Understanding Your Body

The muscles you want to work out for in order to bring that summer body back, the healthy food you are eating in order to avoid adding more calories to your body, the walks and runs you try to include to your schedule in order to be more energetic, are all things that are needed by the body to look and feel good, but they are also things that come in the second category when it comes to the essential needs of the body in order for it to perform and have the power and energy to keep up with you for as much as it could. It is important to understand your body well enough in order to know its needs.

Everything in life usually has a warning sign for it; when your car is about to use all the petrol in it, it will give you the right sign in order to refill; when you are boiling the water for a warm cup of tea, the boiler will give you the sign when it is done; and when you tend to cook your meal, you will also get the chance to know when it is done, and that should be the same with your body, you should understand the signs appearing in order to serve it with its needs.

How to Understand Your Body?

The body needs healthy food, needs exercising, needs water, needs oxygen, etc. and that is why it is always important to know when to serve it with the thing it is mostly in need for. Coming in close contact with your body is the first step in this process and getting the chance to understand the different signs this body might be delivering is the most important thing because only then you will get the chance to know what your body is trying to get and how you could actually supply it with that thing.

Before understanding what your body needs in general, you should first understand that body and try to open your mind to the different signals related to it. The language of the body might be a little bit different and in order to translate this language, there are different things which you are supposed to do and some steps which you should go through, such as:

  • Listening to the Symptoms Your Body is Delivering

Sometimes paying extra attention to your body and the different signs it might be delivering will help you to recognize the symptoms and know which part of your health is in need for some extra support. There are different medications nowadays that could be depended on and which could give you the chance to cure any of the pains you are suffering from or deal with any of the problems you are facing, and that is why recognizing the symptoms and understanding the body is always considered important.

Natural medicine and drugs actually have the ability to change your biochemistry and make you feel better, give you the chance to regain your health or else help you to be completely cured from any disease you might be suffering from.

  • Understanding the Biochemistry of the Body

Understanding the biochemistry of the body is not as hard as you might be thinking, it is actually one easy step that will give you the chance to know the types of food you should supply your body with. Body care is usually done through the types of food you allow yourself to eat and even though you might be allowed to eat different things without worrying, it is important to know that the time of the day plays a great role in the whole process.

Eating sugary foods for example might sometimes be needed and you might even feel energetic the time you let these foods enter your body, but after a period of time you will realize that you are losing your energy and you are just feeling tired and unable to perform well enough, not only that, but those who consume a lot of sugar during their day might on the long run suffer from obesity. It is important to balance your food and eat those healthy ones with the right amounts instead of always depending on the junk food and sugars, but at some point you should also supply your body with sugary stuff in order to balance the equation.

  • Ask for the Help of a Professional

The human body might appear a little bit complicated for those who haven’t studied it well enough and that is why they might eventually fail to understand the symptoms appearing or recognize the problems which the body is suffering from and that is exactly when the person should start asking for the help of a professional person, like a doctor, a pharmacist, or a nutritionist and take their advice.

In some cases the pain might be temporary and that might give you the impression that there is nothing wrong with your health and that your body is just feeling a little bit tired, when in fact there might be a serious problem that should be dealt with early on. At this point, when you realize that you are suffering from a specific thing or pain which keeps coming and going, you will need to head for your doctor and ask for his/her help in order to understand the symptoms and know what you might be suffering from.

Having the Perfect Body

In order to have that perfect body and get the chance to achieve the goals which you might have once set, it is important to know the different needs of the body and know what you are supposed to do in order to serve it well and at the same time achieve the goals that will give you the body you have been always trying to get with the ideal body weight. Here are some basic important needs that you are obliged to serve your body with and the reason why they are considered beneficial:

  • Oxygen

We live because we give your bodies the chance to gain the oxygen it is in need for, but once we stop supplying those bodies with oxygen, they will lose it all and might not be able to recover. Oxygen is the most basic need for your body to live healthy – or to live – and that is the main reason why when you are doing any kind of exercise, the trainer will be always telling you to focus on your breath and know when to exhale and when to inhale.

The reason why oxygen is beneficial for the body is that it also serves the brain which might be easily damaged if it doesn’t receive oxygen for five minutes in a row. At first you might think that not receiving the oxygen that the body needs is not even possible, but this could actually happen through different ways; it could happen by being found in a place with high amounts of smoke or dealing with some health conditions that could also prevent oxygen from reaching your brain like dealing with strokes, suffering from cardiac arrest, or if you are drowning. Always pay attention to yourself and know that five minutes could actually cause damage to the brain if it didn’t receive oxygen and more than that could actually lead to death.

  • Water

In addition to the oxygen that the body needs, water is considered another important factor that the body could not live without. They always tell you that your body could actually live without food for almost one week, but it will never be able to survive without water for more than three or four days. Water is considered very important that sometimes your body might wrongly translate the thirst signals as hunger, when in fact the body only needs some water.

The amount of water you need to consume will always depend on the weather because when it is hot, the body will need to make up for the water it is losing through sweating, respiration, and excretion in order to maintain the balance of fluids inside the body, but when it comes to winter, the amount of water consumed might be a little bit less. It is important to realize that water might be received from other drinks and from food; it is not just about the cup of water that you usually drink.

  • Food

Knowing the importance of water for the body should always bring you to the importance of food afterwards. Food is not as much important as water because the body could survive a longer time without food but will never be able to do that without water. The problem with not providing the body with food is that the body will start taking and substituting its needs from the fat reserves in the body, the glycogen reserves in the liver, and the proteins in the muscles.

It is not about living or dying, the problem with substituting on these things stored in the body is that the body will eventually die, not because it reached the level of starving, but because the body starts to eat its own defenses and thus might get infectious diseases so easily. There are different symptoms for starvations which you could recognize and which include apathy, listlessness, withdrawal, changes in the color of the hair, flaky skin, and massive edema in the abdomen and lower limbs.

  • Shelter and Sleep

Coming to the last important needs that the human body should receive, we have to mention shelter and sleep. Shelter is used when we are referring to having clothes to wear and sitting in the right place in order to regulate the temperature of the body, whether it is in the cold or else in the heat because the body needs to wear the right clothes and sit in the right place when it is hot in order to make up for the water lost during sweating, and when it is cold the body should also wear the right things and get warm in order to avoid the stripping away of valuable moisture of the body. The body might deal with some problems if its degree drops or else was highly raised and these problems might reach death.

Sleep is beneficial, not only because you will not probably manage to stay awake for long hours, but also because your mind will not be able to serve you in the same way you might need it to. Sleep is beneficial in order to be able to think clearly, give your memory the chance to recognize things, be able to focus, and at the same time avoid some of the problems that might occur which include hallucinating. Sleep gives your body the chance to gain energy and be able to perform during the day and that is the reason why you should focus on getting the hours of sleep needed which range between six and eight hours, just to serve your mind as well as your body.

It is not just about doing a full body workout or about eating healthy food, but taking care of the body and understanding it include recognizing the different symptoms that might appear and at the same time supplying the body with the essential needs that it will not be able to survive and live without, such as oxygen, water, food, shelter, and sleep. The body goals differ according to the person but the needs are always the same, so always supply your body with those needs before taking any further steps with your personal goals.

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