Staying Healthy with Chia Seeds

Human bodies are different; what your body might accept and digest very easily might not be accepted and easily digested by another body and that makes the equation of choosing the food which you are supposed to eat during your diet different from the equation which your friend might be in need to follow for example. Choosing the right types of food is important at this stage but in addition to this step, it is also important to follow a schedule which will give your body the chance to digest the food completely before moving forward with the phase of being hungry once again.

Chia seeds have always been related to weight loss and the ability it could offer to fill the stomach up for a longer period of time and thus ban the person from eating a lot of food, but in addition to losing weight, there are other important benefits of eating chia seeds which could be mentioned and which work on building a healthy body and lifestyle that every single person out there is trying to follow and adopt.

Eating Chia Seeds

Mentioning chia seeds might at first bring one memory in the minds of a lot of people which is the chia pet which they might have received before and which they didn’t get the chance to know its importance or uses other than just growing it at home. When chia seeds are now linked with health, a lot of people get confused and start searching for the reasons to finally realize that chia seeds are nutritious and that they could manage to provide the body of the person with different minerals and nutrients which it might be in need for in order to stay as healthy as possible.

In addition to the benefits which we are going to mention here, we have to remind the readers that the best thing about eating chia seeds is the different recipes which it could be part of and without even changing the taste; it just enters the recipe to deliver the benefits and nothing more. In order to understand why chia seeds are considered healthy and why cooking with chia seeds will definitely help your health, you have to pass by some of the most important benefits which you could get from eating it and which include:

  • Being Good for the Digestive System

Usually, choosing the type of food which you are going to add to your diet plan will depend on the main purpose behind trying out new healthy things; those who want to lose weight might add different food types than those who are trying to gain more protein for example, and so on. When it comes to the general health benefits of chia seeds, we have to mention that those seeds are good for the digestive system and that is the main reason why people should depend on them more often.

One of the contents of chia seeds is fiber which is the main important factor playing its role when it comes to filling the stomach and preventing the person from eating more food and thus lose some weight along the way, but in addition to that this fiber is also important for the digestive system since it feeds the bacteria in the intestine which then helps them to thrive and nourish the body with the essential compounds for immunity and overall health.

  • Supporting the Healthy Bones

It won’t ever be a good thing to have those weak bones which are not giving you the chance to move freely and easily without suffering from any kind of pain or realizing that your bones are too weak that they might get broken with slight movements. A lot of people search for sources of calcium in order to build those strong bones and become a little bit healthier and that is the reason why those people could divert their attention towards chia seeds and build those healthy bones through eating them.

What might surprise you is the fact that chia seeds carry more calcium than most of the dairy products out there; it provides the body with 18 percent of the daily recommended amount of calcium for adults. It is not just about the calcium but there are still other important nutrients found in chia seeds which also help in building healthy muscles, such as phosphorus, magnesium, and protein which also means that there are some other benefits that chia seeds could deliver in addition to keeping the bones healthy.

  • Protecting the Heart

The heart needs to be pumping in order for you to live but in order to keep the heart pumping; there are several things which you are supposed to do in order to protect it. It is not just about the food which you are eating and which could serve you but it is also about the love you give and receive as well as the way you give your heart the chance to pass through difficulties and enjoy life. Since the most important part of protecting the heart at this moment is related to the food that is eaten then chia seeds should be definitely added to the recipes you prepare.

Chia seeds could protect the heart because it carries 100 percent of the daily amount recommended of omega-3 fatty acids (ALA) which is believed to help in lowering the level of cholesterol while at the same time maintaining proper artery function, which are both needed for keeping the heart healthy. Eating fish has always been regarded as one good thing for the heart due to the omega-3 ALA and DHA which are found there and they could both be delivered through chia seeds which carry plenty of them.

  • Detoxifying the Body

Following a chia seeds diet will bring a lot of benefits to your body and will not just give you the chance to lose some weight and this go back to the different nutrients and minerals which they carry and which is the main reason behind all these different benefits. In addition to those benefits which we have mentioned above, it is important to say that chia seeds are also needed for detoxifying the body which also happens through the omega-3 fatty acids, the fiber, as well as the protein.

The main reason behind the importance of chia seeds which it comes to detoxifying the body is that these seeds help the body with repairing the cells, reducing inflammation, and at the same time supporting a healthy digestive system. All these different benefits are needed but we will never deny that the overall benefit that will be delivered afterwards is also considered beneficial, which is detoxifying the body.

  • Reducing the Risk of Colon Cancer

There are several diseases out there which we fear even without expecting to come any closer to them but we always hear about some of the food types which could give the person the chance to reduce or even prevent the risk of any of them. When it comes to chia seeds and the different benefits they could deliver to the body, it is important to mention that reducing the risk of colon cancer is one of the most important out there to be mentioned.

There is no one person out there who is not fearing cancer especially with all the different causes appearing for it and that is why mentioning this point when it comes to the benefits of chia seeds is considered one important thing which we should spot the lights on. As we have mentioned above, chia seeds carry fiber in them with about 36 percent, balancing between the 80 percent insoluble and the 20 percent soluble, making it easier for those seeds to help in different ways; chia seeds lower the level of cholesterol, they improve the intestinal health and regularity, and at the end they could also help in lowering and reducing the risk of colon cancer.

All these different benefits could prove how important it is to add chia seeds to your diet plan but there are still other benefits which the light should be shed on, such as being a good type of food for those suffering from diabetes, being good as a gluten free type of food, being helpful when it comes to reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome, as well as being beneficial for the low carb diet and helping those who are trying to lose weight.

Recipes with Chia Seeds

Since the calories in chia seeds are not high and since they tend to give the person the chance to lose weight, we have to mention that there are different chia seeds recipes to try out there in order to be able to gain all those different benefits which we have mentioned.

Chia seeds could be transferred into pudding and this could go with different other flavors and could be easily done through soaking the seeds in water. In addition to the pudding, chia seeds could be also used as a topping with almost all the different dishes that are prepared out there without changing anything about the taste since it has a very mild flavor that is not reflected on the things it is added to.

Most of the things which chia seeds could be made of are done easily and without a lot of steps which the person should go through. Another recipe which could be prepared with chia seeds is the chia spread and this is made by adding the seeds to berries or homemade jam and then using it while eating snacks.

Chia seeds are believed to be good sources of energy and thus those who are working out might be advised to depend on them more often, so this is another possible thing to use chia seeds for and another easy recipe to make, which is adding chia seeds to water and drinking it as an energy post workout drink.

When you follow the different tips related to preparing chia seeds and eating them in the right ways and with the right quantities, you manage to gain the benefits which your body might be in need for and you manage to follow the healthiest diet possible out there. It is not just about chia seeds, but every single person out there should choose the right types of food which are considered healthy and which will give him/her the chance to gain the nutrients and minerals that the body is in need for.

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