Uses for Chia Seeds

Looking for the healthy corner in the supermarket might not be an easy thing but it is always worth it whenever you get the chance to do it. Healthy food is not as tasty and delicious as those sugary and not-so-much-healthy ones are and here is when people start to lose it all and stand in the middle between not knowing whether they should head for the healthy option or try some of those foods which are not. Chia seeds are your solver – or at least they should be – because as healthy as they are, they could be almost added to different recipes (foods and drinks) without changing much of their flavors and at the same time making it much healthier for you.

Chia Seeds Uses

Try to think about any type of food that you like and you will realize that there are different uses for it other than eating; cucumber is always a great addition for your salad but it has also been a great treat for your face; honey and yogurt are things that are considered healthy and delicious and are always advised for and they could still be used as ingredients in cosmetic products and used for masks at the same time. The healthy foods that could send you different benefits through eating could also manage to bring different benefits through different other ways, you just have to search.

The same thing happens with chia seeds, even if the different chia seed uses are not delivered through applying it on the face or the body, there are still different things to be done with it. There are different forms for chia seed; the ground, the whole, and there is also the gel chia seed; every single person prefers chia seeds in a special kind of way and every single one of them could deliver almost the same benefits at the end.

Chia seeds uses could get as creative as you might never imagine and the good thing is that whatever it is added to, it will manage to take over its taste without bringing one which you might not like or without ruining the taste of the food that you have added it to. From the different uses of chia seeds that we want you to know about, you will find that:

  • They Could be Soaked in Water

When chia seeds are added to water – or any other liquid – they usually absorb this liquid and double its size and that is the reason why it is always recommended to soak chia seeds in water before eating or consuming them or at least managing to drink enough water when you eat them all alone. It is better to eat chia seeds soaked in water because there are some rare incidences in which people suffered from the seeds being lodged in their throats when they decided to eat them the way they are. This is the first possible usage for chia seeds; to soak them in water or any other liquid you prefer.

  • They Could be Used in their Ground Form

As we have just mentioned above, chia seeds could be used the way they are as seeds and they could be grinded and used as a powder. There are different uses of chia seeds which will mainly depend on the person and his/her likes and dislikes; the ground chia seeds are used as a powder if you want to have them as a thickener to your food or want to get all the different benefits that they deliver without changing anything about the taste of the original recipe. One of the good things that make a lot of people prefer this powdered type of chia seeds is the fact that they are easier to absorb by the body than the whole seeds.

  • They Could be Also Used as an Egg Substitute

Yes, chia seeds could be also used in the different baking recipes that you manage to prepare and even though there are some bread recipes that allow for adding them in their whole forms, there are millions of others which do not and prefer having them in their powdered look. Chia seeds could be used as an egg substitute by using one tablespoon of finely ground chia seeds with three tablespoons of water for every egg you are going to use.

  • Chia Seeds Could be Used for Making Puddings

Puddings are not only preferred by kids but they are always a great treat for adults as well, so instead of getting those chocolate ones, you could always manage to prepare your own healthy pudding at home. There are actually different flavors that could be all easily prepared, you could choose the chocolate one and you could manage to add fruits; you will just blend the ingredients with the seeds in a blender and put them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to cool before eating them.

  • You Could Have Sprouted Chia Seeds for Salads

Did you know that you could have your own chia pet at home? Did you know that you could also grow chia seeds in the garden of your own house if you managed to know the steps and follow them correctly? One of the good chia uses that you could still try is having the sprouts for salads; all what you have to do is rinse the seeds with water and then place them in a jar for a couple of days and every 12 hours come back, rinse again, remove the water until you have little chia sprouts which you could definitely use on your salad.

Chia Gel Uses

One of the other forms of chia seeds is the chia gel which is also used for different reasons. Chia gel is all about adding the seeds to water in order to turn to that gelatinous substance that is referred to as gel at the end; this gel could be actually used in different ways, such as:

  • Doing the Chia Fresca

Chia Fresca is one of the oldest drinks known to be done with chia seeds and it was called Iskiate back in the old times by the runners of the old tribe “Tarahumara” who were known to be the fastest back at that time. In order to prepare this chia Fresca, you will need to mix the seeds with water and lemon and wait until the seeds absorb the liquid then drink it.

  • It Could be Used as a Salad Dressing

Due to the thickening structure that it has, the chia seed oil is one of the things that could be used as a salad dressing instead of always heading for the oil option. Although olive oil is still considered one that is healthy, sometimes changing from one healthy thing to another will make it less boring and will avoid you from eating the same thing all the time.

  • It Could be Used in Making Juices

Chia gel could be actually used for preparing different recipes and one of them is using it in making juices by adding the flavor that you prefer to the gel and giving it the chance to turn your choice into a healthier thing as well.

  • Chia Gel Could be Also Used for Making Spreads

In addition to all the previous things we have mentioned above, we should never forget that this gel is usually similar to the way the jam looks and thus it could be used as a spread on breads. Since it might be considered a little bit tasteless to use this as a spread alone because it might not deliver a good strong taste, it could be added to jams, to chocolate spreads, and could be even added to peanut butter.

Chia Seed Uses and Benefits

The reason why we decided to mention all these different uses related to ground chia seeds, grinded chia seeds, as well as the gel form of chia seeds is that there are different benefits that the person’s body will manage to receive whenever he/she consumes it. From the different benefits that you should know about chia seeds and which they could deliver to your body is that:

  • They are filled with fiber and thus help in weight loss since they fill the stomach for a longer period of time without making you hungry and in actual need for food.
  • They carry antioxidants which are beneficial for the body and at the same time protect the delicate fats in the seeds.
  • Chia seeds are high in protein which is important for weight loss and at the same time helps with reducing appetite and cravings.
  • Chia seeds carry omega-3 fatty acids which a lot of people tend to take as separate supplements, so why do it when you can add chia seeds to your meals.
  • From the other benefits of chia seeds is the fact that they carry phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and protein which are all needed for having healthy bones.

There are different reasons why you should depend more on chia seeds and make them part of your daily life; if it is not to lose some weight then at least to lower the blood pressure or to protect your bones, there are actually different things to think about.

Chia seed is a friendly type of food that you should add to your daily life healthy routine because of the different benefits that it could deliver no matter in which form it is used; the ground, the whole, or even the gel. In order to use chia seeds, you should definitely read this article which will give you the chance to know how to use it according to the form that you have.

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