to expand inside the stomach urging the person to eat less during the rest of the day since he/she will feel fuller for a longer period of time.

  • Calcium Content of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds help with weight loss through several ways and one of them comes from the calcium found in those seeds. At first it might sound out of place and you might not believe that calcium could actually be the reason behind shedding more weight but according to some studies done on obese adults who were trying to lose some weight; it was found that calcium was helpful.

One ounce of chia seeds contains 179 milligrams of calcium and this is 18 percent of the amount recommended daily for the person. Calcium is mostly depended on in order to build stronger bones and teeth and at the same time maintain nerve transmission, but it might not occur on your mind that calcium could also help in increasing the loss of weight and fat. According to a study done on obese adults, it was found that those who reduced their calories intake and at the same time increased their calcium intake tended to lose more weight than those who were only shedding their calories intake.

How to Use Chia Seeds for Weight Loss?

Chia seeds are beneficial for weight loss and could actually help the person to shed some weight but it is important to understand that paying attention to the way you are eating those seeds and focusing on the amount you are depending on during the whole day could actually do the total opposite and ruin the diet plan you are following. In addition to that, it is important to understand that chia seeds alone will not help you to lose weight but you should be following a healthy routine and depend on a whole nutrition plan that is suitable for your body type.

There are some ways through which you could add chia seeds to your daily routine and lose weight through its help, some of these methods include:

  • Adding it to Your Breakfast Meal

It is always believed that the most important meal of the day is the breakfast which is the main reason why you should never forget about it or even decide to leave it behind and substitute it with just a cup of coffee. When it comes to the effects of chia seeds, it is considered a good way to receive the benefits through adding chia seeds to your breakfast meal and this could happen by adding a spoon to your oatmeal as it cooks, adding some ground or whole chia seeds to your favorite smoothie, or even sprinkling some seeds in your eggs, whether the sprinkled or the omelets.

The main reason why it is considered helpful to add chia seeds to your breakfast meal is that starting the day with a fiber rich food will help you to feel full for a longer period of time and thus avoid snacking throughout the morning. There are actually different ways to use chia seeds in your breakfast but you should dig deep behind the recipes and find the one most suitable for you.

  • Add them to Your Desserts

Living away from desserts is something that we could not all do but thanks to the nutritionists who tend to ban us from coming closer to it especially when we are trying to lose weight or get rid of the unwanted fats. Instead of leaving this part of the menu forever, there are some nutritionists out there who would encourage you to transfer it into something that is much healthier, such as adding healthy ingredients instead of others or just making a small addition in general.

Some of the different dessert recipes out there could be done with chia seeds, such as the muffins for example. One of the famous muffin recipes out there is the blueberry muffin and in this recipe you could definitely add the chia seeds which could help you eat something sweet, something that is going to fill you up, and at the same time something that is gluten free.

Generally speaking, chia seeds could be added to your cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and it could be added to almost everything since it does not have a strong taste and will never change anything about the taste of what you are eating, it is just going to add more benefits to your body. In addition to the desserts and since we are referring to the baking recipes, we should mention that chia seed could be an ingredient that you could depend on and use when it comes to baking your bread at home.

  • Adding Chia Seeds to Water

One of the most famous and one of the easiest ways to use chia seeds is through adding them to water, which is known as chia Iskiate; just add two teaspoons of chia seeds to water, add a lemon slice, and then leave it there for a couple of minutes in order to give those seeds the chance to expand after taking in and absorbing the water. This drink is not only going to fulfill the stomach of the person, but it is going to bring some refreshment as well, will provide the body with some energy, and will also bring some other different benefits to the body of the person.

Chia seed benefits for weight loss comes mainly from the high fiber content that it carries but it is important to know that the protein and calcium found in it are also considered beneficial and could help in the process. Chia seeds could be consumed through different several ways and that is considered the best thing about using it for gaining different benefits, but it is first important to check back with your doctor to make sure that you are not sensitive to it or that you are not going to be affected by its side effects.

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