Uses, Benefits, and Recipe for Chia Gel

Trying to become a little bit more nutritious and trying to add more healthy ingredients to your diet plan, you must have probably come across chia seeds which are beneficious in so many different ways. The best types of food out there are those which you could use in their ordinary form as actual foods but which at the same time could be used for other reasons, such as masks for the face, gel for the hair, or any other possible thing; chia seeds are from those which could be eaten and which at the same time could be used as an exfoliating mask for example, and due to this importance, we have to say that one of the forms of chia seed is chia gel; to know more about it keep reading the article.

Chia gel is just one of the most famous forms for chia seeds and it could be used for different reasons, you just have to know how it should be correctly prepared. Some people consider chia seed gel much better than just eating them the way they are and this goes back to things related to its side effects and which says that chia seeds should be consumed with a lot of water in order not to create some problems in the stomach.

How to Make Chia Gel?

Chia seeds have been there since a very long period of time, they go back to the time of the Aztecs who were mainly the main reason behind its popularity and they were mainly using it as a source of energy during their days. One of the famous tribes back in the old time was named “Tarahumara” and it was a famous running tribe that was mainly depending on chia seeds for getting energy in order not to get tired and run for as long as they can.

There are different ways chia seeds could be used; they could be sprinkled the way they are on some of the dishes that you prepare, like salads for example, and they could be also used in making puddings, used as an energy drink by being added to water, and they could be also grinded and use as an ingredient in some of the baking recipes that could be prepared. There are actually different ways to think about when you are trying to add chia seeds to the things you are eating, you just have to get a little bit creative about it all.

The chia gel is one of the different forms of chia seeds, or one of the different ways it could be prepared and used, and the recipe which you are supposed to follow in order to prepare it is an easy one that needs nothing but water and the seeds. All what you will need to do is add one cup of water to two tablespoons of chia seeds and your chia gel recipe is ready.

The directions for getting this gel done are easy; after adding the water to the seeds, you will need to shake them very well, either by placing them in a jar and securing the lid tightly before shaking it all to make sure that there aren’t any clumps of gelatinous seeds inside there, or else use a fork and stir. In 15 minutes, this mixture will turn into a thick one that will be enough for a spoon to hold and this is the perfect gel to use in any of the different things it could help with.

You have to know that this chia seed gel could be refrigerated for two weeks only and it is not considered good to leave it inside there for longer than this.

Benefits of Chia Gel

One of the questions that might be asked now is why would a person choose to use chia gel instead of depending on the seeds just in their initial form? To answer this question for you, it means that we have to shed the lights on some of the benefits that you are going to gain after eating or consuming the chia gel, because only then you will be able to compare those to the benefits of the chia seeds on their own and know what you are going to win.

Here are some of the benefits of chia seeds gel which you are supposed to know more about:

  • It will be Always Ready and at Hand

Although it is possible to sprinkle some of the seeds on the dishes and even the smoothies and juices you are preparing, some people don’t like the crunchy texture that they receive and thus prefer to have something that is smoother, and this is when they have two options; either to use chia gel which will have a little bit of this crunchy thing, or else grind the seeds and use them in the preparation of the recipe from the beginning.

When you prepare this chia gel, you will have it at your hand to use whenever you want and it will make it easier and more convenient for you to add to your diet plan without having to think about the techniques or hacks of adding it to the food or even preparing it.

  • The Digestion Process is Much Easier with the Gel

Turning the chia seeds into a chia gel is much more beneficial for your stomach and this goes back to how hard the seeds themselves are when you intend to eat them alone. For all those who are consuming chia seeds for the first time, one of the main tips and the most important ones given to them by nutritionists is that they have to soak them in water for 10 minutes before eating them or else will need to drink a lot of water while and after eating them.

When you leave the chia seeds soaked in water and give them the chance to form that gel, you are actually making it easier for your stomach to digest the food because otherwise the seeds will not find water inside your body and might even start to consume some of the water that it stumble upon inside there, causing nothing to you but some stomach pain.

  • It Makes Hydration Last Longer

Talking about the different benefits related to chia gel and why it might be considered much more important to turn your seeds into that gel instead of eating them the way they are, we have to say that chia gel is definitely better when it comes to hydration. Being good for the digestive system is one important thing, but helping in the idea of always keeping your body hydrated is another.

Chia seeds are known to be hydrophilic and this means that they absorb lots of water, so when you soak them in water in order to turn into that energy gel, they will then help in keeping your body hydrated for a longer period of time. In addition to preventing dehydration, the chia gel is also important because it helps the body to retain electrolytes and according to nutritionist and author Sara Vance, it is considered a good pre-workout boost.

Chia Gel Uses

We have mentioned some of the most important benefits for chia seeds gel and the reasons why you might need to make it and consume it more often, but in addition to these different benefits, you have to know some of the uses which these seeds could help you with other than just eating them the way they are.

There are actually a couple of things which you could depend on chia gel while preparing, such as:

  • Chia gel could be used instead of oil when you are preparing salads; oil is healthy when you are using the natural one, but chia seeds gel could still be used when you need a change or want to add it to your daily healthy routine.
  • It could be used on its own as a chia seed energy gel to have it before your workout. One recipe here instructs you to use one tablespoon of chia seeds, ½ cup of coconut water, one tablespoon of honey, and a pinch of salt, to create your energy drink.
  • Chia gel could be used with scrambled eggs in order to make them fluffier, and in some recipes they could be even used as the substitute for the eggs themselves.

In addition to the uses that chia gel could be used in just as a substitute, it could be also used as an addition in making some healthy dishes, such as:

  • Adding it to yogurt, honey, and topping them with fruits and walnuts in order to prepare a healthy breakfast or even a meal during the day which will be able to provide you with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Mixing the chia gel into any beverage you are having; let it be juice or just plain water, and this is considered the good pre-workout energy drink that we have already mentioned above.
  • Adding chia gel to oatmeal or any other hot cereal and topping it with nuts and fresh fruits is also another healthy breakfast that you could prepare and indulge in.

There are different benefits, uses, and reasons why you should know more about chia seeds gel and even learn the recipe that will help you in preparing it; it is not only going to serve as an energy drink to have before your workout, but it is also going to serve as a substitute to some of the ingredients you are using and will be a good and healthy addition to them which will help you in adding chia seeds to your daily healthy diet plan.

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