Workout Routines to Follow with Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating alone might not be always helpful as much as people think, at some point and with specific body shapes, the person might need to do some exercises and follow some workout routines in order to get the shape that he/she wanted from the beginning. There are different healthy eating habits’ rules which you should follow in order to stay healthy before you even look to the way your body appears; these eating habits will recommend you some foods to eat and the best timings for them. Once you start following those advises for the eating habits and once you get the chance to add chia seeds to your meals, you will realize that it is the right time to start working out and start giving your body the chance to exercise.

There are different ways to add chia seeds to the meals and drinks you are eating and one of those uses is about the idea of having it as the energy drink which you will depend on before working out or even during your exercise. Chia seeds when added to water and a slice of lemon turn into a drink that is known as chia Fresca and which have been used since a very long time by the Incas as a source of energy, which means that using it these days in order to get the power to do the workout is considered an ordinary and an expected thing.

Bodyweight Workout Routine

One of the benefits that chia seeds could help with is helping the person to lose some weight, this mainly goes back to its fiber content which is the main reason why the person should always soak the seeds in water before consuming them, since they expand in water, and then add them to their foods and drinks. The fiber content that is found in chia seeds make the person consume a very small portion of it and not only that, but it gives that person the fulfillment feeling for a longer period of time and thus will tend to consume fewer amount of food and lose some pounds along the way.

Since chia seeds could help the person in losing some weight then it is important to mention that this might happen faster if that person intended to follow a workout routine. Usually the workout routine which the person will choose should depend on different factors; it should depend on the pounds he/she wants to lose, on the type of workout being done, the gender, as well as the way his/her body accepts the exercise and the way it responds and reacts to it.

As we have just mentioned above, being a man will differ in the type of workout you are going to do than being a woman, even though at some point you might find the same moves or exercises being done by both. The body of the man will always be able to accept harsher exercises than that of a woman and that is mainly the reason behind the differences that could be found between both workouts.

The best workout routine to be followed by both men and women includes – making sure to check back with your trainer or specialist to make sure that you are choosing the right exercises for your body:

  • The Dumbbell Front Squats

There are different factors to depend on when it comes to the workout routine you are going to follow; first of all, you should state the main reason behind working out in the first place; are you doing it to gain more muscles, to lose some weight, or for the overall health benefits which you might gain? This is one question which your trainer at the gym will ask you about, that’s of course if you decided to train in a gym and not at home.

The dumbbell front squat could be easily understood from its name; you will need to do some squats while holding dumbbells in your hands. Start by standing with your shoulders hip width apart and hold the dumbbells above your shoulders with your elbows bent and close to your side. While you are sitting back deeply in the squat position, inhale while keeping your chest high then exhale while pressing the floor away to come back up again.

  • Dumbbell Shoulder Presses

Don’t always focus your attention on raising the heavy dumbbells because you might easily injure yourself, especially if you are following the beginner workout routine, but instead aim for those which you could easily and comfortably hold up.

The second exercise to do in the new routine you might be following is the dumbbell shoulder presses, which could also work for both men and women (with a little bit of change in the weight of the dumbbells). Start this exercise by holding the dumbbells in your hands by your ears and above your shoulder, and also make sure to have the fingers facing forward. Now soften your knees, inhale then exhale as you press those dumbbells above your head at the same time but don’t bring them to touch one another. When you tend to bring the weight back down, try to resist it a little bit.

  • Dumbbell Split Squats

At the beginning, it might be a little bit hard for some people to hold all these different positions and exercises or even to do those specific ones while using the dumbbells at the same time. Always start with what is more comfortable for you and your body and once you get the chance to use equipment or add more repetitions then you could do it.

To do this exercise, you will need to have the dumbbells hanging at your sides then you will need to elevate one foot behind you on a bench. Start inhaling while you are trying to bend the front leg which you are leaning slightly forward until it is at or at least close to 90 degree angle, and then exhale once again while you are pushing into the front foot to straighten the leg back again.

  • Dumbbell Step-ups

Through these different exercises which you might be trying to make part of your workout routine, it is important to understand that using the dumbbells will always be considered helpful to you, but if your body is not yet feeling comfortable while using them and might injure you then you should definitely stop using them at all or at the beginning.

The dumbbell step-ups is another exercise which needs your legs to work while the dumbbells are in your hands. Use a box that will be able to hold your weight or a bench, inhale then exhale while you are stepping up with one foot on that bench or box, making sure that the other foot is following it up so that you appear standing fully on that platform. Now you will need to step back down with the same foot you started with and repeat the same steps once again but with using the alternative foot; make sure that every single time you are going to start with the opposite foot.

  • Decline Pushups

If you have the dumbbells at home and you are sure that you will be able to make these exercises without the need for help from a trainer then this could be considered one of the effective home workout routines that you could depend on.

We all know the regular pushup exercise which could be done almost anywhere, but what might differentiate it from the decline pushups is the bench that should be used in order for the person to raise his/her legs on. Start this exercise by coming down into the regular plank position but while raising the feet onto a bench then start inhaling while you are lowering your body down with your chest towards the ground, and exhale while you are pushing yourself back up again. When you are doing the pushups, don’t forget to make sure that your elbows are tucked back and not flaring to the sides.

  • Dumbbell Chest Presses on Swiss Ball

Swiss balls are considered the fun part of the workout that the person is doing, since for a lot of people it is considered a good way for them to learn to balance themselves and at the same time it is considered fun equipment which they could use among the different exercises.

This move is easy to learn and easy to do at the same time; first, you will just need to sit on this Swiss ball and set the dumbbells on your thighs. Now start walking the upper part of your body forward until the upper back is resting on the ball; the feet should be also right under the knees which are bent at 90 degree angle. Shift the dumbbells so that they are at chest-press position with the elbows slightly flared to the sides. Make sure that your hips are not sagging; inhale then exhale and bring your dumbbells up so that the arms become straight to the front above the chest. Inhale once again when you are bringing the weights back down.

Chia Seeds and Working out

The process of bringing your attention to the idea of working out is important when we talk about chia seeds and the help they could provide when it comes to losing weight as well as the way they could provide the body with the needed energy to give that body the chance to be able to perform well during the workout and be able to hold onto it to the end.

In order to gain all the benefits from chia seeds, you should first make sure that they are safe for you and that you might not react wrongly to them, eat them within a healthy diet plan, and at the same time try to change your lifestyle to one that is considered healthier and one that aims to do some workouts, not just for the sake of losing some pounds and being in shape, but also for the sake of giving the body as much health benefits there could be as possible.

There are different good workout routines to try out there, but you should always make sure that you are choosing the right one according to the purpose or the goal that you want to reach at the end, because training for losing weight will differ than doing that for gaining and building more muscles for example.

Through this article, we have tried to bring some of the exercises which you could include in your good workout routine and which could give you the chance to build a healthy lifestyle overall. Chia seeds will give you the energy that you will need to complete those workouts successfully and they will also give you the chance to feel satisfied after you get done with your workout; they will fill your stomach and make you not in need for any food for a little bit of time.

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