Oatmeal and Chia Seeds under the Spotlight

Putting chia seeds and oatmeal in a comparison is important because people always consider them both the same when it comes to the different benefits every single one of them could deliver as well as the way they could be prepared. There is always a difference between chia seeds and oatmeal which those who are trying to follow a healthy diet plan should know about. Oatmeal has always been attached to all those people who are trying to lose some weight while eating something healthy and what helped them is its availability, which is not always the same when it comes to chia seeds.

There is a little bit to know about chia seeds and oatmeal because they are considered different yet could be still added together in the same meal. There are some benefits that oatmeal could manage to deliver to the body and there are those which chia seeds are responsible for delivering, so when one decides to add both things together, this person will not only get the chance to eat another meal, but that person will also combine both benefits and win them all at the same time.

Oat and Chia

The popularity of chia seeds started to appear recently when the different benefits that it could deliver were discovered, while oatmeal has always been there due to the knowledge held about them and which is related to how good they are especially when it comes to weight loss and that of course is in addition to the easiness to find oats at the supermarket.

Both oat and chia could offer a helping hand when it comes to weight loss, making people always treating both things in the same exact way, but there are different other benefits which they are not the same at. There is some kind of information which you are supposed to know about when it comes to chia seeds and oatmeal in order to know the difference between them both. Starting with chia seeds, you should know that:

  • Chia Seeds are High in Fiber

Chia seeds are known to be high in fiber and the best thing about that fiber is the fact that about 20 percent of it is the soluble fiber which is good to promote a healthy digestive system by feeding the microbes in the gut. In addition to that, the fiber that is found in chia seeds helps in filling the stomach faster with smaller amounts, giving the person the chance to lose some weight as well as being a good balancer for the blood sugar and helps in promoting bowel regularity and healthy stool.

  • Chia Seeds are High in Omega-3

In addition to the importance of fiber, there are still other nutrients that the body needs in order to build up its full strength, such as the need of omega-3. The best thing to mention about the content of omega-3 that could be found in chia seeds is that it could serve those who are not fans of fish, the problem that those people will face when it comes to chia seeds’ omega-3 is that it is considered more difficult for the body to digest it than the one received from fish, so it is considered best to use the ground chia seeds to make it easier for the body to receive what it really needs. Omega-3 is needed by the body for different reasons and for different benefits that it could deliver; omega-3 helps in protecting the heart by lowering the blood pressure, bad cholesterol, as well as lowering and decreasing inflammation. A lot of people might not understand the relation between inflammation and the health of the heart, but we should mention that inflammation could put strain on blood vessels and cause heart disease.

Omega-3 is mainly known for helping the health of the heart, but one acid from omega-3 fatty acids and which is known as alpha lineic acid (ALA) has been found to fight cancer in the breast and cervical areas due to its ability to limit the growth of the cancer cells in these areas and was also found to cause death for some of these cancer cells without even harming the healthy ones; which is considered good news for all women out there.

  • Chia Seeds are Rich in Calcium

Chia seeds benefits are different and every single one of them might be considered much more important than the other; it will usually depend on the person eating chia seeds and the health condition he/she has. When it comes to the calcium content in chia seeds, we have to mention that one ounce only could manage to deliver about 18 percent of calcium to the human body and this calcium manages to provide the body with the important benefits related to the bones and muscles. In order for the bones to grow and become strong, they need calcium which adds to the strength of the bones and their mass. Chia seed is different because in addition to the calcium that it could offer, it could also manage to provide the body with boron which helps in metabolizing calcium, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus for the healthy growth of the bones and muscles.

  • Chia Seeds are a Good source of Protein

There are a lot of important things to mention about chia seeds and the benefits they could manage to deliver through the nutrients they carry and one of them is the protein found in these seeds. Chia seeds are considered from the top plants that could be depended on as sources of protein, which is considered a good type of food for those who are trying to build some lean muscles, burn some fats, or balance the blood sugar levels. Chia seeds are highly depended on when it comes to exercising, due to the amount of energy it could offer those people who are doing some exercises, and in addition to that, we have to mention that chia seeds are also packed with essential minerals like zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, and niacin.

There are enough reasons to convince you that chia seeds are healthy and filled with different benefits that your body could make use of, not just that but there are different ways to eat chia seeds through according to your likes and dislikes and according to the time of the day that you want to eat it at.

More about Chia and Oats

In addition to the different benefits mentioned about chia seeds, it is important to shed the lights on oatmeal as well in order to know why they serve you well when it comes to the healthy eating habits and why it might be good when you are trying to lose some weight or keep your weight the way it is. From the different benefits that oats carry for the body, you will find that:

  • Oats Carry Antioxidants and Dietary Fibers

There are several different benefits for oats and for thinking about them when it comes to the breakfast meal. At the beginning of the journey, we will mention that oats carry antioxidants in them and these antioxidants are beneficial for the health of the heart, as well as the dietary fibers which help in lowering the bad cholesterol without affecting the good one. There are different researches done on the benefits that oats could manage to deliver and due to different reasons, it is believed to reduce the bad cholesterol level and at the same time protect the heart and keep it healthy.

  • Oats are a Rich Source of Magnesium

There are some common benefits between chia seeds and oats, such as the source of magnesium that it has. Oatmeal could be depended on as a rich source of magnesium, which is the key to enzyme function and energy production, and it is also helpful for the heart and for protecting it from attacks and strokes by relaxing the blood vessels, aiding the heart muscle, as well as regulating the blood pressure. Even if you don’t have enough information to back you up, you should know that every nutrient your body needs will manage to deliver some benefits to it and when it comes to magnesium, we have to mention that it nourishes the body’s proper use of glucose and insulin secretion.

  • Oats are Good When it Comes to Weight Loss

This is considered the most famous benefit to be mentioned when it comes to oatmeal, which is the ability to lose some weight. A lot of people depend on oats in order to keep their body shapes and avoid gaining anything which they might not be in need for, and this goes back to the low calories found in oatmeal which helps in keeping the stomach full for a longer period of time due to the slow digestion related to it. Whenever the stomach feels full for a longer period of time, this helps in reducing the person’s cravings and in turn stops him/her from reaching out for food all the time.

  • Oatmeal is Good for Several Reasons

In addition to the different benefits mentioned above, we should also say that oatmeal is considered the perfect meal to depend on when it comes to enhancing the immune response to the disease which goes back to the unique fiber called beta-gluten that helps neutrophils travel faster to the site of an infection and increase its ability to eliminate any bacteria found there.

Oats are also good for protecting the skin, lowering the risk of hypertension, reducing the risk of cancer, and preventing constipation, and every single benefit goes back to the different nutrients and minerals carried in the oatmeal. The best thing about oatmeal is that it is easy and quick to prepare, whether the no cook oatmeal breakfast, the oats and yogurt, or any other thing you might be preparing or might want to prepare.

There are a lot of seeds and grains which your body is in need for, for the different nutrients and minerals that they could deliver and which will eventually give that body the chance to deal with a lot of diseases and problems as well as enhance other different parts of the body. Chia seeds and oatmeal are both considered beneficial and healthy and both could be prepared and cooked in different several ways, you just have to search for how to eat chia seeds and how to cook and prepare oatmeal and you will find all what you might be searching for, being totally aware that they are both healthy and beneficial for your body.

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